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3+ Self Introduction Speech for School Students Examples in PDF

Remember when your parents told you, talking to strangers was going to get you into trouble? Yeah me too. But what your parents never told you is that introducing yourself to your classmates can still be considered strangers. What they never expected was how odd their rule would turn out once you get to school. You would meet different people who are more likely to be strangers.

How are you going to introduce yourself if you are not going to talk right?
Not to worry, your secret is safe. However, putting up a brave face to introduce yourself to people you never met can be scary. But with the right ideas and what to say, how to present yourself, you’ll turn out fine. With that being said, let’s get right through this. Here are some 3+ Self Introductions Speech for school students examples in PDF.

1. 30 Second Self Introduction Speech for School Students

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2. Self Introduction Speech for School Students

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3. New Self Introduction Speech for School Students

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4. Self Introduction Speech for School Students Template

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Defining the Word Speech

When you hear the word speech, often than not, the first few things that may come to mind are talking in front of a lot of people. Explaining a topic while people are listening or saying something in front of a crowd. You’re not wrong. That is still considered speech. Another definition of the word is, a formal or informal conversation between two or more people. 

Meaning of Introduction

From the shorter word intro, we may now come up with the meaning of the word. Intro, the beginning of anything or everything. When we write essays, we always add an introduction. When we want to get to know someone or tell them about us, we make an introduction. This is the act of saying your name to the person for the first timeThe start of something or the genesis of an action.

A Reason Why Self Introduction is Important 

You would be surprised when I say this is often being taken for granted. People around us do remind us gently to tell us about ourselves. The reason for this is to let the person know who you are and what your business may be. Now you may think it really is not as important as other things in life but, you would be surprised to know that it is really very important since others will want to know you well. Also, it can be very rude not to talk about yourself to others when they have done it in the first place.  Introducing yourself is still needed and important. It’s your way of being nice and polite when you meet someone new. 

Tips on How to Introduce Yourself

Sweaty hands, dizziness, stuttering. All the tell-tale signs of one thing that most if not all students hate. Stage fright. 5% of people suffer from this. Let’s face it. We have all been there. Even professionals get stage fright. You would be surprised but yes, they do experience this as well. This has always been the biggest problem for anyone who has to do a speech in front of a lot of people. But this problem always has a solution. Whether you are in front of a stage or in front of a new class, here are some tips on how to successfully introduce yourself.

  • Smile: One thing you need to know when introducing yourself to others is to smile. Smiling not only makes you less nervous but also, it shows you are confident. Smiling helps others see you are approachable, friendly and attentive. People who do not smile, are often regarded as those who do not wish to be bothered with nor approachable. If you wish to have friends or to look confident, remember to smile. It works wonders.
  • Prepare in advance: Prepare what you want to say after you tell people your name. They often want to know more about you when you introduce yourself. So prepare what you want to say, but don’t overdo it. Be confident but don’t overdo it. You are more likely to get nervous if you overdo what you wish to say.
  • Practice: Before meeting anyone or saying anything, practice makes perfect. You don’t have to be the most confident person or say anything perfect, as long as you know what you are saying and by practicing your speech, you’ll be fine.
  • Breathe: The reason you get nervous is because you forget to breathe. Take deep breaths before you go out there. Regardless of where you are, in the classroom or on stage, if you make a speech or simply to introduce yourself to others, remember to breathe. You’ll be fine.


What am I supposed to put in a self-introduction speech?

For starters, you may state your name, your age, your course if you are in college, basically general information will do.

I am nervous and I have done all the tips over and over, what should I do?

Breathe. Remember, introducing yourself or doing a self introduction speech is basically getting to know someone. Pretend you are talking to a potential friend. This usually helps.

What are other ways to conquer stage fright when doing a self-introductory speech?

This differ with people, but the most common way is to simply breathe, relax and smile. Show them you are confident.

Do I need to memorize my speech?

You can glance every now and then if your speech is quite long. But remember to make eye contact.

Those who used to be students know the pain of enduring a self-introduction speech they had to make in school. But even professionals have to go through this and it’s perfectly normal to feel scared. For students, these may still be a scary thing to experience. Nevertheless, as long as you follow the tips in doing a speech wherever you are, you would be alright. Stage fright is normal, but never let it affect your performance. Just remember to breathe, to smile, to practice and to do your best. That is the best advice I can give to you.

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