10+ Ways ChatGPT can Help with Essays Examples

There are many ways people can use ChatGPT to help out with their projects and work that will not only improve the quality but will also make them efficient. When writing essays it is important to know the full context, themes, tones, elements, and characteristics of their chosen topic. It is also important to note that the person should only use ChatGPT as a tool and not as a surrogate or stand-in for a writer, due to various nuances and personalizations that ChatGPT will not be able to simulate.

1. Essays About the Farming Industry

A writer can use ChatGPT to help explore various concepts and tools in the farming industry. For example, a person can prompt ChatGPT with “Can you provide me the names and descriptions of tools and vehicles grain farmers use?” Just be sure to have a little bit of knowledge or context about the farming industry as ChatGPT can produce misinformation or untrue data.

2. Essays About Robotics

People can use ChatGPT to help them write essays on the topic of robotics. ChatGPT’s range of topics on robotics is only limited to the articles, books, dialogues, and videos available on the internet. For example, curious people can ask ChatGPT about the basic theories that are functionally fundamental in the scope of robotics.

3. Essays About the Future of the World

ChatGPT can act as a very useful search engine that can help people learn more about various countries around the world. People can use ChatGPT to also gauge the various significant events that occur in the world. For example, a person can prompt ChatGPT with ”Give me a rundown of the economic status of Switzerland.”

4. Essays About Medicine and Diseases

ChatGPT can help people learn more about sicknesses and medicines. A person can also use ChatGPT to learn more about cells and other scientific methods, and theories related to adjacent to health.  For example, a person can prompt ChatGPT to learn more about barbiturates. Just note, ChatGPT should not act as a doctor and any complex and significant health concerns should be met with a doctor.

5. Essays About Artificial Intelligence and Security Issues

Essays can be very hard to make, mostly when it is about complex and complicated subjects. People can use ChatGPT to learn more about artificial intelligence and the security issues that are present in the current state of artificial intelligence. A person can prompt ChatGPT with “Can you provide me with a list of current security issues of artificial intelligence.”

6. Essays Talking About the Practicality of Artificial Intelligence in Life

Sometimes it is very hard to understand and know the practicality of artificial intelligence in a person’s or individual’s life. ChatGPT can help people understand more about this concept of artificial intelligence. A curious person can prompt ChatGPT with “Can you provide me with a bulleted list of the practicality of artificial intelligence on a person’s life?”

7. Essays About Artificial Intelligence and Its Relationship with Innovative Technologies

People can ask ChatGPT to help them understand the relationship between artificial intelligence and innovative technologies. A person can ask ChatGPT for examples of how artificial intelligence have impacted modern innovative technological breakthroughs. Not only that but a person can also prompt ChatGPT about the relationship between AI and disruptive innovations.

8. Essays About Artificial Intelligence in the Financial Services Sector

Artificial intelligence has a lot of interactions and integrations in the financial service sectors. When making essays about the relationship between both concepts, ChatGPT can help break down elements of the concepts and allows the person to properly write their essay. A person can prompt ChatGPT to expound on the relationship between AI and the financial service sector.

9. Psychology Essays About Cognitive Functions

Cognition is an objective and subjective part of Psychology. This means that people have a variety of explanations and experiences that will make writing essays about these very complex and complicated tasks. One can obtain objective data from ChatGPT to help provide a solid foundation for one’s essay about cognitive functions.

10. Essays About the Classification of Eye Cancer

Eye cancer is a very dangerous and serious illness that people can contract sometime in their life. When writing an essay about eye cancer and its classification it is important to understand the basic foundation and scientific knowledge about this disease. One can use ChatGPT to help break down the elements of the classification of eye cancer.

11. Essays About How Artificial Intelligence Software Saves Time

If a person will need to write or create an essay about the effect of AI on efficiency and time-saving, then they can opt to utilize ChatGPT to help them in this effort. People can prompt ChatGPT with “Can you explain how AI or automation helps in reducing wasted time and effort?” 

What Is ChatGPT and How Does it Help with Essay Writing?

OpenAI created and developed an AI chatbot, called ChatGPT, that can give detailed responses to various prompts people have sent or written to the AI. ChatGPT can produce information that the AI can further break down into simple elements that will help the person understand various contexts and nuances of a specified subject or subject matter. This will allow the person to absorb all the information and write a high-quality essay.

How to Use ChatGPT to Enhance or Improve One’s Essay

If a person properly uses ChatGPT as a writing tool that can help aid in information and proofreading, then the person’s essay is guaranteed to convey and communicate the information the writer wants to provide. This means that a person shouldn’t let ChatGPT create their essays and instead use AI to augment their content.

Step 1: Choose a Topic

Begin by choosing the topic of the essay you want to create or write. After you have chosen a specific topic, you must research the specific parts of the topic you want your essay to tackle. You can use ChatGPT to help provide information about the topic, just be sure to double-check the information the AI will give you.

Step 2: Use ChatGPT to Help Write an Essay Outline

You can either opt to use ChatGPT to provide you with an essay outline or outline format, or to write one of your own. Either way, the outline will provide you with a structure and pacing, which will guide you through the essay-writing process.

Step 3: Write the Essay

Start by writing the essay by using the outline as a reference for the contents of each paragraph in the text. Be sure to properly create an introduction paragraph, body, and conclusion for your essay. This structure will not only ensure you will get your point across to the reader, but it will also allow the text to be seamlessly read.

Step 4: Let ChatGPT Proofread the Content of the Essay

After you have written your essay you can let ChatGPT proofread the content of your essay and objectively edit any grammatical or spelling errors in the text. You can alternatively let someone else help read and proofread your work to ensure that there are no errors or mistakes in the essay.


Can ChatGPT create an essay for me?

Yes, ChatGPT can technically write an essay for you, but this does not mean you should. The information ChatGPT presents to you is pooled from a variety of sources that may or may not be true. Not only that but essays are also meant to provide insight or an overview of the person’s perspective and knowledge on the topic. This means letting ChatGPT create an essay will undermine the whole purpose of the text.

Why should I double-check the information ChatGPT provides?

The information ChatGPT provides can simply be untrue or may miss the point of the person providing the prompt. This means that if the person does not know or have basic knowledge of the subject or topic, then the person will just blindly agree with the information ChatGPT presents and may spread misinformation. This could lead to dangerous situations and may result in injuries and the like.

Can ChatGPT recognize texts it has written?

Yes, ChatGPT can recognize and know the various texts and paragraphs it has written. This means people can copy and paste the text into ChatGPT and ask if the AI can determine if it has written the said text. 

Essays are long texts or paragraphs that explain a person’s understanding and perspective of a specific thing or topic. The essay-writing process takes a long time and will require the person to first understand the topic in the first place. Therefore a person can use CHatGPT to help write or create essays that are high in quality.

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