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The people who may be reading this would either be seeking out an office space that is renting or is a company who is willing enough to rent out their office space to prospective companies. Either way, Companies or organizations know that when it comes to finding the right place to put up your business, it is always going to be a tricky move. The fact that the right office to rent out is just one of the things that companies or heads of companies often have to search for in order to set up their business. With this in mind, a lot of office spaces that are up for tenancy would also depend on the location, the size and of course the safety. With all that being said, a good office tenancy agreement should also be a  part of the deal.

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3+ Office Tenancy Agreement Examples

1. Office Tenancy Agreement Template

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2. Commercial Office Tenancy Agreement

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3. Residential Office Tenancy Agreement

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4. Standard Office Tenancy Agreement

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What Is an Office Tenancy Agreement?

An office tenancy agreement also known as a commercial lease agreement is a kind of written document that binds two or more parties to the tenancy. The office tenancy agreement consists of its own terms and conditions, the details necessary that caters to the office tenancy, the location, space, the price for the rent and of course the term of tenancy. In addition to that, an office tenancy agreement is also made especially for companies or businesses that would seek out an office space to rent out in order to start or grow their company.

How To Write an Office Tenancy Agreement?

You may have asked yourself this question before. How do you even write an office tenancy agreement? What other things can you put in an office tenancy agreement? Who writes these types of agreements? The answers are so simple, you would be amazed. To find out the answers to all your questions, check the following steps to write an office tenancy agreement.

1. Write the Complete Name of the Tenant and the Company Name

To start off with the tenancy agreement, write the complete name of the tenant and the company they are in. If they are the owner or at least the one to contact through the company, write it as well. This is to make sure that when you need to discuss anything further, you would know whom to call and whom to speak with. Add their complete address and contact details as well.

2. Introduce and Discuss the Terms of the Agreement

A short introduction and a discussion of the terms of the agreement would follow suit. A short introduction written in the agreement is simply to guide the conversation, the discussion and the tenant who would be reading the agreement to understand this is how the flow would be. In addition to that, the terms and conditions are also an important part to be discussed throughout the agreement.

3. State the Date of Possession and the Date of Termination

Don’t forget to add the date of possession and the date of termination in the agreement. In order for the tenant to know when they are able to renew the lease agreement and to be able to also know when they are no longer allowed to renew the agreement. Apart from the date of possession and termination, you may also want to add the months that they can renew without having to renew at the last minute. If the landlord would like to not let them renew the tenancy, you may also want to check out how to write a lease termination letter.

4. Add the Amount to Pay

Payment should be made, discussed and placed in the agreement. This includes the monthly rent, the security deposit and for some agreements, the total amount of the rent. This would of course depend on the agreement from both parties.

5. Sign the Tenancy Agreement

Sign the tenancy agreement. Two signatures should be placed or seen in the agreement. The signature of the landlord and the signature of the tenant. In order for the agreement to take effect.


What is an office tenancy agreement?

An office tenancy agreement is a binding agreement between the landlord and the tenant. This document binds them both to the commercial space that the landlord is willing to rent out to prospective tenants.

How does the office tenancy agreement work?

How it works is simple. Two parties agree on the rent after a discussion of the commercial space. The landlord writes out an agreement and the tenant would read it and once they are satisfied with what they have seen, would then give out their complete details. After, the signing of the agreement seals everything.

How do you write an office tenancy agreement?

You can download any of the templates found in the article, edit them to your benefit. You can also write from scratch, and the how to part will help you get it.

Renting out commercial space to prospective clients may look easy. But that is not mostly the case. Landlords often tend to screen out prospective clients in order to see if they are true to what they are saying. Another thing is, clients who plan on renting out commercial space have to understand that it is not going to be as easy as they make it look. You have to go through a lot of paperwork and of course the most important is the agreement.

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