Graduate Student Business Card

Last Updated: April 26, 2024

Graduate Student Business Card

Are you a fresh graduate? Do you plan to build your own name in the business industry? If you do, then we have the perfect solution for you. It is a normal thing for a recent graduate to build his own business or career since getting a job when you’re fresh out of college is quite difficult. So, in building your own name in the industry, why don’t you start crafting a graduate student business card?

7+ Graduate Student Business Card Examples in PSD

1. University Graduate Student Business Card Template

University Graduate Student Business Card Template
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2. Graduate Student Business Card Template

Graduate Student Business Card Template



3. Classic Graduate Student Business Card

Classic Graduate Student Business Card

4. College Student Business Card Template

College Students Business Card Template

5. University College Student Business Card

University College Student Business Card

6. Education Student Business Card Template

Education Student Business Card

7. Graduate Law student Gift Business Card Template

Graduate Law student Gift Business Card

8. Graduate Students Business Calling Card

Graduate Students Business Calling Card

What Is a Graduate Student Business Card?

As a fresh college graduate, the next step you will need to take is finding a job. Securing a job is important because it is how you will face and endure the challenges of adulthood. But, securing a job is not that easy. A lot of fresh graduates get rejected during the employment process. An article from the Los Angeles Times revealed that a job seeker would get rejected 24 times before getting accepted in a job. That’s why some students prefer to work on their own and build their own business or use their profession for self-employment.

A graduate student business card is a useful tool for fresh graduates in building their own name in the business industry. It is a perfect marketing tool for showcasing their skills and expertise in a particular field. It is one of the great ways that a fresh graduate can promote themselves towards their potential customers. Business cards portray formality and professionalism, not just for professionals but also to a college student who recently graduated. It gives an excellent first impression on potential customers and maximizes their credibility as a future business professional.

Importance of a Graduate Student Business Card

You may think that a fresh graduate does not need a business card for students, but in reality, it is one of the tools in getting acknowledged in the business industry. As a fresh graduate, you should know that the level of competition in the business world is quite high, so you should think of how you can compete with your competitors. A graduate student business card can help you in that matter since it is one of the ways on how you can present yourself as a professional in the industry. Some people may see you as a rookie, but you can prove them wrong by giving out a graduate student business card to your potential customers to show them your skills and talents.

How To Create A Graduate Student Business Card

As you venture into building your name in the business industry, it is always a good thing to prepare the things that you will need. In this section, you are going to learn how to create a graduate student business card.

1. Quality of Resources Is Important

As you create your graduate student business card, you must ensure that the resources you’re going to use are of fine quality such as stationery or the ink of your printer. Always keep in mind that a business card is a small document that is often kept in pockets, wallets, folders, and desk drawers. You must ensure that it is not going to be easily ripped or fade as it is stored in a narrow area. Your graduate student business card must last long in the hands of your potential customer so that they can contact you anytime about your business.

2. Splash a Little Bit of Creativity

As you may know, business cards are professional tools used in the industry. But you can always add creativity to your graduate student business cards such as using colors, patterns, and images. Make sure that you know how to incorporate them together to give your business card a great look. But keep in mind that your business card is going to be used for making connections and seeking potential customers, so it is better to keep your creativity at bay.

3. Include the Essential Information

The contents of your graduate student business card are going to help your potential customer in communicating with you. So it is important that aside from your name and contact number, you can always include your email and the link of your website if you have one. Providing different channels on how you can be contacted is an advantage since it means that your customer can reach you anytime. You should also highlight your masters or bachelors degree since it is one of your great assets since you’re a fresh graduate.

4. Layout Matters!

How you arrange the contents in your graduate student business card will create an impact on how you present yourself. So it is important to keep things neat and arrange accordingly. You can follow the organization of a student business cards layout since it is similar to the type of business card you are creating. Unorganized layout in a business card can be hard to read and comprehend since its contents usually come in small sizes like the texts and images.


Can I make use of an already made graduate student business card instead of making one?

Yes, there are many free sample student business cards you can find on the internet or, if it is up to your liking, you can make use of the sample documents provided by this article. They are convenient to use because they already have the perfect designs and correct layout.

Can I include a slogan in my graduate student business card?

Yes, you can include a slogan in your business card. It is a great way to gain the attention of your potential customers because they are catchy phrases intended for the engagement of customers. Slogans add a bit of fun to your graduate student business card and they also create good impressions on your business card.

Can I use my graduate student business card for job applications?

Yes, you can use your graduate student business card as you look for a job. It is useful in job searching events since you can give it to your potential employers so that they can immediately contact you for the employment process.

As you can see, a graduate student business card is essential for a student upon building his name in the business industry. It is how students can promote themselves and the skills and talents they have acquired during their college years. It is a great tool for showcasing their expertise to their potential customers if they don’t want to work for an organization. Business cards may be old, but it is one of the marketing tools that will never be outdated.

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