10+ Graduation Thank You Card Examples in PSD

garaduation thank you card

As a fresh graduate, it is not a question when you received gifts from your family and friends. It is their way of saying congratulations on your educational achievement. When they also attend your graduation celebration, it shows that they are proud of what you have accomplished. So, how can you express your gratitude towards their grand gestures? Well, why don’t you try giving them graduation thank you card? It’s a convenient and creative way of saying thank you.

10+ Graduation Thank You Card Examples in PSD

1. College Graduation Thank You Card Template

college graduation thank you card template

2. Graduation Party Thank You Card Template

graduation party thank you card templates

3. Graduation Birthday Thank You Card

graduation birthday thank you card

4. Collage Graduation Thank You Postcard

collage graduation thank you postcard

5. Graduation Thank You Card PSD

graduation thank you card psd

6. Personalized Graduation Thank You Card

personalized graduation thank you card

7. Graduation Black Sketch Grad Thank You Photo Card

graduation black sketch grad thank you photo card

8. Sample Graduation Thank You Card Template

sample graduation thank you card template

9. Graduation Photo Thank You Card

graduation photo thank you card

10. Graduation Wreath Photo Thank You Card

graduation wreath photo thank you card

11. Graduation Digital Thank You Card

graduation digital thank you card

What Is A Graduation Thank You, Card?

Graduation thank you card is a type of document in which a graduate sends to his or her family and friends as a way of saying thank you. It is how graduates express their appreciation for the pleasing gestures their family and friends have done to honor their academic achievement. When a student is about to graduate, his or her family and friends are most likely planning to graduate a gift. A statista survey revealed that 34% of the population said that they’re going to buy graduation gifts. Graduates must thank the efforts of their family and friends to show that their gifts and gestures are not taken for granted. Also, the design of your card must be in line with the occasion, which is your graduation.

Don’t Forget To Thank Your Parents.

Aside from thanking your friends and relatives, you should never forget to thank your parents too, as they are the ones who supported and guided you throughout your educational journey. Your parents have been on your side since you started your education, from preschool to college, they provided your educational needs and helped you face the challenges and difficulties in your educational journey. You can thank them by personalized graduation thank you card. You can also give them gifts as a way of showing that without them, you can’t achieve what you have now. Our parents worked hard to send us to school. Graduating is one of the greatest gifts that we can give them. You can also include your teachers since they are also the ones who taught you about academic subjects in school.

How To Create A Graduation Thank You Card

There are a lot of sample templates for graduation thank you card available online, but if you want to create your card to add a personal touch, here are some steps and guidelines for you to follow:

1. Begin With A Hello

You must first greet the recipient of your graduation thank you card. If you immediately say thank you, it can sound a bit informal. Start by saying, “Hi Mr. and Mrs.” or “Dear Uncle or Aunt,” these type of greetings is how you address the recipient accurately. Sometimes, your parents invite some of their colleagues to your graduation celebration. If you’re not particular about their names or which salutation to use, make sure to ask your parents about their colleagues to avoid spelling and salutation errors.

2. Using The Phrase “Thank You”

It is normal to overuse the phrase “thank you” in your card, but if you want to leave an impression in the eyes of your recipients, you can say things like “I am grateful for your gift” or “ Your presence in my graduation dinner warmed my heart.” Saying things other than “thank you” in your graduation card can a way of showing you’re more than thankful for their gestures. Graduates must show their appreciation to the people who supported and congratulated them on their graduation. It is how they will know that their gestures are very much appreciated.

3. Keep It Short But Meaningful

The contents of graduation thank you card is never long. Instead, they’re short, but they convey a strong message. Make sure that you convey your intended message and never go off-topic. The purpose of this card is to show your gratitude and to show that you deeply acknowledge their efforts in congratulating you on your graduation. If you have a lot to say to a specific person, you can write a thank you letter instead of a graduation thank you card, in that way you can say all the things you want to that said person.

4. Establish A Good Wording

You must be careful about how you express your words in your graduation thank you card. You must portray a thankful and appreciative message on your card. You can state what you felt when the recipient attended your graduation celebration, or you can say something about the gift you received from the recipient, such as “I love the gift you gave me! It will be very useful, for..”. A proper wording in your graduation thank you card can portray on your image as a person, so it is essential to be mindful of how you articulate your words.


How do I send my graduation thank you card?

You can send your graduation card through mails or emails. The only difference when you mail your card is that it’s going to take one to three days before it arrives at the recipient, but the card is physically there so it can be kept for safekeeping. On the other hand, when you email your graduation thank you card, it only takes a few seconds for a recipient to receive your card, but the downside of this is the thank you card only exists on the screen of a laptop or cell phone. The recipient may or may not print your card if it is up to their liking. You can also deliver the card personally if a recipient lives near you.

When do I send my graduation thank you card?

You can send your graduation thank you card two days after the celebration or after you received the graduation gift. If your card is going to be submitted late, then it’s okay! Its never too late to say thank you anyway. But make sure to state the reason why your card was sent late, this way the recipient will understand why he or she received a late thank you card.

Can I write something on my graduation thank you card?

Yes, writing something on your card will make it more memorable since most of the graduation thank you cards nowadays are computerized. Handwritten messages are scarce in this generation since everything is modernized by technology. So if you decide to include handwritten notes, it’s going to be a distinguishing feature on your graduation thank you card.

When you graduate from school, a lot of people will shower you with gifts and appreciation of your most significant achievement. You must say thank you to these people as they are the ones who showed great appreciation for your educational success. Amongst other ways showing your gratitude, graduation thank you card is one of the most convenient and creative ways of saying thank you without spending too much expense.

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