32+ Examples of Company Brochure Design – PSD, AI, Vector EPS, Word, Pages

Are you cringing from the thought of being assigned to make the next company brochure? Not to worry. Most of us are. A company  advertising brochure is a great, if not awesome, marketing material that provides potential customers a glimpse of things to expect from your company. It should showcase what your company is able to do or provide and the many capable and qualified persons it employs.

Here are some company brochures you can get inspiration from. These examples can be downloaded by simply clicking the download button. We have also provided tips below in making your company brochure. So have faith. All is not lost.

Construction Company Brochure Template

Company Profile Bi Fold Brochure Template

Construction Company Tri Fold Brochure Template

Company Proposal Brochure Template

Construction Company Brochures

Tri-Fold Construction Company Brochure

Creative Construction Company Brochure

Cleaning Company Brochures

Cleaning Services Company Brochure

Cleaning Company Tri-Fold Brochure

Corporate Company Brochure Examples

A5 Corporate Company Brochure

Corporate Training Company Brochure

Corporate Company Square Brochure

Corporate Company Tri-Fold Brochure

Landscape Company Brochures

Landscape Company Portfolio Brochure

A5 Landscape Company Brochure

Types of Brochures

  • Leave Behinds – This type of brochures are often used in sales calls or visits. This brochure will give as much information possible to entice the potential client.
  • Respond to Inquiry – This type of brochure is more specific to a target customer as the customer may already have shown the intent to buy. This is typically “reeling in the catch”.
  • Handouts – Handout brochures are the type that contain a lot of information about your company and your services or products. These have to be interesting as the target audience are total strangers to your company and products. There has to be balance in both graphic and text content as you do not want the reader to get bored reading or disinterested not to find enough facts.
  • Point of Sale – This is the type of real estate brochure given out during trade shows where they have to be very interesting. Since most of the participants in a trade show are passing by and looking at other booths as well, this brochure has to be eye catching and would serve as conversation starters to draw in potential customers.

Brochure Varieties

  • Single Sheet brochures – These are printed on a single sheet having both sides of the sheet printed. They are available in different fold arrangements:
    • Bi-fold is a single sheet brochure printed on both sides and folded into halves resulting into four printed panels
    • Tri-fold brochures are single-sheet brochures printed on both sides and folded into thirds with six printed panels
  • Booklet Brochures are advertising brochures made of multiple sheets often saddle-stitched, stapled, or perfect bound like a paper book with eight or more panels.
    • Double Parallel fold is a booklet brochure printed on both sides and folded into quarters in parallel with eight printed panels
    • French Fold is a booklet brochure printed on both sides and folded into quarters with eight printed panels

Professional Company Brochures

Professional Clean Company Brochure

Professional Design Company Brochure

Real Estate Company Brochure Examples

Bi-Fold Real Estate Company Brochure

InDesign Real Estate Company Brochure

Real Estate Development Company Brochure

Travel Company Brochures

Travel Company Tri-Fold Brochure

Retro Travel Company Brochure

Transportation Company Brochure

Creative Transportation Company Brochure

Training Company Brochure Samples

Training Company PSD Brochure

Free Training Company Brochure

Useful tips and tricks

  • Fail to plan and plan to fail – As important as the actual brochure, it is but a given that in making a company profile, you have to put into consideration what the actual message is that you are trying to convey behind your company. A company brochure is not just a marketing tool but a declaration or statement that tells what your target market is and where your company stands in the middle of it all.
  • Get the facts right – By painting a clear picture behind the structure of your company or product, you are creating a sense of security and transparency which ultimately leads to trust in the company and any of its products and services.
  • Focus – Do not be tempted to stray too far away from your main objective. Always stay attuned to your company’s products or services. This will help reduce clutter and inclusion of unnecessary objects in your advertising brochure.
  • Catchy – Usually, the first line on the front page of your business brochure dictates whether the readers want to continue or not. Make sure to put in attention-grabbing slogans or images that may pique a reader’s interest in your marketing plan.
  • Background – Provide the readers a glimpse of the humble beginnings of the company and to where it is headed. Doing so acquaints your reader to the company and makes him comfortable in dealing with your suggestions afterwards.
  • Be positive – Be careful in the usage of words and ensure to stay positive in explaining anything regarding the company. Again, studies show that positive reinforcement works wonders in the development of confidence and trust.
  • Keep it short and visual – You do not want to bore the readers with a lot of text. Provide bright and colorful images. We are after all visual creatures by nature and what we perceive first is what meets the eye.

Company Profile Brochures

Square Company Profile Brochure

Construction Company Profile Brochure

Business Company Brochures

A5 Business Company Brochure

Corporate Business Company Brochure

A4 Company Brochure

A4 Business Company Brochure

A4 Construction Company Brochure

A4 Cleaning Company Brochure

Insurance Company Brochure Examples

Multipurpose Insurance Company Brochure

Insurance Company Bi-Fold Brochure

Brochure Distribution

Now you’ve got yourself an awesome company brochure, what to do next? It is important in every marketing or strategic plan to have a way of getting your brochures to the hands of the right people. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Client calls – Make sure to bring copies of your brochure to your client calls. Simply conversing with a potential client does not guarantee that he will remember you or your product a few minutes later.
  • Trade shows – Another great marketing tool is joining trade shows. It creates opportunities for your brochure to reach the target audience. Trade shows target specific audience for a specific product or service and should also be included in the initial product marketing plans.
  • Mailings – Sending company logo to potential and existing clients is also another way to orient and re-orient clients of the wide range of products or services that they might not know that the company is offering. It is another way to reach out to potential customers that you are otherwise unable to reach via personal visit.
  • Follow-ups – Make sure after leaving a brochure to follow up with the potential customer. Call them up and ensure all bases are covered and try closing in on the potential business. While being able to reach the right people, a brochure is still just a tool and a tool needs a user.

Again, people are visual entities. Out of sight means out of mind. So the more visual cues we give on our brochures means the more chances of the customer actually remembering us. There are a lot of examples here that showcase the balance between graphic and text to make the brochure more interesting and fun to read.

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