Marketing Business Card

Last Updated: May 30, 2024

Marketing Business Card

A business card refers to a small card that identifies a person in connection with a company they work for or their business and is usually given to a potential customer or a client. Because business cards remain an important tool for connecting personally with prospects, clients or customers, they continue to be used today despite technological advances and the emergence of social media networks.

Creating a business card isn’t easy because you will usually need to pay someone to do the design for you. Thanks to readymade templates however, you can easily print your business cards even with zero design expertise. Here are 19+ marketing business card examples and templates. You can also check out these marketing business cards.

Marketing Business Card Examples & Templates

1. Marketing Agency Business Card

Marketing Agency Business Card Template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Word
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher
  • Pages

Size: 3.5×2 inches


Use this business card design template to create customized business cards that enable you to make a great first impression. With this template, you are assured of getting professionally-grade cards without paying a graphic designer. Download today.

2. Small Business Marketing Postcard

Small Business Marketing Postcard
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 5X7 inches


With this business card design template, you get to choose the edge design and shape you prefer, and focus on your own brand through choosing the template that reflects your industry and style. This design tool enables you to personalize your card by adding images, text, and logo. Get started with these elegant business card templates today!

3. Marketing Director Business Card

File Format
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: US


Using this marketing director business card template, you can create business cards that also act as your marketing tools. The template is easy to personalize and can be downloaded instantly in a wide range of shapes, colors, themes, and styles. Download today.

4. Professional Marketing Business Card

Professional Marketing Business Card

Use this customizable business card design template to create top-notch cards that reflect your personality and style. The template is available in a variety of colors and fonts and helps you create your own business cards in record time. It’s easy and convenient. Download the template today!

If you want to create business cards quickly or don’t know how to design your cards, this street marketing business card template will be a wonderful option for you. This template is easy to use and can be customized by adding images and changing fonts. Just download the template and get started creating your own business cards!

5. Creative Marketing Business Card

Need a template that helps you create a professional-grade business card in no time? This creative marketing business card has all the hallmarks of how to combine texture, pattern, and simplicity. You will especially love how they have cut the pattern in the center to create a space where you put your contact information. It’s a great template to download.

7. Marketing Asset Business Card Design

Marketing Asset Business Card Design

Customize your business card by adding logo and images at no extra cost. The template is professionally-designed to help you create high-quality business cards to give to your customers. You can choose from the glossy or matte finish and premium or ultra-premium paper. Download the template easily from the internet.

8. Hypermedia Marketing Business Card

Hipermedia Marketing Business Card

Do you want to grow your personal brand and company? One thing you must have is professional business cards that project you in the best possible light. This template is ready to customize by adding the fonts, images, colors, and texts. Use this template to create your business cards in just a couple of minutes.

9. Marketing Business Card Bundle

Want a business card that correctly displays your contact information and brand messaging? Just use this marketing business card template to correctly capture your phone number, name and email address among other details. Remember that your business card is simply your company’s visual representation, so it’s important that you align it with your business brand.

10. Photography Marketing Business Card Bundle

Photography Marketing Business Card

The minimalist style is great for a photographer business card. By choosing this template, you get to create a business card even if you have limited knowledge in design. The template is easily customizable and can be downloaded from the internet instantly.

11. Marketing Business Card

Marketing Business Card

When you are in the marketing department, you need to have a business card that doesn’t overwhelm your clients. The layout of this template gives you the perfect balance between your contact details and image to avoid making the card look intimidating.

12. Angular Marketing Business Card

Angular Marketing Business Cards

Your business card needs to have a balance between personal and professional feel. This design of this template works great because it maintains a perfect layout that enables you to create just the right impression so you can stand out from competitors. Download it today.

With this template, you can be sure your business card gives your investors and clients the best first impression. By using online branding tools, you will be able to create stunning business cards that incorporate your logo and other company info. Download it today!

14. Business Card Design for Winner Marketing

Business Card Design for Winner Marketing

It’s important to ensure that your business card gives your clients and investors the best first impression. This template helps you incorporate and design a beautiful logo that will completely capture your brand. To get the template and start creating beautiful business cards, just download this template today!

15. Marketing Corporate Business Card

Marketing Corporate Business Card

When creating a business card, one of the challenges that people face is striking a balance between images and text. The idea is not to overwhelm your card and make it hard for people to find your contact information. Luckily, this template has been professionally-designed, and you achieve just that. The design shows you how smart use of color and clean layout can make a great difference.

Other than its standout design, this marketing business card also includes all your information but still remains clean. The unique look of the template is sure to make customers want to show the business card off to their family and friends. Download this template today to start creating stunning business cards.

17. Marketing Avenue Business Card Designs

Marketing Avenue business card designs

This template helps you to create an undeniably beautiful business card that will wow your customers. The choice of color enables you to highlight your contact information easily so that customers don’t have to search for it. You can even list some of the services you offer on the back end of the business card. Download the template today!

18. Modern Marketing Logo Business Card

Modern Marketing Logo Business Card

This marketing logo business card template features a professional look that works great for any business card. You can even consider using a white background to get a softer look. Download the template today!

19. Marketing Business Card Design

Marketing Business Card Design

This is a reliable template to use when making your business cards. It provides for balanced use of text and images so your contact details are easily visible to potential customers. Download the template to create a classy business card in no time.

Marketing Revolution Business Card Design

This marketing revolution business card has been designed professionally and put the focus on embossed and meticulous detail. The template lets you create professional-looking business cards that cast you in the best light.

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