10+ Best Nonprofit Brochure Examples & Templates

Every Nonprofit that exists, must get into the act of letting people know about their existence. Only then will the general public take an interest in what they do. People will consider donating money and other items only if they believe in you.

For generating that goodwill, it is important that your Nonprofit create a Brochure to introduce itself to the world. We list the 10+ Best Nonprofit Brochure Examples and Templates for you to select from so that your work becomes easier.

1. Food Volunteer Nonprofit Brochure Template


A brochure is an introductory contact that an organisation has with the outside world. It has to leave an impact on the reader. For a Nonprofit that is running a food bank, a volunteer is their lifeline. So to get more volunteers they need to make a good brochure that will attract their interest. The above template serves that purpose with its design and colour theme.

2. Brochure Template for Environment & Recycling Nonprofit


For the Nonprofit that is into saving Mother Earth from the ravages of non-biodegradable elements, distributing an appealing brochure to the concerned people makes a big difference. The green and blue colour combination is a representation of the basic earth elements and are quite appropriate for this purpose. It will surely motivate people to become more conscious of our duty towards our planet.

3. Template for Children Nonprofit Brochure


For the nonprofit working for the uplift of children, a colourful and attractive brochure is a must to make a good first impression. This template serves that purpose and is designed intelligently to accommodate all details in it. It provides a very engaging visual and has good recall value.

4. Rehab Centre Nonprofit Brochure Template


This brochure template has a wonderful colour scheme and leaves enough space for all details to be included as well. This looks very appropriate for a Nonprofit running a Rehab Center. The design is novel and sharp looking. The contrasting colour combination is also very striking.

5. Nonprofit for Foster Care & Adoption Brochure Template


To encourage people to become foster parents or better still, to adopt a child is no mean task. So a good brochure always helps in making the job easier. For a Nonprofit that is running an adoption agency, this will be the ideal template as its soft colour scheme is very appealing and the chirpy design is also very attractive.

6. Community Care Nonprofit Brochure Template


Engaging the people of a community to help build itself is also a very daunting task. To make people shed their inhibitions and come forward as a collective is the important requirement of a Nonprofit that is into community development. So, a good introductory brochure will go many a mile in helping accomplish this job. The above template is the right one for getting this done. With its trendy design and good images, it will attract most of the people reading it.

7. Nonprofit for Environment Brochure Template


Those who are working tirelessly towards saving our environment deserve a helping hand and this brochure template goes forward and does just that. It projects a simple yet powerful visual to the reader. As you can see, a lot of information can be portrayed in this format and is a very handy tool in the promotion of the organisation.

8. Charity Run NGO Brochure Sample


If you are organising a charity for raising funds then you need to aggressively advertise the event. For that, a good looking, eye-catching brochure is a must and the above template is just the right one. Its bright facade is eyeball-grabbing and the information presented is also in a very good format. That will ensure maximum participation from the readers.

9. Brochure Design for Adolescent Counselling Nonprofit


Adolescents are our future. They need to be counselled and guided properly to ensure a bright future for them. So having a great looking informative brochure is a must for a Nonprofit working for adolescent counselling. This template is very attractive and is certainly going to be of great help in spreading the right message and identity of the organisation.

10. Education Foundation Nonprofit Brochure Template


Education ensures a stable and rewarding career and lifestyle. So if your Nonprofit is working for the uplift of education for the poor kids then you would be well advised to take help of the above brochure template in spreading awareness of the same. It is a very engaging piece of artistry that is simple and has a great visual appeal at the same time.

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