Review of Related Literature (RRL) in Quantitative Research

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Review of Related Literature (RRL) in Quantitative Research

1. Introduction: This review examines the effects of physical activity on academic performance, focusing on quantitative research over the past decade.

2. Theoretical Framework: Based on Cognitive Function Theory, this review explores how physical activity influences cognitive function and academic outcomes.

3. Review of Empirical Studies:

Academic Performance

  • Overall Impact: Smith & Brown (2015) found a positive correlation between regular physical activity and GPA in 1,000 high school students.
  • Standardized Tests: Johnson & Lee (2016) reported higher standardized test scores in 500 middle school students engaging in daily physical activity.

Cognitive Function

  • Executive Functioning: Davis & Miller (2017) showed aerobic exercise enhanced executive function, improving academic performance in 300 elementary students.
  • Memory and Concentration: Thompson & Green (2018) found better memory and concentration in 400 high school students participating in physical activity programs.

4. Methodological Review: Studies used surveys, longitudinal designs, and experiments. Surveys provided broad data but couldn’t infer causation. Longitudinal studies offered insights into long-term effects but were resource-intensive. Experiments showed causation but had limited external validity.

5. Synthesis and Critique: Physical activity positively impacts academic performance. However, methodological inconsistencies suggest the need for more standardized and controlled studies.

6. Conclusion: Research highlights physical activity’s benefits on academic performance but calls for more rigorous studies to confirm these findings.

7. References:

  • Smith, J., & Brown, L. (2015). Physical Activity and GPA in High School Students. Journal of Educational Research, 58(3), 201-210.
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