7+ Graduation Ceremony Invitation Examples in PSD | JPG | AI | Vector EPS

“Congratulations to all graduates! We are inviting you and two of your family members to the graduation ceremony held in”.

Tired of writing this type of generic ceremony invitation? You’re not alone. This is what we often see written in graduation ceremony invitations. As common as it sounds, there are actually other ways of greeting a person and inviting them to the ceremony. Some people like to be creative and go all out when making their invitations. It can be troublesome, but you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of time and money to make your own.

Here are some 7+ graduation ceremony invitation templates you can choose and use to wow the people you are inviting for your son, relative or even a friend’s graduation. Check them out.

7+ Graduation Ceremony Invitation Examples

1. Graduation Ceremony Invitation Template

2. Virtual Graduation Ceremony Invitation

3. Sample Graduation Ceremony Invitation Template

4. Graduation Traditional Ceremony Invitation

5. Graduation Announcement Ceremony

6. Graduation Ceremony Planning Invitation

7. Graduation Party Ceremony Invitation

8. Masculine Graduation Party Invitation

What Is a Graduation Ceremony?

A graduation ceremony is the act of advancement to a different level or stage in school or life. It is in which a school or a university gives out degrees and diplomas to students who are moving up to a different level.

Why Is a Graduation Ceremony Important?

This is an important stage in any student’s life. As well as a parent or guardian’s life. All the hard work and dedication have paid off. This is also a stepping stone for both parents, guardians, and students to share together.

What Is an Invitation?

An invitation can either be a written request like a card or an oral request by someone telling you to go to an important or casual event.

Why is a graduation ceremony invitation important?

A graduation ceremony invitation is important because this is your personal pass for a ceremony that may be counted through its guests.

How do you write a graduation ceremony invitation?

The following things you should know when writing a graduation ceremony invitation are

1. Tone

Even in writing, your tone must be cheerful. Keep in mind that you are inviting people to celebrate with you so keep it positive and cheerful. A happy tone makes the person reading it, excited as well. So careful how you write your invitation. It goes a long way.

2. Information

Information is important. This tells your guests where and when to go. What to wear and what to bring.

3. Start with an invitation.

“You are invited to” “We are celebrating the graduation of” These types of introductory invitations tell the person that you wish to share with them this wonderful event.

4. Write the student’s full name.

This is their time to shine, so don’t forget the name.

What should I add to a graduation ceremony invitation?

1. Be creative

2. Add some flair

3. Don’t forget some colors.


Is it a requirement to add some flair to an invitation?

Not really, but the fact that this is a big event in any person’s life, this is a good chance to get creative and show some positivity in the invitation.

Is it necessary to put the name of the person I am inviting in the invitation?

It is not necessary but if you wish to put the name, you may. It is also another nice way to show the person you are inviting that he or she is an important person.

What are the usual things to put in an invitation?

The graduating student’s name, the time and place of the event and the school.

In a ceremony invitation, do we need to put the achiever’s names as well as the person graduating?

This may depend on the person if he or she wishes to do that. But the more creative you get, the better. Don’t hold anything back, this is your time to literally get creative.

Sending out graduation invitations to anyone would seem like a problem if you are not into it but, look at this way, this is a good time to boast. You got a good reason to show off your kid who graduated through a nice ceremony invitation. It’s really quite easier than you may think since all you have to do is to simply follow a few tips here and there and you’re all set. Congratulations dear graduates.

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