Resignation Letter for Lack of Career Advancement

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

Resignation Letter for Lack of Career Advancement

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Mickey Humphrey
123 Oak Street
Springfield, IL, 62704
[email protected]
February 14, 2024

Clinton Sanford
Director of Operations
Acme Corp
456 Elm Street
Springfield, IL, 62705

Dear Mr. Sanford,

I am writing to formally resign from my position as Senior Analyst at Acme Corp, effective two weeks from today, March 1, 2024. After much deliberation, I have decided to pursue an opportunity that offers more in the way of career advancement, a component I find lacking in my current role.

I would like to express my genuine appreciation for the experiences and challenges that have been presented to me during my tenure at Acme Corp. Working under your leadership and alongside our team has contributed significantly to my professional development.

In the coming weeks, I am fully committed to ensuring a smooth transition. I will complete all outstanding work and provide assistance in transferring my responsibilities to my successor. I am also willing to participate in the training of my replacement to ensure continuity in our department’s operations.

Thank you again for the opportunity to be a part of Acme Corp. I look forward to staying in touch and hope to cross paths in the future under different circumstances.


Mickey Humphrey

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