Wine Branding

Last Updated: May 8, 2024

Wine Branding

What is your favorite wine? Some brands might be popping out of your head right now. How did that brand suddenly come out of your head? Why do you think you know that brand? It is most probably because they are popular and expensive, right? How did they become popular? Successful branding is the answer.

Branding in General

Branding, in simple terms, is the creation of a name, symbol, or design that makes a certain product or company distinct from others. It also involves how your product or company is being launched in the market and how people embrace what you offer to them. Branding does not only mean your logo; it is so broad that it encompasses an entity’s logo and most especially the marketing examples of the product. It is like inculcating a name in the minds of customers for people to quickly identify a certain product or entity, making them familiar to a certain brand and giving them a reason to choose that product or company over other competitors.

Wine Industry Trends

Wine Slushies

Wine slushies are achieved by blending wine, fruit, and ice into a refreshing frozen drink. It becomes trending especially during summer, but it is actually available on restaurants and cafes at selected stores. It really caught the attention of many people because it is not the typical fruit shake or smoothie. If you have not tasted it yet, can you imagine the freshness and crispness of fruit combined with the smell and aroma of a wine you dearly loved? You can actually make everything according to your preference.

Biodynamical Bottles

Biodynamic and organic wines are also on top of the list these days, not because many are having it but because many wanted it but the supply is only limited. If you are considering making a name in the industry, since these are still new in the market, you might try having these and launch it as your new product.

Bourbon Barrel Wine

You might have not yet heard of bourbon barrel wine or might have just heard it today, but I’ll tell you, the trend for this wine is steadily increasing. It is starting to bloom in the market and is rapidly growing this year. Bourbon barrel wine is a wine that is held in oak barrels that are charred for aroma and flavor. These barrels are used to age wine. It is believed to become viral this year or the next.

The Millennial’s Taste

It is said that today’s generation is the age of drink since many people nowadays are recorded to drink on a daily basis. As years go by, people’s standards in choosing wines are getting higher and their expectations to winemakers also become higher than before. Millennials are constantly seeking for new ideas in wines and expected for something novel to be out on the market. Giving them something new might satisfy their cravings and might be an introduction to a whole new era of the wine industry.

Examples of Wine Branding

Watercolor Rogue Grapes and Wine

Honest Wine Branding

Honest Wine Branding

Wine Identity Branding

Wine Identity Branding

Wine Branding Mock-Up

Photorealistic Wine House Logo Mock-up

Wine Mock up Full Pack

Wine Bottle Mock-Up on Corks

Wine Branding Bundle

Wine Packaging Mock-Up

Wine Case Mock-up

Wine Menu Card Design

Wine Brand Banner

Wine Brand Banner

Pink Wine Brand Labels

Pink Wine Brand Labels

Sneaky Ways to Market Your Brand

Define Your Brand

In defining your brand, start by communicating to the people and making them aware of their needs and challenges. After highlighting the possible problems, discuss how your company, products, or services can do to solve them. That is usually the common way business people would introduce their product to the market. Then, you can now explain and expound the advantages and other benefits you can offer to customers. It is not necessary that you engage in a competition, but believe it, competition is everywhere, and whether you like it or not, you really had competitors in the market.

Put a Character to Your Brand

Having a character means building up the values, personality, traits, and intuition of your product. It is vital that you understand your character so you can communicate well with your customers as well as prospective clients. People often look for something of great value with a value.

Build Long-Term Relationships

Be true to your promises and never ever break them. Aim to build long-term relationships with your customers for they are the ones that can make your brand known to the market. Establish a clear communication with the public and gain their trust by living up to your promises, and never fail to meet their expectations. If you have a long-term customer, many people will start to start your product; thus, the company goodwill will be raised and you can establish a good name for your product.

Avoid Redundancy

Do not always repeat what you said or offer to the people in the same way over and over again. It can somehow make your advertisement annoying and boring. Keep your ads short and simple, but ensure to include something that has an impact on the people, especially to your prospective clients. Do not just be a clanging cymbal—speaking many things but having no point at all. Be informative in your ads, and speak with a consistent tone of voice, making people aware what to expect from you.

Be Unique

To have bigger sales doesn’t mean you have to adapt to what is trending in the market. It may be a safer approach, but the return is predictable and not that huge. Sometimes, you have to enter into risks. Just like one of the financial concepts, it is said that the higher the risk, the higher the return. Market your product in your own way, search for novel ideas, implement new marketing strategies, and never be afraid to take a risk. Do not be afraid if you are different from all others; that is one way you can stand out and above all the others.

Adopt Referral Programs

People will gladly share the information about your product if there is something for them. Hence, having a referral program is a sure help. You can add perks and benefits to the ones who can refer your product to a certain number of people at a given period of time. This tip is already proven to quickly share the information regarding your product

Informative Content

Your marketing strategies, especially for your ads, must not only be an appealing one but also be very informative. Be careful in placing information, and never miss the important details. Also, avoid typographical errors; these can discourage many clients including grammar nazi and alike.

Use Infographics

Most people get attracted to visual presentation and those that are with graphic designs. It not only is visually pleasing to the eye but also presents information in summary, and summarized information are more comprehensive and direct. The use of infographics highlights the key ideas of the overall information presented.

Get Involved with Local Partnerships

Getting involved with local partnerships is also important as it can help your company tied up to the locality and be active in the activities that would somehow be an avenue for your advertisement and in making your name known to the public. It can also help generate new working areas that are related but are not in competition, to your company.

Add Freebies

A freebie is also one of the few of the things that customers await. People tend to buy those that are with freebies than those without. It is already in the minds of most people that having a freebie is equivalent to availing discounts or grabbing the opportunity to buy the items on sale. Speaking of discounts and sale, they are also good strategies for promoting your product. Giving customers a discount is giving them a certain percentage off from its usual price. People would not spare this kind of opportunity since this is only offered for a limited period of time. Also, do not be afraid of putting your items on sale for this will attract more people to buy your product. However, just make sure that even though you are on sale, you still have a revenue on top of the discounted price. Another strategy is the buy 1 take 1. It is quite a common strategy that can be seen in food stalls or malls. Why not try these?

Participate in Social Media and Sites

Social media and other websites nowadays are effective ways to communicate and showcase to the public your product since most people today are inclined to using gadgets every day.

Start a Podcast

You can create your own podcast where you can interview an expert or someone that has an experience in the industry. This is a very strong marketing since people got to rely on experts over those that are not expert in that certain kind of industry.

Be Controversial

Not everyone will agree with this kind of marketing strategy but it is worth a shot. You will easily get noticed if there are controversies about your product or your company. Whether it may be good or bad, it only depends on how you treat it and how you approach the situation. Just brace yourself.

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