Graduation Announcement Flyer

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Graduation Announcement Flyer

Graduation is the most awaited event in a students’ life. It is an occasion that is celebrated in the name of the students’ educational success. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a high school or college graduation ceremony; both are the most important events in a students’ educational journey. So, how does a school administration spread the word about upcoming graduation? Well, a graduation announcement flyer would be used to spread the good news.

11+ Graduation Announcement Flyer Examples in PSD | InDesign

1. University Graduation Announcement Flyer Template

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2. Graduation Announcement Flyer Template

Graduation Announcement Flyers

3. Senior Graduation Announcement Flyer

Senior Graduation Announcement Flyer

4. Sample Graduation Announcement Flyer

Sample Graduation Announcement Flyers

5. Graduation Invitation Announcement Flyer

Graduation Invitation Announcement Flyer

6. Graduation Announcement Shining Day Flyer

Graduation Announcement Shining Day Flyer

7. Graduation Announcement Photo Session Flyer

Graduation Announcement Photo Session Flyer

8. Simple Graduation Announcement Template

Simple Graduation Announcement Template

9. Graduation Announcement Cheerful Flyer

Graduation Announcement Cheerful Flyer

10. Graduation Program Announcement Flyer

Graduation Program Announcement Flyer

11. Graduation Announcement Invitation Flyer

Graduation Announcement Invitation Flyers

12. Chalkboard Graduation Announcement Flyer

Chalkboard Graduation Announcement Flyer

What Is A Graduation Announcement Flyer?

A graduation announcement flyer is a document that is used to deliver information about an upcoming graduation ceremony. It is how graduating students will receive the good news about the confirmation of their graduation date. A graduation announcement flyer contains the date, time, and venue of the ceremony. It serves as an invitation card to the seniors’ parents and relatives. It is also how other students will be aware of the commencement ceremony. This type of flyer can also be a poster that is going to be attached to the schools’ bulletin boards and classrooms. It is of great importance that an announcement flyer has to be distributed amongst the students since it is how they’re going to deliver the great news to their parents aside from the traditional word of mouth.

Importance Of A Graduation Announcement Flyer

Now, one would think that a flyer for graduation announcements is not that important. A few people might think that it is better to tell the good news through a conversation or during a family dinner. There is a vast difference between saying it personally and by giving a graduation announcement flyer. When a student just plainly tells his or her parents about the exciting news, it’s kind of bland and lacks punch. With the use of graduation announcement flyers, it adds a spark of excitement to both students and parents. Imagine receiving a letter from the lottery saying you have won a million dollars, that’s the kind of joy a graduation announcement flyer will bring to the parents of the students.

How To Design A Graduation Announcement Flyer

There are many available online templates for a graduation announcement flyer, but if your school wants to create its flyer for the commencement event, here are some steps and guidelines for you to follow:

1. Think Of A Great Color Theme

A theme for your announcement flyer would be the first thing you will need to think about. It is usually the color of the school that is going to be used for the brochure, such as blue and white or maroon and yellow. The schools’ color is often used to symbolize its roots and to brand the ceremony. If you want to use other colors, you can ask for the permission of your school head regarding this matter.

2. Use Captivating Designs

The design of your graduation announcement flyer must be eye-catching. You can use cursive fonts, creative patterns, and relevant images for the design of your brochure. If you incorporate such graphics in your flyer, it will leave a long-lasting impression on its audience. Good design implies that a school cares about the graduation event, not just for the graduating students but the whole student body and the attendees.

3. Don’t Forget The Essential Information

A graduation announcement flyer usually contains the name and address of the school, date and time of the event, and the venue for the ceremony. You must make sure this information is included in the flyer so that the attendees can adjust their schedule accordingly and will be able to locate the venue of the event.

4. Think of A Good Quote

Other than the word ‘congratulations’ being emphasized on the flyer, it is also good to make use of graduation quotes. You can create your quotes, or you can get some from the internet, but make sure you address the one who made the quote to avoid plagiarism. Since a flyer is often regarded as a tool for announcing information, a quote would be beautiful to add interest in a graduation announcement flyer.

5. Spread The News!

Aside from giving the flyers to the students, you can also attach them to the bulletin boards around the school. You can also make use of social media such as Facebook and Instagram to help spread the news like wildfire. There are many ways to announce graduation, such as radio announcements, emails, and the traditional word of mouth. But a flyer is the best way to creatively spread the information without too much expense.


What are the much-needed preparations for a school graduation ceremony?

There are a lot of preparations for a graduation ceremony, especially if there is a high number of graduates. Statista research revealed that 34% of students enrolled in 2007 graduated. Preparations are very much needed, such as the budget plan, decorating the venue, graduation practice, and the guest list. The school administration needs to make sure that everything is organized to avoid mishaps during the ceremony.

Instead of invitation cards, can I use flyers for my graduation party?

Yes, you can use flyers instead of invitation cards. If you want preference, there are many graduation party invitation templates online that you can use or get ideas from.

Can I use Invitation wording phrases for our graduation announcement flyer?

Technically, invitation wordings are for invitations cards, but if you want to use it on a graduation announcement flyer, you can. You can ask your teachers and fellow students for their ideas about wordings in your announcement flyers so you can have more insight into it.

Where can I get some flyer templates for our graduation announcement?

You can make use of the templates displayed above, but be careful in their file extensions since it will not correctly display it is not compatible with your editor. If you’re using photoshop, make sure the file extension is PSD. Other editors are compatible with jpg and png.

How we deliver an announcement is important because it is how we can portray the importance of that particular information. A graduation ceremony is an event in which a person is rewarded for his or her educational success. Declaring of such an event needs a proper and formal way, and that can be done through flyers. Celebrating the end of a students’ educational journey is essential, as Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

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