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Do you ever feel like weekends have become too short for a good, deep slumber that you are truly deserving of due to the stressful operations of your company? Well, there are really days where workloads are too extreme that it grants you no option, but sheer exhaustion. This usually happens when a new service or product penetrates a market. Just endure the backbreaking workloads and patiently wait for the time when stress traffics calm down to a stop. Then, you will have plenty of time figuring out which region of the world grants you a well-deserved gratification. You can even blog about it after traveling or make a travel catalog from your experience.

Travel Agency Catalog Template Example

travel agency catalog template
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Travel Guide Catalog Template Example

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Traveling is one of the best therapies to cure the work-induced stress. If you want to check out which places are worthy of paying a visit you can always get a travel brochure or better yet, a travel catalog at a travel trade fair, airport, hotels, travel agencies. You could also surf the web. A travel catalog is a lot like an advertising flyer or advertising brochure which makes an effective marketing tool for foreigners who desire to explore various cultures and participate in activities present in the land. This article highlights the usages of a travel catalog and why you can profit by producing one or put it on your blog. Uncertain of how catalogs are done? Check the downloadable samples below and use them as your guidelines in creating one.

Simple Travel Catalog


Landscape Travel Agency Catalog

landscape travel agency catalog

A5 Travel Catalog Template

a5 travel catalog template

Travel Catalog for Families

travel catalog for families

Usages of a Travel Catalog

The phrase “…can anyone find me a travel catalog” might ring a bell to you if someone in your social circle is fond of traveling. A travel catalog is something you should never forget to include on your vacation checklist, for this makes traveling convenient. Aside from personal matters, businesses can take advantage of travel catalogs. These can be used for the following purposes:

  • Travel catalogs allow various businesses to market their services by collaborating with catalog producers for their business products and services to be featured. Readers of the catalog will then know that a particular business exists in such country. Usually, it is a challenge for a business when other countries carry out a similar business, for it is common for foreigners to try something out that does not exist in their countries.
  • A travel catalog may serve as your guide when planning to go on a vacation. Tourists who only know a thing or two about a certain destination can greatly benefit from carrying travel catalogs with them since a catalog consists of information that the tourist ought to know about. Places with abundant histories are what compel readers to visit the place not only because of having a picturesque scenery but also because they want to relish the historical events immortalized by books.
  • A travel catalog contains a list of what you can do when you reach the place and a breakdown of expenses to ensure that you’ll never run short of budget. We are too familiar that budgeting your travel money can grant you stress which may cause you an impediment as you become discouraged by this. Well, a catalog helps you out with proper budgeting; though, we recommend you always bring an extra with you should there be a discovery of events in the place you are visiting that pique your interest.
  • Travel catalogs can be used as a souvenir as a classic display in your house. If you are a memory hoarded, then you may paste your travel catalog on the walls of your room artistically once you arrive from your stress-relieving vacation.

Travel Guide Catalog

travel guide catalog

Travel Agency Catalog

travel agency catalog

Cute Travel Adventure Catalog

cute travel adventure catalog

Travel Photo Album Catalogue

travel photo album catalogue

What’s in a Catalog?

A travel catalog is the most favored guide of people who are fond of traveling since it’s content contains all the information they need when organizing their plans for traveling. The information referred by the latter are as follows:

  • Tourist spots that the country is famous for. The featured tourist spots come with informative contents that act as a force which compels travelers to pay their visits. A travel catalog is one thing that an explorer always carries with him or her for it acts as a guide regarding what can be done when visiting such a place and, too, inculcate them about how the phases of history made the site what it is in the current.
  • Cultures that tourists should be aware of. For you to prevent a series of culture shocks, always do a research about the cultures that are practiced in the country you are going to visit. Just grab a catalog and you’ll know what certain actions are allowed and those that are not. As a tourist, you want to avoid any unpleasant encounters with a local just because you have done something that offends their culture, which in your country is completely natural. Thing is, you might have to explain your actions to someone who speaks only of their native tongue– or worse, carry out the explanation to one of the country’s police headquarters. It’s important for tourists to know a little bit of the cultures present in the countries they are going to visit and a travel catalog is just the right tool for that.   
  • Travel-related businesses or any businesses present in the country. Aside from featuring the marvels that mother nature has blessed the country with, various businesses are also featured in travel catalog. This helps tourists know which restaurants are ideal for dates if you are traveling with your partner or which restaurants serve the best dishes at a cheaper rate. Restaurant menus with enticing designs are featured in it to help tourists decide which restaurant caters to their appetite that is just right on their budget. Aside from that, there are other businesses related to traveling that helps them market their services and products conveniently.
  • Pictures that make the country as it is. The totality of a travel catalog represents a country that it features or advertises. A good catalog highlights all the cultures and events that are celebrated in each of them to paint the country flamboyantly. Not only that, catalogs have a fluent delivery of values that are common in the country.

Origami Real Estate Travel Catalog

origami real estate travel catalog

Blue Travel Agency Catalog

blue travel agency catalog

Tips for Developing a Good Travel Catalog

With all the things mentioned above, creating a travel catalog may sound so much of a workload. Well, there are certain guidelines that must always be followed or bent when you become an expert in developing one and, too, tips to help you out come up with an effective output. If you wish to develop a travel catalog which you may post on your blog once you have successfully explored the cultures and picturesque wonders of a certain country, the tips below can definitely help you out.

  • Practice your photography skills. A catalog is rich in high-quality images for it to appeal immensely to the readers or viewers. There is no need for you to enroll in an expensive university to enhance your photography skills for you can always refer to tutorials found on digital platforms. Additionally, you can always look for images that can be found online for you to know what angles a landscape is shot dramatically. By applying the researched photography tips, coming up with quality images is a task that becomes manageable.
  • Develop a compelling content. A catalog’s content needs to be informative since it provides a precise breakdown of expenses when paying a visit to a country. These expenses can refer to vehicle fares, hotel stays, number of days you are staying in the country, dining expenses and many more. Additionally, a content needs to be concise travel a catalog consists of sections that promote varied topics of business and personal matters.
  • Refer to catalogs you see online. By referring to the catalogs you see here, you will have a clear idea of developing an effective one. This enables you to develop ideas that relate successfully to your readers convincing them to explore the place you just recently did. There’s no need for you to look at other travel catalogs for what we present to you in this article are only the best of the best.
  • Choose a design that does not overwhelm other catalog elements. The design plays a vital role when it comes to creating a travel catalog. Since the design is the element that is commonly noticed first, a messed up design guarantees you that your blog won’t be read or that your catalog will be ignored. Choose a neat and a professional design that gives justice to the other elements rather than resorting to one that overpowers other elements. Choosing a heavy design to apply to your catalog sets the chances of it being read as a mere rolling of a dice– relying on chances may exceed your expectations or disappoint them rather drastically.

Travel catalogs are essentials that need to be committed to memory when you are planning to go on a short vacation. Given that you can utilize them in many ways, always pack one with you along your cheerful journey.

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