Real Estate Listing Description

Last Updated: May 29, 2024

Real Estate Listing Description

A picture is worth a thousand words. You’ve heard this statement more than you can count, right? But, when you bring the visual concept to a real estate business, everything changes altogether. In fact, if photos were enough to get customers to buy/rent homes, there would be no need for real estate business listing description.

You might have already known by now that real estate photos, alongside relevant descriptions, easily takes customers’ interest. And, when you tap onto their emotion and the need, you are highly likely to sell/lease many properties within a very short time. So how do you write a unique real estate listing description to promote your business? Here you go!

How to Write a Real Estate Listing Description

1. Write a catchy headline

A headline is the first thing the potential customers read in a listing, so it can make or break your business. If you could get the right attention of the customer at the first look, your business listing is highly likely to sell. In fact, the reason why many listings don’t grab consumers’ attention is that they are similar and boring.

You should create something that makes your business stand out. In other words, your headline must be so unique that when a customer looks at it, they won’t think twice to get in touch with you and make a deal.

Powerful headlines are often short, sweet, and precise. A headline that has five to seven words is good enough. Remember to tap into your readers’ emotion right from the headline because this is a great way to evoke response. Avoid words like charming, comfy, and spacious because they add no value to the listing description. Try to include a benefit in the headline or something a lot more different from what you have seen with so many listings.

2. Make potential customers feel that you know what they are looking for

Remember, listings are short, so you do not have a lot of space to write a lot. Your description should be as short as your headline. Here, describe your ad copy well. Make your potential clients feel you understand what they are looking for. This makes the customer to get connected to your ad, also, to get them to continue reading your real estate ad copy, which might result to fruitful deals.

3. Mention the best features

Write down the primary features of the property, then provide a description for each feature. Make the description precise and short. Feel free to describe the neighborhood, especially if it is one of the best selling points for the properties in question. If the surrounding region has special amenities like shopping malls, restaurants, biking trails, and parks, you should mention them in your list of features.

4. Don’t hesitate to offer a special promotion

The real estate market is competitive. Agents and investors are working hard day and night to grab the attention of as many customers as possible. You need to think out of the box to stay ahead of the competition. Since your primary goal is to sell the listing fast, try to offer some special promotion to give your readers a reason to take action.

You can

  • offer a little sale discount for homes on sale for a limited period,
  • offer a rent-to-own deal, or
  • attract customer through seller financing.

5. Include a call to action

The whole point of writing a real estate listing is to get customers to take action. So, you should include a call to action at the very end of your listing description. It sends an indirect signal to the customer, to act upon it.

Real Estate Listing Description Examples

1. Free Real Estate Administrator Job Description Example

Free Real Estate Administrator Job Description Template
File Format
  • Word
  • Google Docs
  • Pages

Size: A4, US

2. Free Real Estate Consultant Job Description

Free Real Estate Consultant Job Description Template
File Format
  • Word
  • Google Docs
  • Pages

Size: A, US

3. Free Real Estate Paralegal Job Description Example

Free Real Estate Paralegal Job Description Template
File Format
  • Word
  • Apple Pages
  • Google Docs

Size: A4, US

4. Free Real Estate Agent Job Description Example

Free Real Estate Paralegal Job Description Template
File Format
  • Word
  • Apple Pages
  • Google Docs

Size: A4, US

5. Real Estate Listing Description Postcard Sample


Use this real estate listing postcard if you have a new home for sale or lease. Whether you are a real estate or a property owner, this simple marketing template can help you to get the words out there. Describe your listing by including the most significant feature of the new home. And, do not forget to include your contact information on the flyer.

6. Real Estate Listing Description Flyer Template

Real Estate Listing Flyer

Capture the interest of a potential real estate client with this beautiful real estate listing flyer. This fully layered template lets you highlight the interior parts of a home. And it has a section at the bottom where you can include your contact information as well as your website address.

7. Real Estate Listing Description Pack

Real Estate Listing Pack

The real estate listing pack is a Photoshop themed template built to help you compile up to 7 listings on the go. Whether you have homes on sale or you intent to advertise properties for rent, this real estate marketing template can help you do just that.

8. Real Estate New Listing Description Promotion

Real Estate New Listing Promotion

Enhance your marketing efforts with this beautifully designed, downloadable listing template. The black-orange color combination adds to the elegance of the theme. The editable text layers lets you provide details about your property in brief. And, you can even include your custom business logo at the bottom of the page for brand identity.

9. Real Estate Modern House Listing Flyer

Real Estate Modern House Listing Flyer

Promote a new, modern house with this simple, easy to customize template. Integrate your real estate logo at the top left corner of the page for brand identity. Add your contact info at the bottom of the page to trigger call-to-action. Replace the existing images with the house you would like to list. And then highlight only the most important features of the property.

10. Real Estate Listing Sheet

Real Estate Listing Sheet

This real estate listing sheet is ideal for property owners and brokers who want to promote multiple properties all at once. Whether you deal with residential apartments or you are into leasing/selling business premises, this template is an unique tool to use for promotion. Supported format include Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

11. Real Estate Listing Description Presentation Template

Real Estate Listing Presentation

Sometimes, a one-page listing may not be enough to provide in-depth information about the property you want to promote. This is where the real estate listing presentation comes in. You can use this sample template to create a professional listing description and then use the final output for marketing.

12. Real Estate Listing Postcard for Agents

Real Estate Listing Postcard for Agents

This real estate postcard doesn’t give you a lot of room to describe the property that you would like to promote. So, it’s best to use the small space to capture the attention of the target audience in the best way possible.

13. Simple Real Estate Listing Description Flyer

Simple Real Estate Listing Flyer

Do you have a new home that you like to list for sale but you are on a very tight marketing budget? You can use this sample template to create a custom listing and then use it to promote your business.

14. A4 Size Real Estate Property Listing Description Sample

A4 Paper Size Real Estate Property Sheet Template

This is a good example of a sample template that you can use to promote a new home. It is a good option for corporate real estate companies, property owners, and real estate agents.

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