Short Research Report

Last Updated: May 7, 2024

Short Research Report

Carrying out a particular research means adding existing knowledge. When you do some research, document all the processes you have taken. Consider taking note of the findings too. Research reports are commonly used to present a particular topic which focuses on the communication of the relevant information. It is made to convey details pertaining to marketers to implement a new strategic plan.

With the use of research reports, you will be able to share facts, events and other details based on an incident. It will become easier to outline your findings from an investigation and anything that requires inquiry. It is best to know how to make or create a detailed and specific report that proves useful all throughout the research process.

3+ Short Research Report Examples

1. Short Research Report Template

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2. Basic Short Research Report

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3. General Short Research Report

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4. Short Research Assessment Report

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Short Research Report Definition

A research report is a type of document that gives you an outline of the processes, data and findings based on an investigation. It is considered as a first-hand account in research that needs to be properly written, objective and accurate. This may be a summary of the research process that presents findings, recommendation and other relevant matters regarding the report subject. This time, the length differs. It has to be short.

Features of a Research Report

How can you be able to identify that what you are reading is a research report?

1. It gives a very detailed presentation of the overall research process and findings. It may even use graphic organizers such as tables, charts or graph.

2. It is written formally.

3. It is written in third person.

4. It is highly informative.

5. It has organized structures that uses bullet points, headings, subheadings and sections.

6. It presents recommendations.

Types of Research Report

There are two types of research report: qualitative research report and quantitative research report.

Qualitative Research Report

This type of research report outlines the processes, methods and findings. In academic research, a qualitative research report gives an opportunity to apply one’s learnings and skills in planning and implementing a particular qualitative research projects. Qualitative is descriptive. Aside from having the details of the research process itself, might as well consider giving descriptions by narrating a specific information.

Quantitative Research Report

This type of research report focuses on the numbers and statistics that aids in finding answers to its research questions. The researcher maybe able to present a quantitative data that supports the process. Unlike qualitative research that focuses on describing an information, a quantitative gives importance to numerical values.

Importance of Research Report

1. Knowledge

One of the reasons why conducting research is beneficial because it contributes knowledge. A research report is a tool that can be used to communicate the findings of an investigation.

2. Identifies gaps

Research reports allow you to identify gaps that can be used for further inquiries. This type of report shows what was already done while helping other areas that needs systematic investigation.

Tips for Writing Research Reports

1. Be prepared before you start writing about your topic

Choose the topic that interests you. You should consider your readers too. One of the most difficult thing is when you ask yourself as to how you should be able to start the writing process. Know what could be your title first then make an introduction. Once you have the information, you can write for a conclusion.

2. You should have a clear research objective

Always make sure that the data is in lined with the objectives. Do not speculate. Speculations are only made for conversations, not research reports.

3. Check grammar and spelling

It is advisable to use verbs in the present tense. This will make your research report sound more immediate.

4. Discuss only what is important

If you find some data irrelevant, do not take much of your time to include them in your research report.

5. Include graphs

The graphs will help your readers understand your data. However, you should label your graphs properly to avoid confusion. They should have proper indications, sample, and correct wording.


Does a research report requires an executive summary

Yes. An executive summary, also known as the abstract, summarizes your report to make the readers more acquainted without the need to read it all.

What is a good research report?

A good research report has to be accurate with the information it is presenting. It must be incorporated with its objectives and its conclusion. It must follow the correct structure and most of all, it must be written clearly.

What are the main contents of research report?

Most research reports contain a title page, abstract, introduction, methodology, results and discussion, references, appendix and an author’s note.

Always remember that in making a research report, you must be able to create a very concise document that summarizes all the research process. It is necessary just like when you are conducting a systematic investigation. It allows you to communicate with the use of the research findings. Consider your readers as well. This will help you adjust to the right tone for your report.


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