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US Therm to ft-lb

Formula: Energy in Foot-pounds (ft-lb) = Energy in US Therms x 7781693.3

US Therm :

Foot-pound :

US ThermsFoot-pounds

ft-lb to US Therm

Formula: Energy in US Therms = Energy in Foot-pounds (ft-lb) ÷ 7781693.3

Foot-pound :

US Therm :

Foot-poundsUS Therms

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Conversion Factors:

  • US Therm to Foot-pound: 1 US Therm = 778,169.3 foot-pounds
  • Foot-pound to US Therm: 1 foot-pound = 1 / 778,169.3 US Therm

How to Convert US Therm to Foot-pound:

To convert US Therm to foot-pounds, multiply the number of US Therm by 778,169.3.

Foot-pound=US Therm×778,169.3

Example: Convert 2 US Therms to foot-pounds.

Foot-pound=2×778,169.3=1,556,338.6 ft-lb

How to Convert Foot-pound to US Therm:

To convert foot-pounds to US Therm, divide the number of foot-pounds by 778,169.3.

US Therm=Foot-pound/778,169.3

Example: Convert 3,000,000 foot-pounds to US Therm.

US Therm=3,000,000/778,169.3=3.855 US Therm

US Therm to Foot-pound Conversion Table

US ThermFoot-pounds
1 US Therm7.78e+7 ft-lb
2 US Therm1.556e+8 ft-lb
3 US Therm2.334e+8 ft-lb
4 US Therm3.112e+8 ft-lb
5 US Therm3.89e+8 ft-lb
6 US Therm4.668e+8 ft-lb
7 US Therm5.446e+8 ft-lb
8 US Therm6.224e+8 ft-lb
9 US Therm7.002e+8 ft-lb
10 US Therm7.78e+8 ft-lb
20 US Therm1.556e+9 ft-lb
30 US Therm2.334e+9 ft-lb
40 US Therm3.112e+9 ft-lb
50 US Therm3.89e+9 ft-lb
60 US Therm4.668e+9 ft-lb
70 US Therm5.446e+9 ft-lb
80 US Therm6.224e+9 ft-lb
90 US Therm7.002e+9 ft-lb
100 US Therm7.78e+9 ft-lb

us therm to ft-lb Conversion Chart

Foot-pound to US Therm Conversion Table

Foot-pounds (ft-lb)US Therms
1 ft-lb1.2854e-8 US therms
2 ft-lb2.5708e-8 US therms
3 ft-lb3.8562e-8 US therms
4 ft-lb5.1416e-8 US therms
5 ft-lb6.427e-8 US therms
6 ft-lb7.7124e-8 US therms
7 ft-lb8.9978e-8 US therms
8 ft-lb1.02832e-7 US therms
9 ft-lb1.15686e-7 US therms
10 ft-lb1.2854e-7 US therms
20 ft-lb2.5708e-7 US therms
30 ft-lb3.8562e-7 US therms
40 ft-lb5.1416e-7 US therms
50 ft-lb6.427e-7 US therms
60 ft-lb7.7124e-7 US therms
70 ft-lb8.9978e-7 US therms
80 ft-lb1.02832e-6 US therms
90 ft-lb1.15686e-6 US therms
100 ft-lb1.2854e-6 US therms

ft-lb to us therm Conversion Chart

Difference Between US Therm to Foot-pound

AspectUS ThermsFoot-pounds
DefinitionA unit of heat energy commonly used to measure natural gas consumption.A unit of work or energy in the engineering and mechanical fields.
UsagePrimarily used in the energy industry for measuring and billing natural gas.Used in mechanical and engineering contexts to measure work, torque, and energy.
MagnitudeLarger unit of energy suitable for practical applications in energy consumption.Smaller unit of energy suitable for mechanical and physical work calculations.
Conversion Factor1 US therm = 105,505,600 foot-pounds1 foot-pound = 1.2854e-8 US therms
Measurement ContextCommonly used to track and bill energy consumption in households and industries.Commonly used to calculate mechanical work, torque, and energy in physical systems.
Scientific RelevanceImportant for understanding and managing energy usage and efficiency in heating systems.Important for understanding and designing mechanical systems, engines, and structures.
Energy ScaleMacroscopic, practical energy scale suitable for large-scale energy measurements.Microscopic energy scale suitable for detailed mechanical work calculations.
Field of ApplicationEnergy and utility sectors, particularly in heating and natural gas usage.Mechanical engineering, physics, and applied mechanics.

1. Solved Examples on Converting US Therm to Foot-pound

Example 1:

Convert 1 US therm to foot-pounds.


Result: 1 US therm = 778,169.3 foot-pounds

Example 2:

Convert 5 US therms to foot-pounds.


Result: 5 US therms = 3,890,846.5 foot-pounds

Example 3:

Convert 10 US therms to foot-pounds.


Result: 10 US therms = 7,781,693 foot-pounds

Example 4:

Convert 20 US therms to foot-pounds.


Result: 20 US therms = 15,563,386 foot-pounds

Example 5:

Convert 50 US therms to foot-pounds.


Result: 50 US therms = 38,908,465 foot-pounds

2. Solved Examples on Converting Foot-pound to US Therm

Example 1:

Convert 1,000,000 foot-pounds to US therms.

US Therms=1,000,000/778,169.3=1.2854

Result: 1,000,000 foot-pounds = 1.2854 US therms

Example 2:

Convert 5,000,000 foot-pounds to US therms.

US Therms=5,000,000/778,169.3=6.427

Result: 5,000,000 foot-pounds = 6.427 US therms

Example 3:

Convert 10,000,000 foot-pounds to US therms.

US Therms=10,000,000/778,169.3=12.854

Result: 10,000,000 foot-pounds = 12.854 US therms

Example 4:

Convert 20,000,000 foot-pounds to US therms.

US Therms=20,000,000/778,169.3=25.708

Result: 20,000,000 foot-pounds = 25.708 US therms

Example 5:

Convert 50,000,000 foot-pounds to US therms.

US Therms=50,000,000/778,169.3=64.27

Result: 50,000,000 foot-pounds = 64.27 US therms

How accurate is the conversion between US therms and foot-pounds?

The conversion is accurate based on the defined conversion factor (1 US therm = 778,169.3 foot-pounds). Ensure calculations are done with appropriate precision for your specific needs.

Why is it important to understand the conversion between US therms and foot-pounds?

Understanding this conversion is important for engineers and professionals who work with different units of energy. It helps in translating energy measurements from one context to another.

Are there tools available to help with this conversion?

Yes, there are many online tools and calculators that can help you convert between US therms and foot-pounds. These tools can simplify the process and ensure accuracy.

What are some practical applications of US therm measurements?

US therms are used to measure the energy content of natural gas, which is important for billing, tracking energy consumption, and managing energy efficiency in heating systems.

Can I convert fractional US therms to foot-pounds?

Yes, you can convert fractional US therms to foot-pounds by using the same formula.

For example, to convert 0.5 US therms to foot-pounds:


So, 0.5 US therms is approximately 389,084.65 foot-pounds.