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A catalog is defined as a complete list of items in a systematic order. The officially recorded history of catalog dates back to the 18th century. Catalogs have evolved with the demand of the market. Marketing has become an inevitable part of the operations of every business and catalog plays an essential role in promoting a brand, product, and its services. A travel catalog is published by travel agencies or by the tourism department of the state to promote a city and its culture. A travel catalog can help in the promotion of customized tour packages by travel agents. Catalogs help tourists who are potential customers in choosing the right destination for their holiday according to their taste and budget.

This article will cover examples, templates, and samples of some of the best travel catalogs.

Travel Catalog Examples & Templates

1. Travel Agency Catalog Template Example

Travel Agency Catalog Template
File Format
  • InDesign
  • Photoshop

Size: US, A4


2. Travel Guide Catalog Template Example

Travel Guide Catalog Template
File Format
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: US, A4


3. Free Travel Catalog Template Example

Free Travel Catalog Template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher
  • InDesign

Size: 8.5×11 inches

Free Download

Travel agencies around the world prefer to have a travel catalog. It helps travelers to locate and book exciting locations for their holiday travel. A travel catalog must be designed according to the destination it intends to feature. A poorly designed travel catalog can do more damage to a firm than potential promotion. This file is an example of an editable travel catalog. The entire design of the catalog is based on a black theme that helps in making the location pictures rich & elegant. Download this template and prepare a travel catalog for your agency now.

4. Travel Catalog Brochure Template

Travel Catalog Brochure

Designing is an important aspect of a catalog and so is the content. Magnificent design and a prominent content is the key to an ideal travel catalog. The above file is one such template of a travel catalog. It is a modern and professional template by experts. It includes sixteen unique pages designed in 300 DPI. Designed in lighter shades of sky blue and white colors, this template is a perfect combination of format and alignment. Download this template and substitute relevant details about a destination to make the catalog print ready.

5. Travel Agency Catalog Brochure

Travel Agency Catalog

Preparing a travel agency catalog with multiple tourist destinations was conventionally tough. Now, it is easy, affordable, and convenient with the above travel agency catalog template. It is a twenty-two-page editable template designed in multicolor with contrasting font style & texture. It enables one to work on the master page and make the file print ready or generate a PDF document

6. Travel Adventure Catalogue

Travel Adventure Catalogue

The above file is a unique one of its kind blank handmade travel adventure catalog. Such blank catalogs are used by travel enthusiasts to make a personalized record of their journey. The above catalog is made from recycled papers and comes in a pack of two A6 sized notebooks. The traditional bookbinding technique has been used to bind the forty internal pages.

7. Holiday Travel Catalog Template

Solo Travel Catalog

This file is a thirty-two-page solo travel catalog featuring the waterways of Holland & Belgium. It is a sample catalog with detailed pictorial information for the people interested in visiting the region. It is perfectly aligned and has an absolutely balanced synchronization of pictures and texts. It includes details about the places to visits, food, stays, and other aspects of the journey.

8. Travel Catalog Template

Travel Catalog Template

Are you looking for a print-ready travel catalog template? Download the above template that contains twenty-two unique pages in 8.26×5.82 size. The template provides an unlimited color option and a PDF help guide to assist one in modifying the catalog. It is available in A5 Size and is fully editable.

9. Travel Agency Brochure Catalog

Travel Agency Brochure Catalog

Preparing a customized travel agency catalog has become convenient with this travel agency catalog. It is designed in a white background based theme with a mixture of smooth green color in the shades to make this template a unique design. It has eight-pages and can be instantly downloaded.

10. Official Travel Catalogue Template

Official Travel Catalogue

The above file is a ZAP official travel catalog. It has textured graphics with original illustrations on the title page and also includes the provision to insert them in the following pages. With the proper decoration of photographs and content, one can make an amazing official travel catalog with this template.

11. Travel Catalog Asia Journies

Travel Catalog Asia Journies

An attractive travel catalog demands time and patience in designing. Several designers and a team of expert content creators work constantly for days to publish an impactful travel catalog. The above file is one such sample of an attractive travel catalog featuring the journey of Asia.

12. Travel Guide Catalog Template

Travel Guide Catalog

This file is an editable travel guide template. It has a beach theme design and is a bi-fold type catalog. It includes twelve-pages and is available for download in 148×210 mm size. Smart objects are used in graphics with 300DPI resolution and CMYK color mode in print.

13. Catalog For Traveling Exhibition

Catalog For Traveling Exhibition

The above file is a pictorial catalog for a traveling exhibition. It has a simple and classic design, which is a perfect fit to feature the impressionism 1874-1886 as it happens to be the core painting of the exhibition. It includes 204 impressions in full color and 14 impressions in black and white.

14. Catalog World Travel Template

Catalog World Travel

A world tour sounds amazing and a world travel catalog must live up to the expectations of potential clients to encourage them to take the trip. This file is a one of its kind editable world travel catalog template with polished white theme. The catalog emphasizes on pictures to tell the tale and falls in the category of classically designed catalogs.

15. Travel Catalog Brochure Template

Travel Catalog Brochure Template

This file is a twelve-page editable travel catalog template designed by professionals to furnish your catalog requirements. It can be modified in a Photoshop CS and above version. Exclusive alignment and formatting patterns make it an attractive and sober travel catalog.

16. Travel Guide Catalog Templates

Travel Guide Catalog Templates

Traveling catalogs should be compelling and impactful. They are an important source of conveying the excitement and charm of a journey to potential travelers. The above file is one such eye-catching template of a travel agency catalog. It can be edited as required in just no time. It is a bi-fold type of catalog with twelve-pages including the title page.

17. Travel Magazine Catalog Template

Travel Magazine Catalog

The above file is an exclusively designed travel magazine catalog template. It is designed in cheery red and white color combination. It is completely customizable and includes a PDF help guide for convenience. It has a unique layout and comes with thirty-two-pages.

18. Travel Agency Catalog Design

Touristalia Travel Agency Catalog Design

Do you intend to build an efficient travel agency catalog template? Download the above template which has a non-conventional theme with a rotating color shade on the headers of each page. It is made with high-resolution graphics and is fully customizable.

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