5 Year Career Development Plan

Everyone has their own goals in life. Whether they plan on achieving it or not is based solely on them. When you are given the opportunity to grow your personal or professional career within the span of five years, some people may see this as a possibility, or something impossible to do. How you may see this opportunity will be based solely on how much you want it to happen and what you are willing to do in order to get there.  Many people may say or may quote that if opportunity does not come knocking, build a door. It is the same with your career development. If you suspect that there is nothing there that can give you any growth, seek out a way that it can. Make a plan to help you grow your career. With that being said, take a look at these examples of a five year career development plan. 

3+ 5 Year Career Development Plan Examples

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Five Year Career Development Plan Template
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2. Sample Five Year Career Development Plan

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What Is a 5 Year Career Development Plan?

We know that in order for your career to develop, you will need a career timeline and a career plan to make it work. An example for that is a five year career development plan. A five year development plan as the term itself is a kind of specific and strategic plan that helps you find ways on developing your career in a span of five years. 

This development plan revolves around solutions and strategies that help you develop your career. Since it is not as easy to make your career work or easy to make your career grow, writing down a development plan helps you find your way. Think of this as a road map to growing the career you choose. As the development plan helps you seek out the best path to take to avoid risks and to avoid issues while you grow professionally. 

How to Make a 5 Year Career Development Plan

When you want to make a career development plan, many people may suggest you start from scratch. This is good advice to take but it will also take more than just that. It will take understanding of your profession, of your career, and whether it is for personal growth, professional growth or both. With that being said, here are simple steps to making a 5 year career development plan.

1. Get To Know What You Want of Your Career

The first thing that you can do when you write your development plan is to think about or to do your research about your career. Everyone wants something out of their career, and for them to develop or to grow from it, they must first understand what they need from it. It is okay to doubt yourself at the beginning, especially when you do not know where to begin with your development, but always trust the process. Understanding your career will help you understand the development of your plans as well.

2. List the Goals and Objectives of Your Development Plan

It is said that everyone has their own goals and their own objectives that they plan out in order to attain or achieve something. It is the same as your development plan. The next thing you can do about it is to list your goals and the objectives behind it. You may ask yourself some questions, and the answers will be in the form of your doing. Listing your goals and objectives will also have to do with your timeline. Making sure that your timeline fits what you have made.

3. Redefine Your Advantages and Disadvantages

Did you know that you can also do a career assessment while making your development plan? If you are wondering how, the answer is through your strengths and weaknesses. What are your strengths and your weaknesses? Getting to know your strengths and your weaknesses is important in maintaining a development in your career choice. Listing them down helps in narrowing what you can do which will also affect your timeline in a good way, and what you cannot do but you can improve on. Remember this is within a five year course run. What you can do with your time will depend on your strengths and your weaknesses.

4. Write Down the Steps You Are Willing to Take

Lastly, write down the steps you are going to be making. These steps are going to be the helping hand for you to develop the career you are going to be taking. In addition to that, these steps will also be the ones that will guide you to which path to walk through, especially ones with less issues, risks and roadblocks.


What is a 5 year career development plan?

A 5 year career development plan is a kind of action plan that you write in order for you to be able to find a route to grow your career. Whether this career is a personal or professional one. In a timeline and span of five years.

How can a career development plan help?

A career development plan helps by giving you a guide to making your career grow.

How long is a career development plan going to be?

The length of the pages of your career development plan may differ. This will depend on how much you are going to be putting, how much you are willing to write about and of course how much strategies and options you give yourself.

Whether or not you believe that you can achieve something or develop your career within the span of five years depends solely on you. How you are going to achieve it will also be based on patience, luck, guidance and how you write your plan.

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