Graduation Party Announcement

Last Updated: April 26, 2024

Graduation Party Announcement

Finishing high school or college is a significant milestone in one’s life. And graduation parties are an exciting way to celebrate that moment. It is all about congratulating the graduate on one of their biggest achievements. Getting your friends and family to gather for this event is a common way to celebrate. And what better way to invite them than to send out a graduation party announcement? Sending these ahead of time will allow the guests to prepare themselves and arrange their schedules to make it to the special occasion.

7+ Graduation Party Announcement Examples in PSD

Having some trouble on how to get started on making the announcement? Don’t fret and check out our selection of templates and choose the one that suits the graduation party you are planning!

1. Graduation Party Announcement InvitationGraduation Announcement Party Invitation

2. Graduation and Diploma Party Ceremony Invitation

Graduation and Diploma Party Ceremony Invitation

3. Graduation Party Announcement Card

Graduation Party Announcement Card

4. College Graduation Party Announcement

College Graduation Party Announcement

5. Graduation Party Celebrations Announcement

Graduation Party Celebration Announcement

6. Sample Graduation Party Place Announcement

Sample Graduation Party Place Announcement

7. Simple Graduation Party Announcement Template

Simple Graduation Party Announcement Template

8. Graduation Grand Party Invitation Announcement

Graduation Grand Party Invitation Announcement

What Is a Graduation Party Announcement?

As its name would suggest, a graduation party announcement is an announcement of a party for a person who graduated. It could be for one person or an entire class. These announcements typically double as an invitation as well. It would have the details regarding the graduation party, like the location, date, and time. Graduation parties can be very extravagant with budgets going up to the thousands, so consider this when you are planning the guest list. According to an article by HuffPost, costs can go off the rails when planning parties like these.

How to Design a Graduation Party Announcement

1. Choose Some Exciting Images

Graduation is a very exciting moment in a person’s life. It is only appropriate for your graduation party announcement to be the same. When designing it, you want it to evoke a sense of excitement for the attendees. One way to do so is to incorporate fun and lively designs to your announcement. Similar to party invites make use of colorful backgrounds, perhaps the colors of the graduate’s school for a start. Flowers are also associated with graduation ceremonies. Therefore, adding floral design to it is a great idea as well.

2. Include Official and Special Details

Give everyone the details. When writing your graduation party announcement, make sure to use the right words to prevent your readers from getting confused. Include official details like the name of the university and the venue of the party. For specific details, add the time and date of the event. You are free to use any font you like, but make sure it is readable for those you are inviting.

3. Make It Personalized

Of course, you can never go wrong by keeping your graduation party announcement a bit formal. But one way to make these announcements exciting is to tailor them specifically to your guests. Yes, it can be efficient to simply use the same content for all of your invitations, but a little bit of effort can go a long way for your attendees. If you are planning to invite a close friend to the event, try to personalize it to them so that they can really feel that you value their presence during the event.

4. Give Additional Information

The people you invited are certainly going to have a lot of questions about the event. To make your graduation party announcement a lot more effective, you can give the contact information of the organizers. That way, your attendees can reach out for any clarifications or further questions. On your invitation card, you can include the phone number or the email address. Moreover, you can add a program for those who are curious about what will happen during the event. It will be very helpful for them to get ready for the event with all this additional information.

5. Double Check Before You Send

One important thing to do before sending out these announcements is to make sure that there are no mistakes. An invitation with typos and errors can be a bit of a turnoff for the guests. So, take the time to double-check. After printing the announcement, check whether the text and the image are rendered clearly. For good measure, have a friend take a look and see if it turned out alright.


What is the usual content of a graduation party announcement?

The content would typically include the full name of the person. It would also include the school’s name and the person’s graduation year. Most importantly, it contains the details of the party, such as the time, date, and location. If there is more space, then you can also include a program.

When do you send graduation party announcements?

It is wise to invite your guests ahead of time. One month before the party itself is a great time to give the announcements. This will give your attendees enough time to settle their schedules and prepare themselves for the event.

What makes a graduation announcement different from a graduation invitation?

The way it is worded makes a big difference between the two. A graduation announcement lets your family and friends know that you have graduated. A graduation invitation, on the other hand, means you are being invited to an event.

What is the usual size of an invitation for a graduation party?

The most common size of the invitations would be 4″x6″ and 4.25″x6″, not unlike invitations to birthday parties and other big social events. These invitation sizes are usually reserved for occasions that celebrate an important milestone.

Graduation parties allow the celebrant to have a breather and be proud of what they have accomplished. And it will be a lot more meaningful in the presence of close friends and family. That is why making a well-written graduation party announcement is a vital part of preparing for the event. Do it right, and you can get your attendees thrilled for this momentous occasion. Together, everyone can congratulate the celebrant and see them take the next chapter in their life and grow as a person.

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