5+ Nonprofit Media Kit Examples & Templates [Download Now]

In today’s largely interconnected world of communication, it becomes very important for a Nonprofit to create its identity among the masses. That is the only way for it to regularly get donations for survival. Also, the media kit helps in creating a brand identity and a recall value. For that to happen successfully, a good media kit is essential.

The media kit can be published for online circulation as well as in the physical world. On online platform, the media kit components can be used on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram; for offline matters, it can be distributed at media events and press conferences and also at fundraisers. These can also be sent by postal mail to journalists for them to pin on their dashboards for easy recall. Below, we are presenting 5+ Nonprofit Media Kit Examples & Templates that will help you make a great media kit for your Nonprofit.

1. Nonprofit Social Media Kit Template

Today is the age of social media. All Nonprofits too have to maintain a good presence online. This media kit is specifically designed to help you out in that. It has a very good colour combination and attractive features. All details of the Nonprofit can be easily incorporated on different pages and will give excellent results. Such a media kit is bound to leave a mark in the mind of the readers and will create a good recall image. This media kit is comprehensive and covers all online platforms so will have no dearth of material to create a brand image on all online media platforms.

2. Nonprofit Media Kit Two-Colour Template

This media kit has a two colour tones and is also very impressive. All details have been enlisted and given enough room so that your good deeds can get a good exposure on all fronts. It has a very decent look and can appeal to all segments of your audience. All details including logo, mission statement, targets achieved etc can be incorporated easily making your job very simple. All you have to do is use this simple to understand format and rest assured that your media kit is going to be engrossing and functional as well. It is downloadable and printable.

3. Nonprofit Media Kit Professional Template

For those Nonprofits that wish to give an upmarket and professional look to their media kit, this two-colour combination media kit is an excellent choice. All details can be included in the different pages that are clearly marked out. You are sure to receive an excellent response once you start distributing this media kit. The professional look that it carries is going to impress all and sundry with its attractive design and colour theme. It is downloadable and printable as well.

4. Nonprofit Fundraiser Event Media Kit Template

In case, you are planning a fundraiser or any other event that is the need of the hour, here is an event-specific media kit that any Nonprofit can use and benefit from. It has the best compilation of various things that need to be mentioned for an event and is a very helpful guide. You would certainly want maximum participation in your event and for that, a media kit that is super-impressive must be designed or adopted. This sample template is a step in that direction. It is also editable so you have a free reign to unleash your creativity on it.  It is free to download and is printable as well.

5. Nonprofit One-Page Media Kit Template

For those Nonprofits who are keen to save on paper, this one-page media kit is just the thing. It comes in two colour combinations – first is a ‘Black and White’ one and the second one is a multi-colour option. It has all the necessary details that one would like to provide in brief to their readers and donors. This is a novel concept and is also something Nonprofits that are environmentally conscious can push with zest to further impress upon their donors and patrons on the idea of paper conservation. This sample template can also be used if you are running short of time and have a lot of action items pending still.

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