42 Examples of Logo Design

A logo is a symbol that represents a business, an organization, or commercial enterprises. A logo is the shortened word of logotype.Lots of business organizations engaged in having a logo for it promotes public recognition. Logos come in different ways as well, they do have different designs and styles.Business firms these days resort to having business logos to make sure the public or the potential patrons of the business could easily recognize them.

They often also referred to as icon or a graphic representing a business, company, commercial enterprises and even schools. Certainly, there are numerous ways and designs of logos to choose from, it’s just that you have to be meticulous and careful in making one  being unique in photography logos is a must.

Business Logo Designs

Small Business Logo

small business logo design

Real Estate Business Logo

real estate business logo design1

Beauty Business Logo

beauty business logo design

Cleaning Business Logo

cleaning business logo design

Corporate Business Logo

corporate business logo design

Company Logo Examples

Construction Company Logo

construction company logo

Example of Electrical Company Logo

example of electrical company logo

Advertising Company Logo


Cleaning Company Logo

cleaning company logo

Fitness Company Logo

fitness company logo

Medical Logo Designs

Medical Store Logo

medical store logo design

Medical Medicine Logo

medical medicine logo design1

Medical Equipment Logo

medical equipment logo design1

Music Logo Designs

Music Company Logo

music company logo design

Music Band Logo

music band logo design

Music School Logo

music school logo2

Guidelines For Effective Logo Design

Why do you think having a logo is very important and engaging in good logo designs is a must?

Since a logo is like the face of a business firm or a company, logo designs play a vital role in promoting business firms, commercial ventures, enterprises and other business operations. The ways to effective logo designs are as follows:

  • Consider first the type of business you are about to create a logo from. This process involves research and inquiry. You must create a matrix on the things you would consider how your logo would look like. For example, it is for a photography logo, one must consider symbols of a camera or  photograph.
  • Check for references. You can go ahead and browse on the internet for different logo designs to help you visualize the logo you are about to create.
  • After doing so, consider the simplicity of the logo design. modern logos are used to attract attention but it does not mean, you can’t go ahead and go on the simple ways. Simplicity with the design implies how professional the business firm or company is.
  • If you are planning for brand that will stand over time, think of a timeless design. This means, the design won’t be affected for any change of time, that whatever changes may occur, the logo still fits in. Take note, avoid the trendy designs, they won’t last long.
  • Sketching your logo is very important because it allows you to extend your imagination and creativity. It is also very important because you can do trial and error in this process, before actually going in to computer and lay-outing it.
  • Revising (if any). Revising your design is applicable if in any chance that you have finalized it already yet there will be small changes to make it look better.
  • Finalize. After all the revisions and changes made, presenting the logo your client is a must. This is the process where you will find out if the logo is approved or there might be any changes be applied.

If you want to venture in good business logos one must call to mind of choosing a professional logo design to give a formal and remarkable impression to potential clients in your business.

Jewellery Logo Designs

Jewellery Company Logo

jewellery company logo design

Jewellery Shop Logo

jewellery shop logo design

Restaurant Logo Examples

Restaurant Business Logo

restaurant business logo

Fast Food Restaurant Logo

fast food restaurant logo

Pizza Restaurant Logo

pizza restaurant logo

School Logo Designs

Driving School Logo

driving school logo

Dance School Logo

dance school logo

Music School Logo

music school logo1

Vintage Logo Designs

Vintage Company Logo

vintage company logo design

Vintage Typographic Logo

vintage typographic logo

Vintage Photography Logo

vintage photography logo design

Wedding Logo Designs

Wedding Photography Logo

wedding photography logo design

Vintage Wedding Logo

vintage wedding logo design

Free Wedding Logo

free wedding logo design

The Importance of a Business Logo

Business establishments nowadays are already very keen and sensitive when it comes to popularizing their brands. It is essential to know why having a logo of your own business is such a huge deal. Being able to know its importance will also help a business firm in realizing  choosing the best company logo that suits accordingly.

  • Maintains Uniqueness- One of the most important role of having a logo is it’s uniqueness. Remember that an organization or a business enterprise that has a logo implies an impression of uniqueness. So if you have a logo it means your business is unique.
  • Attraction- Attracting new customers and is one of the basic effect of attraction. When your logo is appealing to eyes, you should expect that people will be interested in the business or in the organization.
  • Helps in Branding- In restaurants for example, if you are planning to brand it, now go ahead and create a restaurant logo. Why? Because when people sometimes forget the name, they resort to describing the logo. When people start to describe your logo in times when they forget the name, it implies that your logo is indeed effective.
  • Conveys Stability- Most brands and other businesses are more known to be stable and reliable if they have their own logo.
  • Increased Chance of Business Ventures- When you appear stable and reliable to the customers, it is more likely to attract new clients so there will be more chances of getting capital and investments.
  • Conveys Reputation- A reputable company or business obtains a professional logo that creates sense of commitment to both business and its clients.
  • Creates Distinction- When your  wedding logo is distinct, it means you have an edge from your competitors and that’s another way of increasing your advantage from other business related to yours.
  • Creates Emphasis- logos help a business firm or organization in emphasizing what type of business you are in line with, which means it also helps different your business from your competitors.

Being able to market your  brand using a logo is such an edge in the progress of expanding a business.

Sports Logo Designs

Football Logo

football logo design

Sports Team Logo

sports team logo design

Soccer Logo

soccer logo design

Salon Logo Designs

Hair Salon Logo

hair salon logo

Nail Salon Logo

nail salon logo

Beauty Salon Logo

beauty salon logo

Travel Logo Designs

Travel Agency Logo

travel agency logo design

Travel Company Logo

travel company logo design

Travel Logo Design Template

travel logo design template

Photography Logo Designs

Wedding Photography Logo

wedding photography logo

Professional Photography Logo

professional photography logo

Common Mistakes in Logo Design

Designing a logo for a company or any business firm is not an easy breezy type of task. It requires careful process in making one. A logo designer should take careful considerations and should remember that they are creating the logo on a good purpose and for the advantage of such business.

Avoiding these common mistakes shall help in creating a good corporate logo or you need.

  • Being Trendy-  When your logo follows a trendy design, there is a greater chance of failing to stand the test of time. One characteristic of a good logo design is being timeless. If the cliche design is gone and is no longer in lined with the trend, your logo is more likely to be boring too.
  • Poor Choice of Font-  Font styles should be taken seriously, a flat logo  is considered good and effective when the font comes hand in hand with the graphics, images and colors in your logo so the font must match.
  • Pixelated Images- Using raster images such as clip arts is a no-no, be careful because when the time comes that you are going to transfer your logo on other media.
  • Choosing an appropriate logo design software is very helpful too. It enables you to zoom in or zoom out the images in your logo without crashing it appearing to be pixelated. This is too painful to the eyes.
  • Using Various Colors- Various colors in a logo design is might be very confusing and be hurtful to the eyes. The logo may appear not credible or be taken not seriously.
  • Being Too complex (too abstract)- If the logo looks complicated, it will be a headache for the client and to those target audience or customers. Being too abstract with the vintage logo is so hard to understand. Pick a design that is easier to be recognized by the naked eye. Let’s say for a example for a corporate logo design, one should consider choosing a symbol that fits to a corporate firm.
  • Copying Design- Aside from being illegal because you’re copying other peoples design, the logo’s esssence and the sense of its   originality has been taken out already.
  • typographic issues- This is very important to consider, the spacing and the font shall be checked correctly. Having too much space on letters doesn’t look so good in a logo.

A logo designer should take careful considerations and should remember that they are creating the logo on a good purpose and for the advantage of such business.

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