Mother’s Day Label

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Mother’s Day Label

Aside from parties and gatherings, Mother’s Day can be spent in the comforts of your own home. You can surprise your mom with breakfast in bed, doing all the chores, assisting her with what she’s doing—just the little things to make your mom extra happy on such a special day. You can also give her a special gift that you know she will love like a new vacuum, an all-expense-paid trip with dad, a spa coupon, and so on. To add a personal touch to your gift, you can create a customized label to express your love and appreciation. Mother’s Day label templates and examples are provided in this article to help you easily create the best label for your gift.

Mother’s Day Label Templates and Examples

1. Mother’s Day Wine Label

Mothers Day Wine Label
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If you want to create a special wine label to give to your mom on Mother’s Day, we have an easily editable template that you can download for free. This template has a simple but eye-catching design; it has a majorly pink background adorned with a chic border. Depending on your preference, you can include a short message on the label instead of the ordinary greeting. This template can be edited in Illustrator, Photoshop, MS Word, Publisher, and Apple Pages.

2. Mother’s Day Scented Candle Label

Mother's Day Scented Candle Label


Since a scented candle itself is simple, you need to personalize its container to make it even more special. Similar to this scented candle label example, you can create a simple yet beautiful label with the help of bright-colored floral designs. Using colorful flowers as your main background brings a bright contrast to the plain color of the candle making it stand out. You can also use a colorful border to help emphasize the texts in the textbox.

3. Mother’s Day Tea Bag Label

Mother's Day Tea Bag Label


If your mom loves her tea, you should give her tea bags with personalized labels. In this example, you can see how the pastel colors used in the background and the vintage style illustrations make it look refined and classy. You can easily create this label in the comforts of your own home, just make sure to look for the label format that you prefer, most appropriate illustration or image for your theme, a color that complements the overall look, and you’re good to go.

4. First Mother’s Day Wine Label

First Mother's Day Wine Label


Let first-time moms feel the love on Mother’s Day by using a personalized label. This wine label example is perfect to use for the gift you’re going to give to a friend or family celebrating her first Mother’s Day. This example has a tropical vibe that perfectly embodies the vacation break she badly needs. It is adorned with beautiful tropical flowers in bright, fun colors. You can use a bright color for the font, similar to this example, to complement the background better or to emphasize the message.

5. Mother’s Day Mug Label

Mother's Day Mug Label


Giving your mom a mug is a practical gift, but to make it special, you need to add your creative personal touches. Just like this example, you can add a personalized label that expresses your love and appreciation for your mom. Although there are DIYs for this, having it professionally made can help avoid immediate damage on the label. You can use this example as your reference or guide when doing so.

6. Mother’s Day Water Bottle Label

Mother's Day Water Bottle Label


If you plan to hold an intimate or big gathering on Mother’s Day, having customized water bottles for the event is a nice additional touch. This water bottle label example is simple yet aesthetically pleasing that you can also easily create. It has a chalkboard color as the background with simple floral designs that help emphasize the intricate font style. You can follow this example or add other design elements to make it stand out more.

7. Photo Mother’s Day Wine Label

Photo Mother's Day Wine Label


To make your wine label even more special, you can add a personalized label that includes you and your mom’s photo. Looking at this example, you can see how the photo label makes a simple wine bottle look aesthetically pleasing. You can also do this in your own design so long as you balance it out with other design elements. Also, make sure that the layout of your label is balanced and centered to make it look more structured and organized.

8. Mother’s Day Candy Bar Gift Label

Mother's Day Candy Bar Gift Label


A simple gift can be enhanced with the help of a creative label. Just like this example, you can create a label for a candy bar to give as a gift to your mom or friends, or as a favor gift during a Mother’s Day celebration. You can write any message on the label and use any design or theme. It is also important to note that you should use a unique or intricate font style since the label will be the front of the candy bar.

9. Simple Mother’s Day Label

Simple Mother's Day Label


Using a simple label will surely fit any type of gift or item you will be using or giving on Mother’s Day. Should you need a source of inspiration, this simple label example only has a patterned background with an intricate border. It also has a small floral illustration that ties the overall look together. You can do this on the label you create; you can choose whatever pattern you prefer, use any shape for the border, and so on.

10. Mother’s Day Gift Label


Give your mom a special gift this Mother’s Day and use a personalized label to make it even more unique and personal. If you want inspiration, you can refer to this example. This label example has colorful floral design elements complemented with a colorful and sophisticated font style. Since you will be creating the label on your own, you can decide what message or greeting to include.

11. Mother’s Day Candle Label


Create a candle label to enhance the overall look of the candle or candle container. Similar to this example, you can use a simple but aesthetically pleasing design. You just need to ensure you can find the balance in the design and text elements you include; if there are fewer texts, you can use more illustrations and vice versa. Use this example as your guide or reference when you start creating your candle label.

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