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Corporate logos are used by businesses in different industries to assure that they can separate their brand to those of their competitors. Along side the company’s name, it’s logo designs can serve as the company’s strength with regards to client retention and new market penetration.

Selecting a corporate logo is a very important agenda in excel as it serves as the representation of the company through the entire duration that it will be used. We have gathered a number of corporate logo samples which you may use as references and inspirations in creating the corporate logo that is appropriate to the nature of your business and is relevant to its operations.

Corporate Business Logos

3D Corporate Business Logo

Personalized Corporate Business Logo

Corporate Travel Logos

Corporate Travel Service Logo

Corporate Travel Management Logo

Unique Corporate Logos

Unique Business Corporate Logo

Unique Corporate Branding Logo

Unique Corporate Business Logo

Unique Corporate Website Logo

Creative Corporate Logos

Creative Corporate Fashion Logo

Creative Corporate Team Logo

Creative Corporate Travel Logo

Creative Corporate Event Logo

Things to Consider in Creating a Logo

If you or your team is tasked to conceptualize and create the logo of  a company, here are the printable checklist of the items that you need to consider in coming up with the design that you will present to the management who will approve it:

  • Be careful with the information  representation that you will let the logo reflect. Your logo must be attention-grabbing but it should also contain the meaning that the company would like to embody and present.
  • Make sure to think of the quality of the logo. The logo’s quality is not only measured by it’s meaning. There are also technical aspects within a quality checklist that you need to consider which includes the pixels of the logo, the colors and the color combination that you will use, and the items or symbols that you will put together to achieve the output that you would like to have.
  • Assure that the logo is visually interesting. Creating a logo should be both beneficial to the company and its target market. A  flat logo represents the clients that trust the brand as much as it reflects the operations of the company.
  • Know the purpose on why the logo is needed to be created. May it be for re-branding, presenting a new company, or providing an icon that will be attached to the name of the business; always make sure that all the people involved in the creation of the logo are well aware of what the  business logo stands for.
  • Keep in mind that the logo should be memorable. One of the usages of a logo is to maintain the interest of people with the brand where the logo is associated with. An appealing  vintage logo will allow current and prospective customers to have longer memory retention of what the brand is. This is easy to execute when they think of a logo that is memorable and easy to visualize.

Corporate Fashion Logos

Abstract Corporate Fashion Logo

Corporate Fashion Vector Logo

Corporate Company Logos

Corporate Company Vector Logo

Corporate Company Outline Logo

Free Corporate Logos

Free Corporate Business Logo

Free Corporate Company Logo

Free Corporate Photography Logo

Free 3D Corporate Logo

Corporate Event Logos

Flat Corporate Event Logo

Abstract Corporate Event Logo

Corporate Wedding Logos

Corporate Wedding Event Logo

Corporate Wedding Service Logo

Corporate Wedding Vector Logo

What Makes a Good Logo Design?

A good logo design can make a company’s image more interesting and appealing. With this, you need to make sure that the logo involved in the strategic plan that you will select for the business has the characteristics that can make it a powerful tool for marketing and business imaging.

Some of the ways that will help you identify whether the logo design that you have created is effective enough are as follows:

  • An original design. Most corporate logos are subjected to copyright as it is intended to be a symbol of a business.  This is the reason why you should make sure that the design of the logo that you will create is based on the ideals of the business mixed with the creativity of the artists and designers that the company will hire. Having a logo design that is made specifically for the business is an indication that the  company logo is special, directly related to the business, and is owned by a company.
  • Uniqueness. There are some logos which may be original but there are times that they are too much inspired by a design of another logo. These instances may be incidental though there are some that are specifically made for the brand who copied the corporate logo to get the attention of the customers of the business where the logo inspiration is initially associated with.
  • Brand Identity. A good logo must be able to accurately and properly present the brand to the market. Good logos must present the mission, vision, objectives and/or other items that make up the nature of the operations of the business and how the company likes to be perceived by the people.
  • Relevance. A good logo must pass the test of time. It should be relevant from the day that it has been created up to the future operations of the business. The reason why some companies include changing their logos in a development plan is for the logo to be aligned with the growth of the company, the people that the company serves, and the products and/or services that the business offers to customers through time.

Corporate Finance Logos

Vintage Corporate Finance Logo

New Corporate Finance Logo

Corporate Branding Logos

Corporate Event Branding

Free Corporate Branding Logo

Corporate Hotel Logos

Corporate Circle Hotel Logo

Corporate Hotel Outline Logo

Corporate Team Logos

Professional Corporate Team Logo

Minimal Corporate Team Logo

Retro Corporate Team Logo

Corporate Sticker Logo

Negative Space Corporate Logo

Black and White Corporate Logo

Corporate Apparel Logos

Corporate Apparel Logo PSD

Free Corporate Apparel Logo

Why Make a Logo?

Creating a logo is a process that should be included in a business plan. It is very important for a business or any establishment to have a logo for the following reasons:

  • Having a logo is a great way to present your business to clients. It makes the business look more formal and professional.
  • Using a logo will allow you to have an icon that you may place in your company’s training certificate, or any other documents that you need to present to the entities involved in the operations of the business.
  • The logo of your company can be used and placed on the marketing tools of other businesses where you have been a sponsor of or has been a partner. This will help you formal e-mail to have a wider market reach.
  • Making a logo can set your company on a different light with your competitors. Brand identity through the use of corporate logos can give a lot of advantages on how customers perceive the business.

If you plan to put up a business; designing, creating and using a logo is one of the things that you should prioritize. The items within this discussion has already presented you with the benefits that you can get from creating a good logo, it all depends on you now on how you would want a modern  logo to represent the business where you are currently working at.

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