Secrets of Good Business Writing

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

Secrets of Good Business Writing

Business writing is an effective means of written communication in the business world. The term itself is often used to mean professional emails, memorandums, reports, and other written documents used with the intention to communicate with certain audiences (e.g. employees, business partners, clients, etc.), both internal and external.

Business writing is one common way of communicating professionally through the use of writing. It usually tackles about different business topics, and is typically written using standard structure and style.

Importance of Good Business Writing

Business writing is a vital instrument of sharing information in a professional manner through writing. Here are a few reasons why good business writing is important:

  • Dissemination of information. Formal Notices, emails, memos, reports, among others, are all intended to inform a specific audience about a certain subject matter concerning the business. Such written documents will promote better communication within the organization, and outside as well.
  • Justification of actions. If certain actions were conducted (usually without prior notice or depending on the situation), a written document is sent to explain why such action plans were taken, and what the results of such actions are.
  • Encourage readers to take action. Written documents can also be issued to influence the readers to take the necessary steps for the improvement of the organization’s overall performance.
  • Provision of direction. Some cases often require employers to issue written documents in order to give directions or commands to employees in undertaking a certain course of action.
  • Documentation. Written documents are usually stored for record keeping, and may also be used as future references.

Key Tips for Good Business Writing

Good business writing will enable a business to improve communication with people inside and outside of the organization. Therefore, it is a must to know some key tips for good business writing.

  • Identify your purpose. Why are you writing? It can either be to inform, persuasive writing, to argue, to direct, to propose, to make an inquiry, to invite, etc. Knowing the purpose will give you an idea on where you’re going.
  • Know your readers. Make the content reader friendly. Know who your readers are and understand how they think. Ask questions like: What do they want to know? How will your writing benefit them?
  • Write in a professional tone. Whether you are writing for your employees, clients, or other businesses, always keep your tone formal writing and professional.
  • Mind your language. Avoid using jargon if possible, do not use profanity, write simple words, and explain certain business terms for clarification.
  • Shorten everything. Use short sentences, break your long paragraphs into short ones, and make sure you mind the length of what you are summary writing.
  • Minimize usage of symbols, and abbreviations. Save those for informal messages, but in business writing you need to minimize, and if possible, avoid using symbols and abbreviations.
  • Use attachments. Symbols, graphics, and other visuals can add a little spice to your work. Such attachments support your composition and make the points you discuss clearer and more understandable.
  • Proofread your work. Find errors, improve your work,  and polish everything.

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