11+ Company Event Invitation Examples & Templates [Download Now]

Company event invitations are cards sent out to customers, clients and business partners to invite them to an event that you are hosting. An invitation letter contains the date of the event, venue, theme and other relevant information that an invitee needs to know to decide whether they can attend your event or not.

To help you create catchy and attention-grabbing company invitations, we have included 11+ company event invitation examples and templates to help you get started. Also, you can see these event invitation examples and templates for more inspiration.

Company Event Invitation Examples & Templates

1. Business Open Company Even Invitation

Whether you want to hold a company meeting, ceremony or a seminar, you will appreciate this template. The template is fully customizable and allows you to adjust graphics, layout and even the content so that it suits your own event. It also lets you change font style and size, add photos, or more details to make the template your own. The template is compatible with Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, which makes it more convenient and versatile. Download it today!

2. Company Event Invitation Template

Do you need to create a company invitation fast and with minimum fuss? If yes, then this template is tailor-made for you. This company event invitation template is easy to use and makes your work a lot easier when you want to generate your own company event invitation. Also, if the layout of the template doesn’t appeal to you, or if you feel that you need to add more details, you can do it thanks to the template’s extreme customizability. The template is easily downloadable so you can access it easily.

 3. White Company Event Invitation

If you are planning a corporate event, one of the key things you will need to think about is inviting your guests. After all, there won’t be a function without guests. This white company event invitation template is designed to help you create an excellent invitation that lays out all the important details of the meeting or dinner.  Whether you are planning a seminar or a celebration, this template has suggestive content that makes any invitation appropriate. The template is highly customizable, which means you have total freedom in editing and adjusting its contents. Download the template today!

4. Christmas Company Event Invitation

Make your Christmas invitation look professional with this expertly-designed template. With this template, preparing a top-notch invitation doesn’t have to be daunting. It gives you a head start in producing an invitation so you don’t have to waste time thinking about the design or what content is appropriate. Also, the template lets you tweak some things about it like text, images, color scheme, and font size or type. The best thing is that the template is accessible at any time and from anywhere as you can instantly download it from the internet. Grab this template today and get started creating your own Christmas invitation.

5. Company Invitation to Casual Event

This company invitation template is designed to help you create a stunning invitation to a casual event that you are planning. Because this is an opportunity to market or provide updates about your product or services, you want people to attend. This template enables you to send out an invite that will be hard to turn down. The editable template is also fully customizable, enabling you to add or remove pictures, move texts or add your company logo. The idea is to make the template appear like it was made specifically for your business. Download the template today.

6. Custom Company Event Party Invitation

Want to organize a company event? How about you start by inviting your guests over? This template lets you write the most important details about your event like venue, date, location, theme and even throw in a few marketing lines.

Highly customizable, the template is available in formats that you can edit easily without requiring a special program. In fact, you will never have to pay an agency those expensive fees just to produce a stunning company invitation for you. It is instantly accessible via download. Get this template today!

7. Elegant Retirement Company Event Invitation

This printable template is a great place to start when you are looking to create a beautiful company event invitation. Featuring crisp design and greater usability, this template does just about everything for you. You only have to insert your information like the event details such as location, date, time and theme and you have your company event invitation. Plus, it is customizable, which allows you to adjust things like images, text and even add or remove what doesn’t apply to our situation. Get it through instant download anytime you want it. Take a look at the best invitation templates and examples.

8. Company Event Invitation Example

This invitation template is the perfect place to start when you have been tasked with creating a company event invitation. Professionally-designed, the template contains everything needed for a standard invitation card so you don’t have to think about what to include in the invitation. The template features easy-to-edit layouts, which include high-quality graphics files and artwork. It makes creating your company invitation easier and fast, as the only thing you have to do is plugging in your details and you have company invitation. Download it to discover how easy and fun creating a company invitation can be!

9. Corporate Event Party Invitation

This instantly downloadable template is perfect for creating elegant company invitation cards. With the template, it is easy to add details about your event like location, date, theme and chief guest among other things. Easy to edit and highly customizable, this template has a printable layout and lets you add images and even text content.

10. Company Event Invitation Sample

Use this company event invitation template to send out invitations to people to ask them to attend your event. The template is expertly designed and comprehensive in the sense that it includes almost everything that needs to be in an invitation. This way, there is little or no chance that you can miss out an important detail. Get this instantly downloadable template today!

11. Company Event Invitation Design

With this readymade company invitation template, you don’t have to start creating your invitation from scratch. It gives you an advantage because it is already designed and contains nearly all things required in such a document. After inputting the details about your company and the event, you have a template that’s ready to be printed or sent online to guests.

12. Company Christmas Party  Event Invitation

Use this template when you don’t want to build your company event invitation from the ground up. With this expertly-designed template, all it will take to create a professional-looking company event invitation is just a couple of minutes. Download it today!

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