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A certificate of participation signifies than an individual has taken part in an event or an activity. It contains the basic information found in standard certification templates. This is also used to acknowledge individuals who took part in a competition but failed to earn the winning title. It’s a way to recognize individuals for their time and effort exerted.

This type of award certificate also helps boost an individual’s self esteem. It makes them feel as if their efforts are still appreciated despite the circumstances. These free certificates are easy to make but hold so much value to its recipients.

Football Participation Certificate

Sample Participation Certificate

Soccer Participation Certificate

Participation Award Certificate

How to Make a Participation Certificate

A participation certificate is the perfect way to award every individual involved in an event regardless of who may have excelled. This is just one of many certificate examples being handed to those who deserve recognition. A participation certificate is simple to make, it must contain basic details and a recipient’s necessary information. Here’s how you can make a good participation certificate:

  • Brand it. It could be the name of the organization or the institution that organized the event. This could be a form of promotion or to simply establish the certificate’s credibility.
  • State its purpose. There must be a reason why the recipient was eligible to receive the certificate. It could be expressed in a short and concise statement.
  • Properly spell the recipient’s name. If you’re going to award certificate someone with a certificate, it’s good to include their names. Make sure the name is spelled correctly. There’s nothing more insulting than your name being misspelled and then printed.
  • Include a signature. Aside from the event organizer’s name, a signature will also express integrity.
  • In terms of design, it doesn’t need to be bold and colorful. A simple design would consist of muted colors and complimentary fonts.

Workshop Participation Certificate

Sports Participation Certificate

Blank Certificate of Participation

Event Participation Certificate

Participation Gift Certificate

School Participation Certificate

Why We Need Participation Certificates

A certificate of participation is awarded to individuals that take part in an activity, an event, a training session, or even a tournament. It gives the holder a sense of pride and fulfillment. Sometimes these certificates examples can serve as an evidence and a positive reminder for your effort. A participation certificate may also serve differently than the average award certificate. In financing, this legal document indicates a purchase made by an investor for a share of lease revenues.

Despite its purpose, a certificate of participation ensures that everyone is recognized for taking part. It becomes a physical representation of one’s commitment. Even when one doesn’t give much care and importance to the certificate, it could still serve as a good memento.

The certificate’s design should also be taken into consideration. If it’s meant to be framed or kept as a souvenir, it should at least be worth keeping. A clean layout with creative borders and proper spacing and lining will come in hand. It’s not an absolute necessity but it will make the certificate feel like an actual reward. Even then, there are tons of modern certificates available where a person would only need to fill in the necessary information and text without having to worry about the design anymore.

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