Corporate Branding Design

Last Updated: May 27, 2024

Corporate Branding Design

As a corporate entity, you have the responsibility to present the business in a marketable and credible manner through the help of various branding principles. There are different businesses that thrive and compete with each other in a specific market niche. With stiff competition and observant customers, all the things that you do in your daily operations can affect how people perceive you and your brand. This is the reason why you need to ensure that people can trust your brand. You can do this by incorporating the essence of your operations to all the visual tools that you will use as a business. This is where corporate branding comes in.

Corporate branding is a common practice that businesses execute to provide an image that can represent them as a corporate entity. In comparison to product branding, corporate branding obviously has a wider scope in terms of processes, implementation, and consistent maintenance. Having a brand name that is associated with a variety of branding practices can help a business be more memorable and trustworthy. Get inspiration from the corporate branding design samples that we have listed so you can think of how you can incorporate your brand into the design of your corporate materials.

Corporate Identity Design

What Is the Difference of Corporate Branding to Other Branding Activities?

There are a lot of branding activities that are necessary to be looked into if a business really wants to achieve maximum market exposure and client retention. There are a lot of successful branding tips that can only work if you are aware of the purpose of your branding activities. Corporate branding is different from any other branding activities in consideration of these instances:

  • Compared to product branding, corporate branding is not only focused on the product offers of the business. Product branding mainly revolves around the entire product lifecycle but corporate branding is more than that. Corporate branding assists how these products are marketed as well as how the entire brand can be presented in effective ways. Product branding and corporate branding should work cohesively as there should be a connection between the impression that a business would like to create and the items that clients or customers can expect from them.
  • Unlike service branding that deals with customer experience, quality transactions, and client satisfaction;  corporate branding taps the connection of the company to a broader audience. Corporate branding, though also includes proper service implementation, rely not only on the performance of the workforce but also on how all branding materials affect the services that different stakeholders can expect from the business.

Since other types of branding activities are too general, in the case of ethical branding and global branding, the above-mentioned branding activities compared to corporate branding can best be used as a reference when identifying how the latter can affect the business in a unique manner. Take note that even if there are differences in these branding activities, they actually work hand-in-hand especially during processes where various branding activities are necessary to be combined to achieve a corporate goal or objective.

Simple Brand Book Guidelines

Corporate Brand Identity Template

Corporate Brand Identity Template

Impacts of Corporate Branding

Strong branding for small businesses and corporations can impact their operations a lot. The processes of corporate branding include different business touch points. It does not focus on a particular name, activity, process, image or mark. With the variety of branding undertakings that are involved in corporate branding, there are different impacts that can be experienced by stakeholders, and the business itself, which includes the following:

  • Corporate branding can make the employees more aware of how to present the business to clients. This is very important as the workforce needs to be immersed in the brand. Appreciation of who the company truly is can make employees value the business and its operations. This can result to productivity and work process efficiency. More so, you may experience higher applications for employment as work candidates can be drawn even more to your business through great corporate branding.
  • Corporate branding can affect the way customers evaluate the products and services of the business. People do not only focus on the quality of the items that they will purchase or acquire. They also think of how other people will perceive their connection to a particular business. If your corporate branding is trustworthy and presented impressively, then more people can see that you put a lot of time and effort in terms of visually presenting your offers.
  • Corporate branding can ensure investors that the business is in good light and that their investments has high potentials of not being wasted. If the business can implement appropriate corporate branding that can attract more customers, the better the result will be to investors especially in terms of return on investments.
  • Corporate branding allows the existence of precise brand presentation that will appeal not only to your current customers but also to your prospective clients and other businesses. This can impact your corporate identity and the business culture that you are promoting. With this, you can easily offer or ask for sponsorship, brand deals, business-to-business transactions and the like.

Corporate Branding Stationery Design Mock-up

Professional Corporate Brand Identity

Corporate Branding Relational Touch Points

Corporate branding is more than the corporate logo used by the business. As discussed above, corporate branding deals with how the business can appeal to stakeholders and the general public. Any touch points that can be the means of connection of the company to people need to include the corporate branding of the company. Businesses need to ensure that all the touch points where corporate branding will be incorporated are coherent and consistent. This will help the business achieve its objectives and goals when it comes to branding. Some of the touch points that are necessary to be looked into by companies when creating or developing their corporate branding are listed below.

