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A party by definition is a gathering of people for the purpose of socializing, conversing, or simply put a venue to relax, unwind, and have fun in lieu of a festival or special occasion. Parties often involve food, beverages, and any form of entertainment designed to amuse or leave you happy and satisfied. Or at least that’s what the general gist of having a party is for.

Examples of Party Invitations are found in this page. They are available for download at your convenience. Whether it be for a simple birthday party invitation  to a rave, we have them for you. Just click on the download button to start downloading.

Bachelor Party Invitation Template

bachelor party
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DJ Party Invitation Template

dj party
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Pizza Party Invitation Template

pizza party
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Birthday Party Invitation Examples

1st Birthday Party Invitation Example

1st birthday party invitation example

Surprise Birthday Party Invitation

surprise birthday party invitation

50th Birthday Party Invitation

50th birthday party invitation

60th Birthday Party Invitation

60th birthday party invitation

Graduation Party Invitations

College Graduation Party Invitation

college graduation party invitation

Free Graduation Party Invitation

free graduation party invitation

Dinner Party Invitation Examples

Formal Dinner Party Invitation

formal dinner party invitation

Casual Dinner Party Invitation Sample

casual dinner party invitation sample

Birthday Dinner Party Invitation

birthday dinner party invitation

Anniversary Party Invitation Examples

Business Anniversary Party Invitation

business anniversary party invitation

Business Party Invitation Samples

Business Launch Party Invitation

business launch party invitation

Business Dinner Party Invitation

business dinner party invitation

Cocktail Party Invitations

Black and White Cocktail Party Invitation

black and white cocktail party invitation

Free Cocktail Party Invitation

free cocktail party invitation

Holiday Cocktail Party Invitation

holiday cocktail party invitation

A Social Invitation

A party invitation is by default a social invitation. Social  wedding Invitations started off in the early 1800’s where the elites from England and France would invite some of their peers through hand written documents announcing an event or celebration. The elites or High Society would be composed of the Kings and Queens and all the other lords and ladies in court.

Being able to write was a mark of education in which only a few were ever able to attain. The use of feather and quill in writing was in itself a work of art which is now widely recognized as calligraphy.

Perhaps the most notable descriptions of a party holiday invitation back then are:

  • Invitation is enclosed in an envelope with everything spelled out.
  • wording used inside were socially correct words
  • hot wax seal of the family crest inviting the person is affixed on the envelope.
  • transported by servants on horseback and hand delivered

Types of Party

  • Birthday Party
    Perhaps the most common among all cultures is the celebration of the anniversary of one’s own birth. This celebration usually brings fond recollections of colorful decorations, birthday cakes, balloons, and streamers. Some of the most common rituals on a birthday are:

–Bringing of Gifts
More often than not, guests ae requested to bring gifts for the one celebrating the birthday

–The Birthday Song
The traditional song of Happy Birthday to you has probably been the most abused song of all time. Written in every language, this song is sung before, during, and maybe even after the party.

–The Birthday Wish
Well wishers gather around the celebrant and the birthday cake with the person honored at the center. The candles placed on top of the birthday cake are lit up. The number of candles corresponds to the age of the person. The celebrant then makes a wish and blows out the candles.

–Birthday Cake
After the candles have been blown away, there is the matter of slicing the cake. The first slice usually goes to the one celebrating his birthday.

–Opening of gifts
Hosts at a particular point in the party would then open each of the gifts that had been given.

