16 Music Flyer Examples

Why still use flyers when we are already in a world of technologies? And why use flyers in your advertisement for music?

Flyers are one of the oldest marketing tools that are still used nowadays. Try to observe your surroundings and count every flyer that are of sight. I believe the number is greater than that of the fingers in your hands, right? That only proves that many people are still using flyers in their dissemination of information. But why flyers?

There are various reasons why there is a huge number of marketers who are still adopting the use of flyers despite the advanced technologies nowadays. Flyers are not only a very useful tool in disseminating information but also not very costly and the time it takes to make them will not take that long.

In this article, we will discuss about the importance of a flyer in general and the importance of a music flyer. Additionally, incorporated are the examples of music flyers in case you might want some ideas to customize your flyer or your want to have predesigned flyers.

What Is a Music Flyer

We almost always saw flyers everywhere. We often see advertisements about massage services, new release of gadgets, a sale in a mall, etc. These flyers are designed to be informative and artsy enough with proper typography designs to catch people’s attention.

While every business and every establishment are embracing the use of a flyer in dispersing information, the music industry does not desire to be left behind the trend; flyers are also used by musicians and artists and their managers to spread any information regarding the music that they are into.

There are a lot of reasons why music artists chose flyers as their marketing tool. But, before we are going to tackle these reasons, let us talk first about the importance of flyers in general and the role of a flyer as a marketing tool.

Importance of Flyers

Not Everyone is on Social Media

We must not assume that everyone has social media accounts, and if ever there is, we cannot safely say that he is constantly checking them. Hence, handing flyers is way better than posting your advertisement on social media sites. Also, consider those people who do not want to create an account on social media for personal reasons or to make the events of their lives private.

To Show Your Creativity

One way of showing what your company can do and the extent of your creativity is through your flyer. Design it like it is our last day on earth. Though it is not that easy to conceptualize a design, hopefully our examples to be presented after will help you out in your journey.

You Get to Meet New People

Of course, if you are the ones handing over the flyers from person to person, you got to experience a first-hand contact with them and you have the privilege to talk with them face to face, documenting their reaction in your own brain. In this way, through flyers, you can connect with many people and you can practice your socializing and communication skills.

It Serves as a Reminder

The flyers you’ve sent to the customers will serve as their reminder of your product or service or upcoming activity. It is true that you may be reminded through the apps on your gadgets but having a tangible paper that serves as your note is different. You can even pin the flyers on your doors or even on refrigerator doors!

It Is a Remembrance from the Event

When flyers are used as a promotion of an event, for example, a concert, these flyers can serve as a remembrance, especially when you are a fan of the band doing the concert or you just want to have something to keep from that event.

It (Sometimes) Includes Freebies

There are flyers that include promos, discounts, freebies, etc. Customers would surely grab these baits and bite the opportunity, availing these promos. On the other hand, companies will be benefited in the form of popularity and therefore creating a brand and making yourself known in the market.

Flyers as a Useful Marketing Tool

Less Cost

Rather than paying for websites for your advertisement, printing your advertisements in the form of a flyer can help you lessen your expenses. Moreover, hiring someone to design your flyer is way cheaper than online advertisement or advertisement on TV. With this, you can spend that money you saved from other operating expenses.


Flyers, unlike online advertisements, are tangible enough for the customers to lay their hand on as people would usually love and appreciate tangible things. Also, with tangible things, people can get the feels on the surface of the paper and they can even write a note or something reminder on the flyer.


Because flyers are tangible and are handed by the hand, customers can get a personal touch from you and the flyers are handed personally. Connected with your client personally can provide more impact than those that are impersonal as they cannot feel that the advertisements were really for them.

High Impact

As stated before, personal touch provides more impact to customers thus creating personal relationship to your market. Because of this, people feel that you and your product are so near to them and that your company is within their reach when they needed something.

Music Flyer Examples

Rocklive Music Concert

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Digitize Music Flyer

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Retro Music Party Flyer

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Music Festival Flyer

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Modern Music Flyers

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Colorful Music Event Flyer

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Charity Event Flyer

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Rock Acoustic Music Flyer

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Showprint Music Poster

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Music Festival Flyer

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Groovy Music Flyer

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Rock Star Gig Flyer


Old Music Flyer

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Jazz Music Flyer

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Karaoke Night Flyer

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Indie Music Flyer

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Uses of Music Flyers

Releasing of New Album/Song

Music flyers can be an avenue for artists when they are releasing a new album or they are launching their new song. Flyers are a great way to inform people about upcoming albums especially when people are anticipating the release on that year, especially fans. It also adds value to the artists’ name, and it can help people immediately recognize a singer or a group.

Having an Event or Gig, Especially Concert

Flyers can also serve as an important announcement when there will be an upcoming concert, event, etc. The information to be included in the flyer must be complete and important notes should not be missed. Designs and proper use of fonts and correct way of highlighting an words for emphasis are also a must. The crucial points to be placed on an event flyer are the time, date, and venue. Other important information can also be added, but just make sure you won’t miss the key points.

Presenting a Band

Apart from releasing a new album and having an event, flyers can also be used when a new band is to be presented to the crowd, like when a certain band wanted their name to be on the spotlight. Flyers can do that work, too. It is so surprising that flyers can serve many things that are even beyond your thinking.

Introducing a New Member

When a band wanted to introduce their new member even before launching an album or having a concert, they can also use flyers to inform people. It is a great thing that people will be aware of the new member first so they will anticipate for the performance of the new member and get excited to see the new set of members performing on stage.

Updates and News with Regard to the Music Industry

Updates and news can also be given to the public through the use of flyers. This is an effective idea since the expenses for flyers are lesser compared to online advertising.

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