Digital Marketing Business Card

Last Updated: May 9, 2024

Digital Marketing Business Card

A business card is a small card usually in the size of a passport that contains your business information like contact details, your name, and brand logo. The design of your business card is an integral part of your branding. In fact, it should be seen as your brand design’s visual extension.

In this article, we show you 7+ digital marketing card examples and templates to use for creating your business cards fast and easily. These templates have been beautifully designed, and you only need to upload your logo, choose a color scheme and provide your contact details and name and you are done creating a stunning business card. Also, look at these marketing rate card examples.

Digital Marketing Business Card Examples & Templates

1. Business Card Digital Marketing

Business Card Digital Marketing

With this business card digital marketing template, you are assured of getting the look you desire without the hassle. Just add your details to this template and you will have a professional-looking business card in a matter of minutes.

Featuring a drag-drop feature, the template enables anyone to create stunning business cards. You don’t have to be skilled in design to create your business cards. The templates are readymade and save a lot of time compared to the time it would have taken you to build your digital marketing business cards from scratch. The template can be customized to create business cards that reflect your own business and brand identity. You may also want to check out these thank you card samples.

One of the best things with this template is that it gives you total freedom over the design of your card. You can choose to edit the template in graphic files after downloading it or use the onsite editor. Because the ability to customize the design of your brand is so crucial, it’s a very big deal that this template allows you to customize your card with no friction.

The template is instantly downloadable from the internet and saves you a lot of money. You don’t have to hire a web design agency to design your business card for you. You can do it at little to no cost with this elegantly-designed template.

2. Business Card Printing Digital Marketing

Business Card Printing Digital Marketing


This professional-looking template enables you to create a good first impression on your customers. Imagine you are in the field networking and give out your cards. The type of card that you give will determine how people think of you. This template lets you create stunning business cards that will wow your potential customers.

The template is has been expertly designed, so you don’t have to be experienced in design to create beautiful business cards. In fact, you can even delegate this work to an inexperienced employee and they’ll still give you the same stunning digital marketing business cards.

If there is one thing that you should get right about your digital marketing business card, it’s the design. A good design should be beautiful, impactful and meaningful. That’s exactly what you get when you use this template to produce your business cards. The template helps you to connect your brand to people and grow your business.

To create business cards for your digital marketing business, just choose a color scheme that accentuates your business and drag and drop your logo onto the business card. The template is highly customizable, allowing you to change certain features to make it match your specific business.  Download it today to start creating high-quality business cards in minutes!

3. Digital Marketing Business Card PSD

Digital Marketing Business Card PSD

To build a strong brand that will easily connect with your customers, a beautifully designed business card complete with your logo is the bare minimum. This template is designed to help you to fulfill this important need. It was created after a lot of research, and the result is that it will help you create unique logos which represent your business perfectly.

Just download the template, edit it, add your logo and choose a color scheme and you are done. The template helps you to create wonderful business cards in just a few minutes. get it today and start producing your business cards.

4. Digital Marketing Business Card Premier Designs

Digital Marketing Business Card Premier Designs

Did you know that your business cards have the power of promoting your business? This stunningly designed template will help you create business cards that boast a strong selling message and have impactful graphics.  Even if you have no design knowledge or experience, you can still produce elegant business cards since the design part has already been taken care of.

The template is instantly available on download and helps make your work of creating business cards very easy. With the template, it will only take you a few minutes to generate world-class business cards.

5. Business Card for Digital Marketing Agency

Business Card for Digital Marketing Agency


Are you tired of coughing up exorbitant fees to pay web design agencies to design your business cards? If that is so, then this template is a godsend to you. With the help of the template, you can design business cards that also double up as your marketing tool.  A lot of design work has gone into this template and so you don’t have to worry about that. Just choose a color scheme, upload your brand and supply your contact details and you are good to go. It makes your work a lot easier and saves time as well. Download the template today and get started!

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