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Kilogram to Stone

Formula: Mass in Stone (st) = Mass in Kilogram (kg) × 6.35029


Stone to Kilogram

Formula: Mass in Kilogram(kg) = Mass in Stone (st) × 0.157473


Mass Converters to Kilogram (kg)

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Mass Converters to Stone (s)

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Conversion Factors:

  • Kilograms to Stones: 1 kilogram = 0.157473 stones
  • Stones to Kilograms: 1 stone = 6.35029 kilograms

How to Convert Kilograms to Stones:

To convert kilograms to stones, multiply the number of kilograms by 0.157473.


Example: Convert 70 kilograms to stones.

Stones=70×0.157473=11.0231 stones

How to Convert Stones to Kilograms:

To convert stones to kilograms, multiply the number of stones by 6.35029.


Example: Convert 3 stones to kilograms.

Kilograms=3×6.35029=19.05087 kilograms

Kilograms to Stones Conversion Table

Kilograms (kg)Stones (st)
1 kg0.1575 st
2 kg0.3149 st
3 kg0.4724 st
4 kg0.6299 st
5 kg0.7874 st
6 kg0.9449 st
7 kg1.1024 st
8 kg1.2598 st
9 kg1.4173 st
10 kg1.5747 st
20 kg3.1495 st
30 kg4.7242 st
40 kg6.2989 st
50 kg7.8737 st
60 kg9.4484 st
70 kg11.0231 st
80 kg12.5978 st
90 kg14.1725 st
100 kg15.7473 st

kg to st Conversion Chart

Stones to Kilograms Conversion Table

Stones (st)Kilograms (kg)
1 st6.3503 kg
2 st12.7006 kg
3 st19.0509 kg
4 st25.4012 kg
5 st31.7515 kg
6 st38.1018 kg
7 st44.4521 kg
8 st50.8024 kg
9 st57.1527 kg
10 st63.5030 kg
20 st127.0060 kg
30 st190.5090 kg
40 st254.0120 kg
50 st317.5150 kg
60 st381.0180 kg
70 st444.5210 kg
80 st508.0240 kg
90 st571.5270 kg
100 st635.0300 kg

st to kg Conversion Chart

Differences Between Kilograms to Stones

AspectKilogram (kg)Stone (st)
DefinitionA unit of mass in the metric systemA unit of mass used in the imperial system
OriginIntroduced in France in 1795Historically used in England
Metric Conversion1 kilogram = 0.157473 stones1 stone = 6.35029 kilograms
Common UseWorldwide (except for a few countries)Primarily used in the UK and Ireland
PrecisionMore precise for scientific measurementsLess precise, often used for body weight
SubdivisionsDivided into grams (1 kg = 1000 g)Not typically subdivided
Weight CategoriesUsed for various weight categories, including groceries, body weight, industrial measurementsPrimarily used for body weight and livestock

1. Solved Examples on Converting Kilograms to Stones

Example 1

Problem: Convert 50 kilograms to stones.

Solution: Stones=50×0.157473=7.8737 stones

50 kilograms is approximately 7.8737 stones.

Example 2

Problem: Convert 70 kilograms to stones.

Solution: Stones=70×0.157473=11.0231 stones

70 kilograms is approximately 11.0231 stones.

Example 3

Problem: Convert 30 kilograms to stones.

Solution: Stones=30×0.157473=4.7242 stones

30 kilograms is approximately 4.7242 stones.

Example 4

Problem: Convert 90 kilograms to stones.

Solution: Stones=90×0.157473=14.1725 stones

90 kilograms is approximately 14.1725 stones.

Example 5

Problem: Convert 100 kilograms to stones.

Solution: Stones=100×0.157473=15.7473 stones

100 kilograms is approximately 15.7473 stones.

2. Solved Examples on Converting Stones to Kilograms

Example 1

Problem: Convert 5 stones to kilograms.

Solution: Kilograms=5×6.35029=31.75145

5 stones is approximately 31.7515 kilograms.

Example 2

Problem: Convert 8 stones to kilograms.

Solution: Kilograms=8×6.35029=50.80232

8 stones is approximately 50.8023 kilograms.

Example 3

Problem: Convert 12 stones to kilograms.

Solution: Kilograms=12×6.35029=76.20348

12 stones is approximately 76.2035 kilograms.

Example 4

Problem: Convert 15 stones to kilograms.

Solution: Kilograms=15×6.35029=95.25435

15 stones is approximately 95.2544 kilograms.

Example 5

Problem: Convert 20 stones to kilograms.

Solution: Kilograms=20×6.35029=127.0058

20 stones is approximately 127.0058 kilograms.

How accurate is the conversion from kilograms to stones?

The conversion factor of 0.157473 is very accurate for practical purposes. It is based on the precise relationship between kilograms and stones, where 1 stone is exactly 6.35029 kilograms.

What are the common uses for converting kilograms to stones?

Converting kilograms to stones is commonly used in the UK and Ireland for measuring body weight. It is also used in some contexts for weighing livestock.

Is there an easy way to remember the conversion factor?

One way to remember the conversion factor is to note that 1 kilogram is approximately one-sixth of a stone (0.1575 is close to 1/6).

Why do different countries use different weight measurement units?

Different countries use different measurement systems due to historical and cultural reasons. The metric system (kilograms) is widely used globally, while the imperial system (stones) is still used in some countries like the UK and Ireland.

Are there tools or apps available for converting kilograms to stones?

Yes, many tools and apps are available for converting kilograms to stones, including online calculators, smartphone apps, and conversion charts.

Is the conversion from kilograms to stones linear?

Yes, the conversion from kilograms to stones is linear. This means you can use the same conversion factor (0.157473) regardless of the weight being converted.

Can I use an online calculator for converting kilograms to stones?

Yes, many online calculators are available that can quickly and accurately convert kilograms to stones. Simply input the number of kilograms, and the calculator will provide the equivalent weight in stones.