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Conversion Factors:

  • Joules to Kilocalories: 1 kilocalorie = 4184 joules
  • Kilocalories to Joules: 1 joule = 1/4184 kilocalories

How to Convert Joules to Kilocalories:

To convert joules to kilocalories, divide the number of joules by 4184.

Kilocalories = Joules/4184


Convert 5000 joules to kilocalories.

Kilocalories = 5000/4184 = 1.195 kcal

How to Convert Kilocalories to Joules:

To convert kilocalories to joules, multiply the number of kilocalories by 4184.

Joules = Kilocalories×4184


Convert 2 kilocalories to joules.

Joules = 2×4184 = 8368 J

Joule to Kilocalorie Conversion Table

Joules (J)Kilocalories (kcal)
1 J0.000239 kcal
2 J0.000478 kcal
3 J0.000717 kcal
4 J0.000956 kcal
5 J0.001195 kcal
6 J0.001434 kcal
7 J0.001673 kcal
8 J0.001912 kcal
9 J0.002151 kcal
10 J0.002390 kcal
20 J0.004780 kcal
30 J0.007170 kcal
40 J0.009560 kcal
50 J0.011950 kcal
60 J0.014340 kcal
70 J0.016730 kcal
80 J0.019120 kcal
90 J0.021510 kcal
100 J0.023900 kcal

J to kcal Conversion Chart

Kilocalorie to Joule Conversion Table

Kilocalories (kcal)Joules (J)
1 kcal4184 J
2 kcal8368 J
3 kcal12552 J
4 kcal16736 J
5 kcal20920 J
6 kcal25104 J
7 kcal29288 J
8 kcal33472 J
9 kcal37656 J
10 kcal41840 J
20 kcal83680 J
30 kcal125520 J
40 kcal167360 J
50 kcal209200 J
60 kcal251040 J
70 kcal292880 J
80 kcal334720 J
90 kcal376560 J
100 kcal418400 J

kcal to J Conversion Chart

Difference Between Joule to Kilocalorie

AspectJoule (J)Kilocalorie (kcal)
DefinitionA unit of energy in the International System of Units (SI).A unit of energy often used in food energy measurement.
Conversion Factor1 Joule = 0.000239 Kilocalories1 Kilocalorie = 4184 Joules
UsageCommonly used in physics and engineering.Commonly used in nutrition and food science.
Measurement ContextMeasures energy in physical processes.Measures energy in food and biological contexts.
Common ApplicationUsed to quantify work, heat, and energy transfer.Used to indicate the energy content of food.
ScaleSmaller unit suitable for detailed scientific calculations.Larger unit, more practical for dietary energy representation.
OriginNamed after James Prescott Joule, an English physicist.Derived from the calorie, with “kilo” indicating 1000 calories.

1. Solved Examples on Converting Joule to Kilocalorie

Example 1:

Convert 1000 joules to kilocalories.

Kilocalories = Joules/4184

Kilocalories =1000/4184 = 0.239 kcal

Example 2:

Convert 2500 joules to kilocalories.

Kilocalories = 2500/4184 = 0.598 kcal

Example 3:

Convert 7500 joules to kilocalories.

Kilocalories = 7500/4184 = 1.793 kcal

Example 4:

Convert 12000 joules to kilocalories.

Kilocalories = 12000/4184 = 2.869 kcal

Example 5:

Convert 50000 joules to kilocalories.

Kilocalories = 50000/4184 = 11.958 kcal

2. Solved Examples on Converting Kilocalorie to Joule

Example 1:

Convert 1 kilocalorie to joules.

Joules = Kilocalories×4184

Joules = 1×4184 = 4184 J

Example 2:

Convert 5 kilocalories to joules.

Joules = 5×4184 = 20920 J

Example 3:

Convert 10 kilocalories to joules.

Joules = 10×4184 = 41840 J

Example 4:

Convert 25 kilocalories to joules.

Joules = 25×4184 = 104600 J

Example 5:

Convert 50 kilocalories to joules.

Joules = 50×4184 = 209200 J

Why do we need to convert joules to kilocalories?

Converting joules to kilocalories is useful in contexts like nutrition and food science, where energy content is often expressed in kilocalories rather than joules.

Is 1 joule equal to 1 kilocalorie?

No, 1 joule is not equal to 1 kilocalorie. 1 joule is much smaller and is equal to approximately 0.000239 kilocalories.

Can I use joules and kilocalories interchangeably?

While joules and kilocalories both measure energy, they are not interchangeable without conversion because 1 kilocalorie equals 4184 joules. The appropriate unit depends on the context—kilocalories are commonly used in nutrition, while joules are used in scientific and engineering contexts.

Is the energy content on food labels in joules or kilocalories?

The energy content on food labels is usually expressed in kilocalories (kcal). In some regions, it may also be listed in joules (J).

Why do we use kilocalories in nutrition instead of joules?

Kilocalories are used in nutrition because they are more practical for expressing the large amounts of energy contained in food. Joules are much smaller units, making the numbers less convenient to use.