10+ Graduation Card Examples in PSD

One of the most important moments in a person’s life is their graduation. That is why congratulating someone when they finish high school or college is a nice thing to do. With graduation cards you have a great way of expressing your happiness for them. While greeting cards dated back to the ancient Chinese and Egyptians, graduation cards started becoming a tradition in the United States during the 20th century.

10+ Graduation Card Examples in PSD

Check out our templates on graduation cards to get you started on making your own! All 100% customizable and available for Adobe Photoshop.

1. Graduation Announcement Card Template

2. Graduation Master Card Template

3. Graduation Announcement Senior Card

4. Graduation Greeting Cards Template

5. Nurse Graduation Congratulations Humorous Card

6. Graduation Invitation Card Template

7. Personalized Graduation Card Template

8. Graduation Announcement Card Senior Template

9. Medical School Graduation Card Template

10. Graduation Invitation Card Template

11. Graduation Card Invitation Template

What is a Graduation Card?

Similar to greeting cards and invitations, a graduation card is a way of expressing your happiness over a student successfully reaching a milestone in their life. Whether they graduated high school or college, giving a graduation card has become a tradition. According to a recent study by Statista, people aged 45-54 years have spent around 121 U.S. dollars on graduation gifts and it is not unlikely that those presents would include a graduation card.

How to Make a Graduation Card?

Making a graduation card can be a challenging endeavor especially when you are making it for someone you are close with. You do not want yours to be bland and just another obligatory greeting card. You would want yours to stand out and bring a smile to your reader’s face. If you do not know where to start, continue this article to get some ideas.

1. Place A Personal Quote

Words have a great impact on people when used in a meaningful manner. While you can go for famous quotes, one way to make your graduation card a lot more personalized is if you include a quote. If you are close to the person maybe you can include an encouraging quote that you have shared in a personal conversation. That would make it a lot more heartwarming in hindsight now that they have graduated. It could be one quote or more depending on your choice.

2. Write A Personalized Message

When you are making your graduation card take the time to write a personalized message for the recipient. If you are close in particular you can take advantage of this option. Write about how proud you are of them for graduating. You may even bring up past memories for them to reflect on while reading this card. This will make your graduation card a lot more special. It goes without saying but make sure your message is written well without any typo or error as those can put your reader off.

3. Offer Wisdom and Encouragement

To make your graduation card a lot more unique you can include words of encouragement to the recipient of your card. That way you can make them feel good after they read it. If the recipient is a lot younger than you, you can impart a bit of wisdom or personal experience for them. It will mean a lot to them more than a typical happy graduation meeting.

4. Choose A Memorable Design

Make your graduation a lot more memorable through your design. Personalize the card based on you or your recipient’s preferences. You can include their favorite color in the card for starters. Design wise you can incorporate images and cool calligraphy fonts since our templates enable you to do that with ease. Choose aesthetics that your recipient would like in order to make it visually pleasing to them. Doing this will make your graduation card stand out more than the others.

5. Make It Funny!

Another way to make your graduation card stand out among the others is to make it hilarious! You can insert a few jokes into your card and maybe insert humorous images into it. Injecting a bit of humor can make your recipient feel lighthearted especially after conquering the pressure of graduating. If you are close with the person in particular you can put an inside joke shared between the both of you to make it more personal and heartwarming at the same time. It will certainly stick to the person’s mind in a good way.


What other things can I say in a graduation card?

Besides saying the generic ‘congratulations!’ you can opt to use other phrases in a graduation card. If you want to be more approving then you can use ‘Great job!’ and ‘Well done!’ instead. If you want to give off a cheerful vibe a ‘Hooray! or ‘Cheers!’ is a fitting thing to use.

What else can I give along with the graduation card?

In some countries it is customary to give money along with the graduation card as a congratulatory gift. The amount of cash entirely depends on you. It is usually expected of relatives and close family friends who attend the person’s graduation party.

What can I write on a graduation card?

Make your message about how you are happy that they accomplished high school or college. You may include an inspiring quote and possibly advice on how to move forward in life.

When is the right time to give someone a graduation card?

It is normally appropriate to give someone a congratulatory card during their graduation party. However it is also acceptable to give it to them days before their graduation day.

It always feels nice to be recognized and congratulated for what you have accomplished. It is part of the reason why the business of selling graduation cards still exists to this day. Graduation cards are an easy way to express your happiness for someone’s success especially when you are unable to do it in person. Follow the above mentioned steps and you  will make a well written card. With it you will be able to make someone’s graduation a lot more special.