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Car owners know that when it comes to car parks, there are a lot of pros and cons to it. Even companies who rent or own buildings without any car park know that it could be a huge problem for their employees to find a spot or a place to park their vehicles. This is often the case and issue for a lot of employees in general. A lot of companies often ask those places that they would rent out or a different place that is nearer that may have a huge space to use for car parks. Of course for that to happen, the owner of the land or space and the tenant would have to have at least a written and a verbal agreement between them. With that, let’s head on down to get to know what is a car park rental agreement and what do you expect in this type of agreement

3+ Car Park Rental Agreement Examples

1. Car Park Rental Agreement Template

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3. Car Park Rental Lease Agreement

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What Is a Car Park Rental Agreement?

A car park rental agreement is an agreement between the owner of a piece of land or a parking space and the tenant who may as well be an individual, a company, a business owner or a company who plans on renting out the space in order to use it for parking space for their employees. Just like any kind of agreement, the car park rental agreement also has its own terms and conditions that the lessee needs to follow in order for them to be able to use the land or the space for their employees to park in. In addition to that, a car park rental agreement is used as a way to make sure that both parties are in full written and verbally agreed to the terms and conditions and to what extent the agreement may give them.

How to Write a Car Park Rental Agreement?

Car parking agreements can be tricky. But what you should also know is that there are some things in an ordinary agreement that can be used in a car parking agreement as well. Stop stressing over what to write. Start looking at the following steps right now.

1. Date, Name of Parties and Address

The date, the name and complete address of both parties should be stated in plain and clear sight in the agreement. The complete names of both parties should not be abbreviated in any way that may confuse the other party.

2. Terms and Conditions of Agreement

Specify your terms and conditions of the agreement. Make sure to use terms that are both common and easy to understand over the course of the agreement.

3. Specify for Long Term or Short Term

Don’t forget to state how long or short, permanent or temporary the car park rental would be. As much as possible, place the date and the year the agreement will start and when it will end. This is to avoid any issues and misunderstandings with the other party.

4. Signature and Date of Parties

Signatures and date of parties should be found at the end of the rental agreement. Just like any other ordinary type of agreement the signatures and dates of parties are found below. Other agreements may even have a notary from a lawyer.

5. Proofread the Entire Agreement

Before anything else, always proofread the entire document. Make sure that the signatures, the dates and of course the names of all parties are present. The fact that what has been discussed between the parties have also been placed in the agreement. When all of that is fully understood, and proofreading is done, you may now print out a copy for the other party.


What is a car park rental agreement?

A car park rental agreement is a document that binds two or more parties to the agreement. The agreement consists of the important details that are being discussed and agreed on by all parties present.

What use does a car park rental agreement have?

The whole purpose of a car park rental agreement is to ensure that permission was granted. In the form of a written agreement between two or more parties.

Who writes the agreement?

The main person who often or almost always writes these kinds of agreements are the people who agree to rent out the place or are asking to rent out the place. It actually depends on both parties as there are some who would volunteer to write down the agreement.

Renting out space to get your employees to park can be tricky. As there are some cases wherein you may not least expect it that another or an outside party would take the opportunity and the initiative to park there. This is why, not only is it part of you as the lessee to state who parks here, it should also be a part of the agreement that only people or parties of the company are allowed.

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