Marketing Poster

Last Updated: April 26, 2024

Marketing Poster

Posters are large printed/published documents conveying specific information or capturing a picture. It is typically designed to be attached to a wall. Posters are a significant method of advertising. It can be used as a resource that conveys information in the form of graphical and text formats to a wide audience. It is again an economically viable form of advertising compared to advertisements in print media or television. Posters are used for marketing when an organization looks forward to achieving quick results. Celebrity event organizers or political campaigns frequently use marketing poster to spread the word about the respective event.

Posters are utilized by all most all sectors of business for publicity. One can find a wide variety of design and templates for specific advertisement purpose for a poster. This article covers examples and templates relating to marketing posters from all the major streams of business.

Marketing Poster Examples & Templates

1. Marketing Agency Poster Template

Marketing Agency Poster Template
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Size: (A3) 11×17 inches


A poster is a combination of graphical and textual content with related images intending to promote a brand or a company. It is a widespread and conventional form of advertising used in the marketing campaigns of all magnitudes and has evolved over the years with better techniques for achieving enlarged outputs. This file is an example of a well-designed pioneer marketing creative studio template. It includes high-quality images with original artwork & fonts. One can download this template instantly to customize and print.

2. Digital Marketing Poster Design

Marketing Poster Templates

Marketing posters provide long term exposure and visibility, unlike newspapers, newsletter & postcards which have limited period of exposure. If a poster is assigned at the right location it will continue to pass on the message for days and days depending upon the validity of the message. Posters are the most effective marketing tools for creating a brand presence in an assigned demographic location. The above file is an example of the digital marketing poster template with an attractive design and fabulous color combination. It can include a picture and related texts easily. It is customizable and available for download in two file formats.

3. Television Marketing Poster

Television Marketing Poster

The right content and suitable allocation of the poster is a match made in heaven for a marketing campaign. Posters necessarily do not need to be full of content or pictures. Sometimes only a few characters are enough to tell the story and convey the message. This file is a similar template of television marketing poster. It is prepared in classic black and white style with only a single shape to align the design.

4. Marketing Galaxy Poster

Marketing Galaxy Poster

Posters are a flexible form of marketing due to easy distribution in high visibility spots. Posters can be easily replaced and one can make a fortune out of it if one successfully manages to pull out a high visibility area. After visibility, the only important thing that poster requires is the content and graphics to attract a crowd. The above file is an example of a galaxy poster template exclusively designed for firms that require spacious posters to add information. It has a galaxy style customizable design that can capture at least a hundred words in a segregated manner.

5. Digital Marketing Poster Template

Digital Marketing Poster Template

This poster offers a four-way content design to add information related to the product or brand. The bright color combination of texts and aligned fonts give this poster an elegant look. One can easily add a picture and comfortably fit all the required information about the company, product, and services. One also has an option to download this template in the required picture resolution and paper size.

A marketing poster must look charming and attractive to bring tourists to the club. It must include sufficient photographs that capture the ambiance of the club and provide necessary information about the services offered. This file is a similar template of a club marketing poster and can be downloaded easily. The formatting includes the pictures of the club as a background image with better transparency than watermark and has text over the picture with the subtle color combination that makes it look awesome.

7. Minimalistic Marketing Poster

Marketing Poster

Certain posters are designed for a targeted audience. Such posters do not create any effect on the other crowd. This file is an example of a marketing poster template for efficient target-oriented marketing of an elite group. The poster is initially designed in plain white background and the content in black creates all the magic for the company.

8. Business Advertising  Marketing Poster

Business Advertising & Marketing Poster

It is important to achieve a breakthrough in marketing posters because it is not just one company, brand, or product that is advertising but all companies today rely on advertisements. In such scenarios, it becomes important for a business to smartly publish a poster that can actually reflect and convey the idea to the crowd. This file is an editable template of business advertising marketing poster with 3D realistic and flat icons.

9. Social Marketing Campaign App and Poster Design

Social Marketing Campaign - App and Poster Design

An efficient poster marketing campaign is the one where multiple posters of the same theme are released which engages the audience in connecting all of them together and deriving a conclusion. This above link is an example of one such posters chain released for a social cause in the public domain.

10. Social Media Marketing Poster

Are you looking for a well-designed marketing poster to promote your social media marketing firm? This file is exclusively designed for a social media marketing agency with relevant pictures, design, and content. It is available for download in two background color formats and is easily editable.

11. Health and Sanitation Marketing Poster

Health and Sanitation Marketing Poster

Government and Non-profit organizations release posters to create awareness about health and sanitation in general public. Such posters are aimed at providing necessary facts with dos and don’ts of the focused activity area. This file is a simple template of a poster, marketing the importance of health and sanitation. It can be conveniently customized according to the campaign theme and is easy to print.

12. Marketing Company Agency Poster

Marketing Company Agency Poster

Looking for an out of the box poster template for advertising your marketing firm? Here is what you are looking for. Download this clean and professional template designed for a marketing company to showcase your business and services to the audience. It is an alterable design and can fit into two main poster sizes.

13. Marketing In-Store Poster Design

Marketing In Store Poster Design

In-store poster marketing is generally a product marketing campaign by a brand. Such campaigns usually target store clients to attract them for a specific product or promotional offer. This template is one such example of in-store poster marketing available for download with convenient editing options.

14. Product Marketing Poster

Product Marketing Poster


The above template is a layered Photoshop PSD graphic enabled file for poster marketing of a product. The design is a blend of classic and modern style with adequate space to include pictures and informative text. One can download this file and easily modify the product description, brand details, and picture to easily create a customized product marketing poster.

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