19+ Simile Examples – Definition & Purpose

Most of the time, we would compare one thing to another because this helps us understand things better. It is when we compare that we are able to relate even one single aspect of two largely different things.

One effective way of comparing two different things is the use of one of the common figures of speech and that is Simile. The use of simile is a fun way to further elaborate and explain the meaning of things through comparison.

Definition of Simile

As defined by Merriam Webster, Simile is defined as a figure of speech comparing two unlike things that are often introduced by the words “like” or “as”. A simile is used to compare by association. You may also like writing examples.

How to Spot Simile in Sentences

In finding out whether the sentences you hear or read are using a simile, all you have to do is to look for the word “like” or “as” and see if those words are used to compare one thing to another.

Purpose of Simile

The purpose of simile goes beyond than just comparing one thing to another because the main purpose of the simile is to give an information or even an insight to the readers or to the receivers of your message about an object or phenomenon by comparing by association to another object or phenomenon that is more familiar to the receiver of your message. You may also like metaphor examples for writers.

Differences Between Simile and Metaphor

Most of the time, a lot of people gets confused between simile and metaphor since both figures of speech are used for comparison. A simile would use the words “like” and “as” in comparing. A metaphor does not need any more words to compare as it would directly compare the similarities between two things. As defined by Merriam Webster, a simile is a figure of speech in which it literally denotes a kind of object or idea and used in place of another to compare the similarities or analogy between two things. You may also like simple metaphor examples.

20 Simile Examples of Sentences

1. Anne’s eyes are as blind as the eyes of a bat that she could not anymore read a single flyer in her hands.

2. Beth is busy like a working bee because she works a lot of parttime jobs.

3. Carl walks by the library as quiet as a mouse so that he cannot disturb the people studying in it.

4. Daisy’s grandmother is as old as the trees in the forest since both are aging but still stands strong.

5. His hands comforted and held me as light as a feather while I was crying my heart out after the fateful incident.

6. The DJ’s voice is clear like a bell that she gained a lot of listeners in his daily radio program.

7. Erick feels fresh like that of a flower soaked in the morning dew right after he takes a bath in the nearby lake.

8. Felix delicacies smell as sweet as rose since he had mixed edible rose extracts as ingredients.

9. Gina’s loyalty to her master is like a dog because she always stands beside him almost all the time.

10. Haru’s body is as lifeless as a withered vegetable after he caught the flu yesterday from drenching in the rain.

11. Isabel’s face is as soft as the baby’s butt cheeks since she has a daily regimen that moisturizes her skin the entire day.

12. Jack’s lips are like the color of blood that we would often ask him if he puts a lip balm or tint on.

13. Lara parties out on a Friday night as free as a bird since she had strict parents that would rarely allow her to go out of their house.

14. Kyle’s stubbornness is as hard as a rock that he would give stress to his parents almost on a daily basis.

15.  The army who fought in the war is as tough as nails since they fought hard despite not having an adequate supply of food since the war broke out.

16. Macy looks bright like the orange sun since she was smiling so happily after hearing the good news that she finally had her Visa approved.

17. Ofelia and Olga are like two peas in a pod since they are always together wherever they go despite not being twins.

18. The soldiers who fought in the war between two nations were as brave as a lion because aside from winning the war, there were only a few casualties among them.

19. Paul’s image is as meek as a lamb but does not be fooled by his image since he can also be as cunning as a fox during inter-school competitions.

20. Quintin devours the food from the buffet table as hungry as a bear because he was not able to eat the entire day because of hectic school activities.

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