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eV to ft-lb

Formula: Energy in Foot-pounds (ft-lb) = Energy in Electronvolt (eV) x 1.181705E-19

Electronvolt :

Foot-pound :


ft-lb to eV

Formula: Energy in Electronvolt (eV) = Energy in Foot-pounds (ft-lb) ÷ 1.181705E-19

Foot-pound :

Electronvolt :


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Conversion Factors:

  • Electronvolt to Foot-pound: 1 electronvolt (eV) = 1.1817e-19 foot-pounds (ft-lb)
  • Foot-pound to Electronvolt: 1 foot-pound (ft-lb) = 1 / 1.1817e-19 electronvolts (eV)

How to Convert Electronvolt to Foot-pound:

To convert electronvolts to foot-pounds, multiply the number of electronvolts by 1.1817e-19.



Convert 5,000,000,000,000,000,000 electronvolts to foot-pounds.

Foot-pound=5,000,000,000,000,000,000×1.1817e−19=0.59085 ft-lb

How to Convert Foot-pound to Electronvolt:

To convert foot-pounds to electronvolts, divide the number of foot-pounds by 1.1817e-19.



Convert 2 foot-pounds to electronvolts.

Electronvolt=2/1.1817e−19=1.6924×1019 eV

Electronvolt to Foot-pound Conversion Table

Electronvolt (eV)Foot-pound (ft-lb)
1 eV1.1817e-19 ft-lb
2 eV2.3634e-19 ft-lb
3 eV3.5451e-19 ft-lb
4 eV4.7268e-19 ft-lb
5 eV5.9085e-19 ft-lb
6 eV7.0902e-19 ft-lb
7 eV8.2719e-19 ft-lb
8 eV9.4536e-19 ft-lb
9 eV1.0635e-18 ft-lb
10 eV1.1817e-18 ft-lb
20 eV2.3634e-18 ft-lb
30 eV3.5451e-18 ft-lb
40 eV4.7268e-18 ft-lb
50 eV5.9085e-18 ft-lb
60 eV7.0902e-18 ft-lb
70 eV8.2719e-18 ft-lb
80 eV9.4536e-18 ft-lb
90 eV1.0635e-17 ft-lb
100 eV1.1817e-17 ft-lb

eV to ft-lb Conversion Chart

Foot-pound to Electronvolt Conversion Table

Foot-pound (ft-lb)Electronvolt (eV)
1 ft-lb8.462e+18 eV
2 ft-lb1.6924e+19 eV
3 ft-lb2.5386e+19 eV
4 ft-lb3.3848e+19 eV
5 ft-lb4.231e+19 eV
6 ft-lb5.0772e+19 eV
7 ft-lb5.9234e+19 eV
8 ft-lb6.7696e+19 eV
9 ft-lb7.6158e+19 eV
10 ft-lb8.462e+19 eV
20 ft-lb1.6924e+20 eV
30 ft-lb2.5386e+20 eV
40 ft-lb3.3848e+20 eV
50 ft-lb4.231e+20 eV
60 ft-lb5.0772e+20 eV
70 ft-lb5.9234e+20 eV
80 ft-lb6.7696e+20 eV
90 ft-lb7.6158e+20 eV
100 ft-lb8.462e+20 eV

ft-lb to eV Conversion Chart

Difference Between Electronvolt to Foot-pound

FeatureElectronvolt (eV)Foot-pound (ft-lb)
DefinitionA unit of energy commonly used in the field of particle physics.A unit of energy commonly used in engineering and physics.
Energy ScaleSuitable for atomic and subatomic particlesSuitable for macroscopic mechanical systems
Conversion Factor1 eV = 1.1817e-19 ft-lb1 ft-lb = 8.462e+18 eV
Typical UsageUsed to measure the energy of electrons and other subatomic particles.Used to measure the energy of mechanical systems, such as engines.
Practical ExampleEnergy gained by an electron when accelerated through a potential difference of one volt.Energy required to lift a one-pound weight a distance of one foot.
Scientific RelevanceCrucial in the fields of quantum mechanics and particle physics.Important in classical mechanics and engineering applications.
Unit SystemPart of the metric system and commonly used in scientific research.Part of the Imperial system and commonly used in practical engineering.

1. Solved Examples on Converting Electronvolt to Foot-pound

Example 1: Convert 1 electronvolt to foot-pounds



Example 2: Convert 5 electronvolts to foot-pounds



Example 3: Convert 10 electronvolts to foot-pounds



Example 4: Convert 50 electronvolts to foot-pounds



Example 5: Convert 100 electronvolts to foot-pounds



2. Solved Examples on Converting Foot-pound to Electronvolt

Example 1: Convert 1 foot-pound to electronvolts

Electronvolt=1 ft-lb/1.1817e−19


Example 2: Convert 5 foot-pounds to electronvolts

Electronvolt=5 ft-lb/1.1817e−19


Example 3: Convert 10 foot-pounds to electronvolts

Electronvolt=10 ft-lb/1.1817e−19


Example 4: Convert 50 foot-pounds to electronvolts

Electronvolt=50 ft-lb/1.1817e−19


Example 5: Convert 100 foot-pounds to electronvolts

Electronvolt=100 ft-lb/1.1817e−19


Where is the conversion of electronvolts to foot-pounds most commonly used?

The conversion is commonly used in fields that require an understanding of both macroscopic and microscopic energy scales, such as materials science, particle physics, and certain engineering disciplines.

Why do we need to convert electronvolts to foot-pounds?

Converting electronvolts to foot-pounds is necessary in certain scientific and engineering applications where different units of energy are used. Electronvolts are commonly used in atomic and subatomic physics, while foot-pounds are used in classical mechanics and engineering.

What tools can I use to convert electronvolts to foot-pounds?

You can use calculators, online conversion tools, or even spreadsheet software like Excel to perform these conversions quickly and accurately.

What are some practical applications of this conversion?

This conversion is useful in fields such as nuclear physics, quantum mechanics, and electrical engineering, where both microscopic and macroscopic energy measurements are important.

How does the energy scale of electronvolts compare to foot-pounds?

Electronvolts are used for very small energy scales, such as atomic and subatomic particles, while foot-pounds are used for larger energy scales in mechanical systems.