How to Showcase Certifications on Resume

What Does “Certification” Mean on Resume?

A list of certification in your resume means that you have the skills and qualifications to get the position you applied for. The certificates examples that are listed on your resume proves that you have completed a task, program or education that is crucial to the job you are applying for.

The Importance of Certifications in a Resume

When you have a list of certifications on your resume, it means that you are qualified to perform or work the job you applied for. When you have a modern certificate that coincides with the job you applied for, you will be most likely to be accepted since you have the qualifications to do the job.

How to List Your Certifications on a Resume

If you have a lot of certificates that you think is crucial in the job you are applying for then the best way to showcase that is to list all your certification in your resume.

However, just because you have lots of certificates, you just have put that everything on your resume without organizing or arranging it.

That is just wrong.

It is important that you know where or when you put a particular certificate on your resume. To assist you, here’s how to list your certifications on your resume.

  • Create a section on your resume that is only designed for the certificates. You can put the section after your educational background, that way it, the transition from educational background to certificate section will be smooth. Do not put your certificate before your educational background.
  • Provide a heading on the section where you will list your certificates. That way it will be noticed by the employer. A simple “Certificates” heading is enough.
  • High-demand certificates first. Place the award certificate and training certificate first which you think is essential for the job.
  • List your other certificates in a reverse-chronological order. List the certificate from the time when you obtained them, from latest to earlier.

How to Write a Summary of Qualifications for a Resume

A summary of qualifications is a summary where you highlights your talents and skills. It should correspond to your objectives and the job qualifications. Your summary of qualifications should be good enough to sell yourself to the employees so that the employees would give a job offer.

The summary of qualifications in your resume should include the following.

  • The number of years where you professionally work in your area expertise. You should first point out how many years you have worked as professional in your area of expertise and the things you achieve within that year. With these, you are more likely to nab an interview since on the first place you have enough work experience in a particular job
  • The degrees you have earned. You should also include the degrees you have earned that relates to the job you are applying for.
  • Your skills. Include all the skills that you think is crucial in performing and perfecting the job.
  • Your license or certificates. Include all your certificates such as a certificate of completion, certificate of achievement, certificate of participation, and so on. If you have a license and certificates, then it means that you are more than qualified to perform a job professionally

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