  • The kind of customer service that that business provides. When we say touch points, it is not only the visuals that the people see. It also includes the emotions that stakeholders can feel when they transact with the business. This is the reason why customer services is necessary to always be at its best. Even if you can present impressive visuals but could not provide satisfaction to customers, then it will be hard to promote the corporate brand that you are aiming to project.
  • The training programs that are given to employees. Corporate branding relies a lot to the employees of the business. Especially in the service and hospitality industries, the front lines of businesses are the main touch points of the clients. You need to make sure that you will hire employees who can represent the brand accordingly. Hiring effective brand ambassadors can help you present and market your corporate brand even more.
  • The treatment of the business to its stakeholders. All the stakeholders of the business need to be aware of the corporate brand of the company. These stakeholders include suppliers, current and prospective clients, employees, investors, the management and all the people who are affected by the operations of the business. The more entities that become knowledgeable of the corporate brand of the business, the more effective the corporate branding activities will be.

Corporate Branding Identity Tools

Corporate Identity Design Guide

Corporate Branding Visual Touch Points

Aside from the corporate branding touch points specified above, there are also visual touch points that are needed to be considered. The samples that are put together in this post are only some of the visual touch points that are used by companies to communicate and/or connect to its stakeholders. These materials help the business have a more commanding and appealing presence not only in the marketplace but also in all the transactions where the business will be involved.

A list of common corporate branding visual touch points where you may incorporate the use of successful corporate branding tips includes the following:

  • The logo of the company. As the face of the business, the logo of the company can be used in almost all the branding, marketing and advertising materials of the business. Hence, it is important for the logo of the company to be designed with the image of the business in mind. Most people remember a business establishment through its logo. Ensure that you can create a lasting positive impact on the logo that you will incorporate your business with.
  • The business cards of the employees. The corporate business cards that you will let your employees use can be given to prospective clients and other businesses. This is the reason why business cards are necessary to be standardized with the help of corporate branding. This is the same as the case of corporate email signature usage.
  • The advertising materials used by the business. All the advertising materials of the business are considered as major visual touch points. This includes flyers, brochures, banners, website ads and online promotions. Corporate branding can be incorporated in these items through the usage of the color palettes specifically used by the business for branding, relevant images and icons that the business is known for, and the structuring of these materials based on the aesthetic of the company.
  • The stationery and other business documents that the company uses for corporate transactions. May it be a notepad, a mailing letter, or even an envelope; the brand of the business needs to be seen in materials that will be used for a variety of business transactions to ensure the consistency of the corporate brand usage and presentation.
  • The packaging of the products of the company. When speaking of the products of the company, this also includes the design of paper bags, portfolios, and other supplementary materials that are used by the business in its operations. If all of these items can be branded based on the image of the business, then it is most likely that the company can provide brand awareness to the market.

Simple Minimal Corporate Stationery for Branding

Corporate Branding Identity Templates

Corporate Branding Design Analysis

The success of your corporate branding design relies not only on its effective usage but also on the analysis that you will use to identify its strengths and weaknesses. If you will assess your corporate branding design, you can easily know whether it works or not. Hence, you can do certain measures to improve and develop it through time. Some of the things that you need to be aware of when analyzing your corporate branding design are as follows:

  • The colors that represent the business which is placed in the corporate branding design
  • The images and icons that are incorporated in corporate branding materials
  • The structure, design, and layout of business documents
  • The way that the business is presented through identity tools

When using a corporate branding design, you need to keep in mind that it should positively affect the image of the business. When conducting assessment activities with regards this matter, above-mentioned ions should also be coherent with these factors:

  • The accomplishment of the vision, goals, and objectives of the management
  • The effectiveness of the branding strategies of the company
  • The relevance of the performance of the workforce in terms of branding the service of the company
  • The reaction of external entities and stakeholders with regards the image of the brand

Corporate Brand Manual

Corporate Branding Identity Products Design Sample

Corporate Identity Stationery Pack

When thinking of the corporate identity design that you would like your business to use, you should consider all the marketing activities of the company. You need to ensure that you can appropriately deliver the message of the brand so you can build effective communication lines to the people who are involved in your operations. Always remember that consumers tend to be pickier nowadays. They already research not only about the products that they will buy but also the companies who are behind the products that they would like to purchase.

Your ability to create an effective corporate identity design can help you showcase your transparency as a corporate entity. This can also present your behavior as a company and how your actual performance plays in the marketplace. The key to achieving a corporate identity design that works is through consistent application and incorporation of your brand in all your materials and activities.

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