HR Certifications

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

HR Certifications

Certificates are awarded to individuals for their exceptional performance in certification of competition , training programs, and the like. This serves as a formal evidence that you have successfully reached or exceeded a particular standard.

There are award certificates, training certificates, sports certificates, and even participation certificates. However, certifications go beyond school corridors and office walls. Even as professionals, people work hard to receive the certification that they truly deserve.

Employers look to what an employee can offer them. For HR positions, we need to keep in mind that they will be dealing with people. They need to possess strong communication and interpersonal skills to be able to appropriately interact with others.

An HR’s job can also be quite hectic. They must be highly organized with proper time management schedule. Furthermore, they must be trustworthy. They must be able to deal with confidential files accordingly.

Does Having a Certification Increase Salary? Do HR Employees with Certifications Get More Promotions?

This would solely depend on the company you are working at. Some companies offer additional incentives for this matter while others don’t. You may have graduated with colors, with various academic certificates and the like, but this may be disregarded once a company has their standards set.

However, there are certain certifications, such as a PHR and an SPHR, that are taken into consideration by the company. Certified HR professionals earn more than those who are not certified. Although the difference isn’t that great for junior level professionals, it is much more apparent for those in higher levels.

It’s important to take note that there may be a great difference between salaries depending on your location.

How to Get an HR Certification without Experience

If you want to get an HR certification without the minimum experience as a requirement, you are still eligible for an a PHR certificate. To acquire such modern certification, you would only need a high school diploma or its global equivalent. This is the perfect program for fresh graduates, civil service citizens, and other professionals who want a career in the field of human resources.

Do They Have a Better Opportunity at Getting a Job Than Someone without a Certification?

Companies are open to all applicants. However, most companies look into the skills and performance of an applicant rather than what’s on their resume.

This is why applicants undergo a series of tests and screenings before they are accepted into the company. After all, certificate in pdf are useless if you can’t even prove what is claimed on the certificate. It’s a sad reality that some people would attend seminars and conventions for the sake of their resumes, rather than to gain knowledge and experience.

However, recruiters will take professional certificates seriously. All you need to do is prove that you are worth of such certification.

To put it simply, certificates example will be taken into consideration by an employer. But if you are someone who can prove to perform better than one with a certificate, then your chances at getting the job will be higher.

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