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A campaign is defined as work in an organized and active way toward a particular goal, typically a political or social one. The purpose of a campaign is to not only send a message, but in a sense to help promote their advocacy towards a certain objective.

If your campaign does not have a clear message or goal or objective, then it is pointless to actually form one in the first place if you have no idea as to what you want.

Political Campaign Poster Template

political campaign poster template
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Size: A3, US


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For election campaigns, the main purpose is to let people vote for you; for marketing campaigns, it is to let people get interested on that certain product or promo and to let them avail it; for advocacy campaigns, it is to let people be aware of a certain cause and to show support for them.

School Campaign Poster Template

school campaign poster template
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Marketing Campaign Poster Example

marketing campaign poster 1

How to Create an Effective Marketing Campaign?

1. Outline Your Individual / Company Marketing Goals

You cannot go out on an expedition just to get you killed in the process without even knowing what it is you are trying to look for. You need a goal to general plan. In the same manner, you have to try and establish SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely) goals to achieve the best results. (e.g. Your goal might be to gain at least 20 new clients a month or to sell 30 cakes per week, or to increase your individual income by 50 percent this year). You just have to be specific on what you want or need.

Hilary Clinton Campaign Poster Example

hilary clinton campaign poster example

2. Determine Your Budget

Going back to the expedition example, you need to know as to how much the journey is going to cost you. There are several aspects that you need to consider before heading out. Analyze how many people you are going to need, how long it is going to cost you, how many men are you going to need. Because persona research often costs money, and you’ll want to include these costs as part of your campaign budget. Once you have outlined all the aspects you are going to need in the campaign process, you will have prepared for any eventuality that is coming your way. You may also see examples of advertising poster design.

3. Perform Marketing Research

Alright. You have an iPhone X. So what? What makes it different from a Samsung Galaxy S7? Does it have any pros or cons when you purchase the iPhone X instead of the Samsung Galaxy S7? List everything that you know about the product: its features, where it’s going to be distributed, the pricing, include the technical details while you are at it. Some areas to consider include:

  • Market dynamics, patterns such as seasonality
  • Product – what’s currently available, what your competition is selling
  • Benchmarks in the industry
  • Potential vendors and partners that you will need to rely on

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While performing your this step, you would also need to consider on what your unique selling position (USP) is. Ask yourself on what makes this product different from the one in the market.

New Campaign Poster Example

new campaign poster example

Foreign Campaign Poster Example

foreign campaign poster example

360 Campaign Ecosystem Example

360 campaign ecosystem example

4. Determine Your Target Personas

Who are your target customers? What are their motivations? How do they like being communicated to? Which newspapers or magazines do they read and which sites do they visit regularly? Which channels are they using? If they’re using social media, what are they talking about? All these questions need to be answered before developing your integrated marketing strategy. Once you have the answers to these questions, then you can proceed to the following step. Here are some of the ways that you can create your marketing persona:

How to Build Your Marketing Personas:

  1. First, describe your ideal target customer in terms of age, gender, family composition, earnings, likes and dislikes, lifestyle, purchasing patterns, buying objections, hobbies, etc..
  2. The next step would be to test it out. Just because you have described your target market in detail does not actually mean that it is them. In fact, it is a trial and error process. You can test them by letting them answering surveys online or even face-to-face if it calls for it. Let’s jut hope that people will actually answer the survey enthusiastically. If someone lies in the survey, then that’s already a problem. You may also check out event poster designs & examples.

Information to learn about your personas includes:

  • Name of the persona
  • Job title
  • Company size and industry
  • Title/ details of role
  • Gender
  • Salary
  • Education
  • Location
  • Age
  • Education
  • Pain points
  • Goals
  • What types of content/promotion they like/dislike
  • Fears/motivations
  • Common objections during the sales processes

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5. Outline Campaign Goals

Once you’ve determined how you’ll sell your product and who you’ll sell it to, you can start to outline your specific campaign goals. Here you will define “The Big Idea” for your campaign. This idea will determine how will you connect with and convince your audience. You may also see easter poster template examples.

You will also decide whether your focus is on creating brand awareness, customer acquisition or retention and growth. Again, you should create SMARTER objectives. Keep these goals tied to measurable KPIs.

Finally, during this step you’ll want to decide what types of content you want to be a part of your campaign. You may choose to use some of the tactics below to achieve your goals, but whatever you do, be sure to consider your personas’ preferences. Do they like to read? Watch videos? Respond well to ads? For best results, create content that can be leveraged in many formats. You may also like poster billboard designs & examples.

Fundraising Campaign Pack Example

fundraising campaign pack example

Kids Campaign Poster Example

kids campaign poster example

Election Campaign Poster Example

election campaign poster example

6. A Marketing Campaign May Include the Following Elements:

  • Email
  • Social Media
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • PPC
  • Automation
  • Demand generation
  • Landing pages/ website/ e-commerce pages
  • Content (created, curated, etc.)
  • Events
  • Press Releases/PR
  • Analytics
  • “Direct” marketing (traditional media)– magazines, print ads, fliers, etc.
  • CRM
  • Coupons
  • Demos/evaluations 

In forming a marketing campaign, make sure that you will be using the most optimal tool at the lowest possible cost. Take note that no 2 platforms are the same. For instance, you cannot apply the same marketing format with the same marketing content in Twitter when your ad and its content was meant for Facebook. You have to learn to adjust your content based on what the audience needs. What is the ultimate goal that you would want to achieve in the very end?

You cannot just say that you would want to gain more profit. What would you have the audience do to make sure that goal is reached? Would it be increased web traffic in your site? Find a way.

Before you move on to the next step, make sure you have a marketing campaign calendar in place to map out when you’ll initiative each phase of your campaign. You may also see labor day poster templates.

7. Content Creation

Now that you have your marketing plan in place, now it is time to start writing the content of your marketing campaign. As mentioned before, different mediums and platforms have different writing styles and depending on who your target audience, you might need to adjust it as well so that it can relatable. There is more to the world than just write-ups or articles or TV commercials or radio advertisements as a way to help promote your product.

If you are more of the creative one, you can actually use memes or even create small videos that tell a story or something similar. You don’t really have to do all the work by yourself. Most companies would hire freelance writers who can relate to the crowds to make the content for them. All you would have to do is to simply give them the gist and they can automatically handle the rest. You may also like printable event poster designs and examples.

8. Promotion & Execution

Once you have finalized your content and received sign-off from any necessary internal parties, it is time for promotion and execution. There are a variety of tactics you can use, including many of those listed above, such as social media, email, pay-per-click ads, public relations, telemarketing and more. Everyone who enters your sales funnel via any channel (event, telemarketing call, landing page) can prove to be valuable, even the ones who don’t purchase your product(s)/service(s) right away. You may also check out outdoor billboard designs & examples.

However, not every channel will be right for your business. Ask yourself: What are the channels’ strengths and weaknesses? How will they help me reach my business objectives?’

Flu Shot Campaign Poster Example

flu shot campaign poster example

Food Drive Campaign Poster Example

food drive campaign poster example

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