How to Create Your Personal Branding Statement

Last Updated: June 21, 2024

How to Create Your Personal Branding Statement

What Is a Personal Branding Statement?

A personal branding statement is a brief personal statement about yourself, your expertise of a particular subject or multiple subjects, whom you serve in the marketplace, and most importantly your unique approach that is different from other experts in your field. It perfectly describes your promise of value.

Writing a capability statement for the personal branding of yourself is just like creatively writing a branding statement of a product, service, or the company. Think of it as your tagline or catchphrase for yourself, similar to a product. The only difference is that you are creating it from your personal angle.

How Do I Create a Personal Branding Statement?

Creating a concept statement of personal branding for yourself in quite a bit of a hard task. Experts suggest that the only way you can create a personal branding statement is to be open minded about everything and most importantly, you must know yourself. Here are some tips to help you create one.

  • Make a list of characteristics that the people recognize you for.
  • Write the values from your value statements that you can provide to everyone and the common problems you would like to solve.
  • Write the things that make your statement of work as unique.
  • And lastly, write a need statement for your target market.

Why You Need A Personal Brand Statement?

Most people (especially experts) have a hard time describing what they do and how they do it. If you are one of them, creating a personal branding statement will help you through the process. Developing your own personal branding statement is also your opportunity to understand who you are what exactly do you do.

And as you are working with your statement example in word for personal branding, you are slowly finding out your weaknesses that you need to work with. Don’t take it as a hindrance, but rather make it as your motivation to improve and be better.

Tips for Writing Personal Branding Statements

Use these simple tips to create your own winning personal branding statement.

  • List all your attributes or careers and pick out the ones that make you unique. By here, you can create 1–2 sentences of personal branding statement.
  • Make sure that your personal branding statement answers these three important questions.
    • What values do you provide? (These are the problems that you want to solve)
    • How do you do it uniquely? (Your approach to solving it)
    • Whom do you it for? (Your target audience)
  • Keep it real. Your personal branding statement should describe you and tell the audience who exactly you are. Providing some false information on it does not help.
  • Make it simple and memorable. The words you use in your statement example in excel for personal branding is very important. Using technical words may not be understood by your audience. You want your personal statement to be repeated by everyone else.
  • Keep it short. You know what they say, “simple is better,” and no doubt about it. Having to describe yourself in 1–2 sentences in your scope statement for personal branding shows that you professionally focus on what you do and it says a lot about your introspection of the subject.

Find more examples of personal branding statements in our statement examples in PDF and statement of purpose examples.

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