What are Pre-Interview Questions and Tips for Answering?

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

What are Pre-Interview Questions and Tips for Answering?

Contrary to what we thought in the past, questionnaires are not limited to school exams and feedback questionnaires. They could be used for various reasons, depending on the kind of information that an entity would want to gather.

In the world of business, questionnaires are also used to manage their internal resources. HR questionnaires and employee questionnaires are just some of the questionnaires used in order to improve a company’s internal operations. For job applicants, pre-interview questionnaires are given in order for employers to further evaluate a candidate’s potential.

Why Do We Use Pre-Interview Questionnaires?

A pre-interview questionnaire is part of a recruitment screening process, which consists of a series of questions used to learn more about a particular job applicant.

For employers, pre-interview questionnaires will allow them to clarify and gather information that goes beyond what has been stated on your application. Like most questionnaire examples and templates, the data gathered will be beneficial for a certain cause. This is done so that the recruitment team may easily determine whether an applicant should be considered for a position in the company.

What You Need to Know about Interviews

Generally, interviews are conducted to gain better knowledge on a given matter. For instance, politicians are interviewed by various news networks in order to gain insight on significant issues and rumors surrounding the government.

In the corporate world, these interviews are considered to be an opportunity for an employer to get to know a potential candidate. Similar to an employee questionnaire, interviews are essential in order to promote a healthy work environment for every member of a company.

For applicants, interviews can be very nerve-racking as they may either boost or lessen your chances in landing the position. With this in mind, it’s important for applicants to come prepared.

Tips for Answering Pre-Interview Questions

Pre-interview questionnaires are given prior to an actual interview. Although you may feel as if the actual interview will be more beneficial to your candidacy, pre-interview questions still need to be taken seriously. It’s important to respond to each question carefully and honestly.

Any conflicting statements mentioned on your resume or actual interview that do not match your pre-interview may be brought into question. It might be tempting to further elaborate your answers, but this might actually be too much. Being able to complete the questionnaire with concise yet satisfying answers is sure to give you a good image. Remember, your writing skills may also be monitored by an employer.

Sample Questions in Pre-Screening Interview Questionnaires

You might be curious, and quite nervous, about questions found in pre-interview questionnaires. However, it’s important that you don’t overthink it so that you won’t encounter much trouble while answering.

Questions in this type of questionnaire are quite simple. They could be about your profile and character. This would include recruiting-related questions, personality questions, or even test questions relating to the job position you are applying for. With this, employers are able to examine your personal attitude and work ethic before considering you for a position.

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