Meeting Minutes for IEP

Meeting Details

  • Meeting Title: Annual IEP Review Meeting for Ethan Smith
  • Date: October 14, 2024
  • Time: 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
  • Location: Lincoln Elementary School, Room 102
  • Attendees: Laura Smith (Mother), David Smith (Father), Jane Johnson (Special Education Teacher), Mike Anderson (School Psychologist), Emily Davis (Speech Therapist), Alex Green (Occupational Therapist)
  • Absent: None

Call to Order

  • Opening: The meeting was called to order at 10:05 AM by Jane Johnson.

Review of Previous IEP Goals

  • Academic Performance: Jane Johnson reviewed Ethan’s progress on his academic goals, noting significant improvement in reading comprehension but slower progress in math skills.
  • Speech and Language: Emily Davis reported Ethan has met most of his speech goals, particularly in articulation, but still needs support with language pragmatics.
  • Occupational Therapy: Alex Green discussed Ethan’s advancements in fine motor skills and recommended continuing therapy to further improve handwriting and cutting skills.

Assessment Reports

  • Psychological Evaluation: Mike Anderson presented the results of Ethan’s recent psychological evaluation, indicating strengths in visual-spatial skills and areas for growth in executive functioning.
  • Educational Assessment: Jane Johnson provided an overview of Ethan’s performance on standardized tests, which supports the need for continued specialized instruction in math.

Discussion of New IEP Goals

  • Math Skills: The team agreed to introduce new strategies for math instruction, focusing on problem-solving and conceptual understanding.
  • Language Pragmatics: Emily Davis proposed new goals to enhance Ethan’s conversational skills and social communication.
  • Executive Functioning: Mike Anderson suggested incorporating activities and supports to improve Ethan’s organizational skills and attention.

Additional Supports and Services

  • Technology Aids: Discussion on integrating technology aids, like software and apps, to support Ethan’s learning and engagement.
  • Parental Involvement: Laura and David Smith expressed a desire to be more involved in Ethan’s education plan. Jane Johnson proposed monthly updates and workshops for parents.

Agreement and Consent

  • The proposed IEP, including new goals and services, was reviewed in detail. Laura and David Smith gave their consent to the new IEP, acknowledging their rights and the process for disputes.

Next Steps

  • Implementation: Jane Johnson to coordinate with all service providers to implement the new IEP by October 21, 2024.
  • Monitoring: Regular monitoring and quarterly reviews of Ethan’s progress towards the new IEP goals.
  • Parental Communication: Laura and David Smith to receive monthly progress reports and have access to a dedicated contact for any immediate concerns.


  • Closing: The meeting was adjourned at 11:25 AM by Jane Johnson.

Prepared by:

  • Mike Anderson, School Psychologist


  • October 14, 2024

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