10+ Best Real Estate Facebook Cover Examples & Templates [Download Now]

Some online marketers have an unhealthy obsession with using stock images for their Facebook cover page. But, this is not a good marketing strategy, at least not for a real estate business. If you really are serious about grabbing the attention of your prospect and converting them to leads through your Facebook fan page, your cover photo must reflect your professionalism. Here are some professionally designed examples that you can use.

Best Real Estate Facebook Cover Examples & Templates

1. Best Real Estate Facebook Cover Template


The Facebook you know today isn’t what it was back in the day. It is monstrous, with millions of daily visitors. And if there is one thing that is for sure right now, it is that there is a very big internet market on this social platform. For a real estate agent or company, this means an opportunity to reach out to thousands of potential real estate prospects with a Facebook Fan Page. The first thing you need to do is to set up a high-quality profile. A professional cover page is a must-have, and this example is a good sample that you could use.

2. Clean Real Estate Facebook Cover Example


It is not okay to use a stock photo for a professional real estate Facebook page. Your business will look awkward, prospects may not trust you, and your marketing effort may not pay off. The Facebook page you create must look professional. That includes the cover photo. For a professional cover, you should consider trying this example. This sample template stands out for a number of reasons. First, it is niche targeted, specifically designed for real estate business. Second, this is one of the best branding stationery, which can boost customer trust in your business.

3. Real Estate Facebook Cover Bundles


You don’t have to create real estate Facebook cover templates from scratch. You can download and keep this high-quality bundle and use them accordingly. These samples have at least three common features.  First, the color selection is up to the standard. You won’t have to worry about tweaking the color in Photoshop unless you want to. Second, you can add your real estate logo to each sample in the bundle. The logo makes you stand out. It tells customers that you are a serious brand that knows what it’s doing. Third, you can share your contact information; this is important for conversion optimization.

4. Fully Layered Real Estate Facebook Cover Template


There is nothing worse than using a stock photo from Pixabay as a Facebook cover photo for a professional real estate business. It’s not a sound business strategy. And it might not appeal to your social media audience. What you need is an up to the standard cover page. And here is a high-quality example that you can download, customize, and use. This template is fully layered and it is very easy to customize. Unique features include custom company logo, contact information, website address, and a mention of a business location. Then, you can edit the layered images by replacing them with your own.

5. Professional Real Estate Facebook Cover Bundle


Here is another special real estate Facebook cover bundle that you can download and use to create a brand presence on Facebook. Designed to help you stand out from many real estate pages on the platform, you can use the collection in this bundle interchangeably to build consumer trust and popularize your brand. Keep in mind that these templates are important marketing stationery for real estate. After all, your cover page cannot be blank. And it cannot have a stock image either. What you need is something unique for the fan page. You can edit the template in the latest version of Photoshop.

6. Real Estate Facebook Cover Photo


When people land on your real estate Facebook page, the first thing they see is the cover page, also known as the cover photo. Is yours up to the standard? Does the image resonate with your brand? Or, does it need a complete overhaul? Chances are you need to update the existing image. In fact, updating the cover image is part of an important business strategy that’s highly likely to enhance customer engagement and boost conversion. You don’t have to create a cover page from the ground up. You can download and use this pre-designed template. The template is easy to edit in Photoshop.

7. Real Estate Facebook Cover Designs


Maybe one of the most difficult things to do is to create multiple real estate Facebook cover designs from scratch. It takes a lot of time. And you may need to do tons of editing before you get the final copies. Luckily, you can save a lot of time by simply downloading these social media design templates. The photos look sleek, which is an important feature that can easily attract the social media audience to your fan page. Available in five color variations, these designs are good to use if you have open houses that you would like to promote.

8. Simple Real Estate Facebook Cover Templates for Agents


Do you know that your real estate Facebook page can attract or send away prospects on a first glance? Since your interest is in growing your audience, get prospects, convert potential clients into leads, and generate profit, you need to treat your Facebook page as a serious marketing channel. Besides filling out your profile description, you need to make you have a high-quality cover photo in place. Here is a good option of a cover image that you can download, customize in Adobe Photoshop, and use as your professional cover page.

9. Real Estate PSD Facebook Cover Templates


Download this collection of real estate Facebook cover page template and use to make your business page look professional and appealing to your target audience. Each template is fully layered, so you should have an easy time customizing them. This collection is also a good option for promoting an open house.

10. Editable Real Estate Cover Bundle Designs


You can create multiple FB images for your business page cover page. But, that’s probably going to take a lot of your time. The best thing to do is to download pre-built images, customize them in Photoshop, and then use them to promote your brand as well as your real estate listing. Check out these examples.

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