Company Party Invitations

Formal Company Party Invitation

formal company party invitation

Engagement Party Invitations

Rustic Engagement Party Invitation

rustic engagement party invitation

Funny Engagement Party Invitation

funny engagement party invitation

DIY Engagement Party Invitation

diy engagement party invitation

Formal Party Invitation Examples

Formal Holiday Party Invitation

formal holiday party invitation

Free Formal Party Invitation Example

free formal party invitation example

Holiday Party Invitations

Office Holiday Party Invitation

office holiday party invitation

Housewarming Party Invitations

Surprise Housewarming Party Invitation

surprise housewarming party invitation

Retirement Party Invitations

Beach Themed Retirement Party Invitation

beach themed retirement party invitation

Business Retirement Party Invitation

business retirement party invitation

Teacher Retirement Party Invitation

teacher retirement party invitation

Surprise Party Invitation Samples

Surprise Anniversary Party Invitation

surprise anniversary party invitation

Surprise Retirement Party Invitation

surprise retirement party invitation

Types of Parties continued

  • Reception
    Characterized by being attended by a large number of guests and often takes place at recognized venues, receptions are of the formal nature. The hosts of the event greet the guests at the entry of the venue while each guest in turn would give a conventional greeting to the host. Popular examples of this type of event invitation are exhibition openings for art galleries and museums or academic gatherings.
  • Soirees
    Adapted during the 18th century in England and France by the elite of High Society, these parties were held for the wealthy and well married ladies who invited prominent and successful guests to their home. This was usually during the evening which accompanied drinking and a lot of cultural conversation with refined musical entertainment in the background. The hosts were usually high profile personalities including famous actresses or distinguished members of society.
  • Ball
    Classified as either formal or informal, this type of party usually features ballroom dancing. Women wear their gowns and men wear their evening “dress”. There are different types of balls such as a school dance or charity ball. Some balls feature costumes such as a masquerade ball or costume party.
    –School Dance or Graduation Ball
    As the name implies, this party is closely associated with the Graduation Ball. Men and women wear dresses appropriate to the theme of the dance. Largely considered as a big event for every senior high school student, this dance often features the selection of High School prom queens and kings. Some school dances are for the purpose of letting students meet and greet while for most is referenced with the Graduation ball.
  • Garden Party
    This party most happens at the middle of the day or just after lunch invitations. A garden party obviously happens in a garden or a park.
  • Tea Party
    Usually attended by women, these parties feature expensive and prestigious tableware matching from the cups and plates, all the way to the table cloth and napkins used. Sandwiches or finger food including cookies and cake slices are usually served together with tea or chocolate for this event.

Tea Party Invitation Examples

Bridal Tea Party Invitation

bridal tea party invitation

DIY Tea Party Invitation

diy tea party invitation

Work Party Invitations

Work Holiday Party Invitation

work holiday party invitation

Wedding Party Invitation Examples

Wedding Cocktail Party Invitation

wedding cocktail party invitation2

Wedding Reception Party Invitation

wedding reception party invitation

Post Wedding Party Invitation

post wedding party invitation

Bachelorette Party Invitations

Purple Bachelorette Party Invitation

purple bachelorette party invitation

Beach Bachelorette Party Invitation

beach bachelorette party invitation

Vintage Bachelorette Party Invitation

vintage bachelorette party invitation

Farewell Party Invitations

Employee Farewell Party Invitation

employee farewell party invitation

Floral Party Invitations

Floral Birthday Party Invitation

floral birthday party invitation

Floral Graduation Party Invitation

floral graduation party invitation

Vintage Floral Party Invitation

vintage floral party invitation

  • Fundraisers
    This party is held for the purpose of raising funds or collecting money for a given institution or for a person or orgaization. These parties are formal and attended by personas from High Society. It is usually a dinner party with a presentation of the target or purpose of the fund raising  invitation design activity afterwards. Some fund raisers feature candidates gethering funds for political campaigns.
  • Dance Party
    Commercially referred to presently as rave parties, these parties feature live bands or DJs playing loud house or techno music. Locations for rave parties range from bars, basements, a large warehouse, or even a football field to a sports arena.
  • House Party
    Popularly associated with Fraternity Parties, a house party is often held at a private residence or home. These parties involve heavy and sometimes underage drinking. A lot of arrests have been reported in the past during these parties as party goers who are usually in their teens run amok from excessive alcohol intake.
  • Outdoor Party
    An outdoor party mainly comprises of any party held outdoors.
    –Bush Party – usually held in secluded areas of a forest involving heavy drinking and a bonfire
    –Beach Party – almost the same as a bush party flyers  except that the location would be along a shoreline of a beach or lake.
    –Pool Party – Happens with guests enjoying swimming in a pool. This can either be an adult or children’s party.
  • Singles Mixer
    Also known and associated with speed dating, this graduation invitations is organized for the purpose of finding a partner, dating, or for simply meeting a new acquaintance.
  • House Warming Party
    Typically done after moving into a new house or apartment. The hosts invite guests comprising mostly of friends and relatives to show their new house or abode. Guests are highly encouraged to bring housewarming gifts as part of tradition.
  • Welcoming Party
    These parties are for the intention of introducing a new member to the community or even just the household. A baby shower is also considered to be a welcoming party for a household.
  • Farewell Party
    These parties are presented for any member of a group or community business invitation who is leaving town, city, or country.

As numerous parties are around nowadays, people will always find ways or excuses for a party. It is but common to find release and enjoy ourselves. After all, we definitely deserve time off from all our hardwork.

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