Resume Summary Examples

The words resume or résumé came from a french word resumer meaning summary. Resume is a form of document used by individuals who are seeking for employment. A resume usually covers a person’s work experience, educational background, skills/abilities, achievements, organizational involvement, etc. There are different types of resume such as the chronological resume, functional resume, combination or targeted resume. All of these resumes can either have a resume objective or resume summary.

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Both the resume objective and resume summary are short and serves as the leads of your resume, however, these two are different from each other.

The difference between resume objective and resume summary:

Resume objectives mainly focus on the career goal. This is more on the summary about plans and career path in the company. Resume objectives are sometimes considered as the old school type of resume.

A resume summary meanwhile is a short description or points of important qualifications related to the job post. A job seeker can use this as his or her statement of the resume. Hence, this is also known as the resume summary statement. A resume is also considered as an advertisement of one’s self to a prospective employer.

A resume summary is frequently used in a chronological or functional resume. Chronological resumes usually lean on information regarding the previous employment and tends to get lengthy. With the help of a resume summary, one can highlight the important points that would align with the job’s qualifications. On the other hand, functional resumes are usually used by fresh graduates or people who have less experience but would like to grab the job vacancy. The resume summary will serve as their sales pitch.

Benefits of writing a resume summary:

  • It helps the job seeker to stand out
  • It helps the employer analyze the prospective employee without going through the entire resume
  • It helps the job seeker to advertise his/herself
  • It helps pinpoint every important qualifications that is needed for the job post

Tips on writing a resume summary:

  • Make it concise and direct. If a resume summary is too long it will fail its purpose. Make it at least 50 words (around four sentences).
  • Include past work experience that is related or applicable to the job post.
  • Avoid mentioning personal experiences (non-work or school related experiences).
  • Aim for sentences/phrases that will answer the question “Why should we hire you?”.
  • Include information like what you can contribute in the company and how you can be an asset to the company.
  • Avoid using common skills or the basic ones like team player, proficiency in Microsoft products, etc.
  • Resume summaries are usually located after the personal information (i.e. name, phone number, home address and email address).
  • Use templates that could emphasize your resume summary on top page of the resume.

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Resume Summary Examples

1. Project Manager

I am equipped with 10 years of project management experience and expertise in planning and budgeting. I also worked alongside different teams for different expansion and educational projects, completing projects on time and within the required budget. I also organized seminars and workshops to train individuals involved in the project. 

Note that in this example the applicant was able to present important points that are related to the position and was able to provide concrete evidence to support his capabilities. Also, he was able to sum up everything within 50+ words.

2. Office Staff

I worked in administrative support for the past two years, specifically performing timely deliverables and accurate documentation. I also assisted different company personnel such as executives, managers and sales personnel. I am exceptional in keeping constant communication with different counterparts through phone and emails.

In this example, the applicant was able to put justice in a short-term work experience. Note that the position is for an office staff which will be assigned to an unspecified department. Regardless of the two-year work experience, he was able to work with different people with high ranks, thus giving him a great chance to get hired. This will give recruiters an idea that this person can work with anybody and can work with less supervision.

3. Legal Administration

I am currently working as an admin support for a law school and also pursuing a law degree at the same time. I have been able to balance school commitments and work schedule for the past three years. Additionally, I have a good record of timely submissions in regards to legal documents and other administrative documentation. I also undergo regular trainings and I am a proven researcher for the department.

This example shows that the job seeker is currently a working student. This can be a bit risky because employers want commitment, however, as mentioned above, he can easily balance academic and work life.

4. Public Relations Officer

I am equipped with a Master’s degree in Public Relations and five years of work experience. I was able to work with diverse ethnic backgrounds and was also exposed to different social events and cultural immersions. Additionally, I handled few diplomatic meetings and agreements with different counterparts. I am also an eager learner and a confident companion.

The applicant was able to mention important qualifications in only a few sentences. Note that he did not give further information about his field work but gave other information that could relate to his current job application.

5. Regional Head Director

I have more than five years of successful work experience as an assistant director and I was able to worked with different executives. My other achievements include: 

  • Served as the substitute director for some local and regional projects
  • Award-wining assistant director for the past 3 years
  • Conducted trainings and seminars 
  • Lead a few growing teams within the organization

Note that the applicant used a different format in stating his resume summary but was able to achieve its goal. He might not have direct experience to be a regional head director but he was able to fill in the gaps through different experiences as mentioned in the summary.

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We hope that you found our article on resume summary examples to be informative. Your chances of getting hired will exponentially increase if you follow the examples listed in this article.

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