Persuasive Speech

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Persuasive Speech

June 4, 1940; the day when Prime Minister Winston Churchill spoke before the House of Commons, and gave a report that celebrated the safe rescue of their troops that were stranded on the beach of Dunkirk while also seeking to raise a point on Britain not negotiating peace terms with the monster Adolf Hitler.

“Even though large tracts of Europe and many old and famous States have fallen or may fall into the grip of the Gestapo and all the odious apparatus of Nazi rule, we shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans…” Churchill

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August 8, 1942. India was under the direct rule of Britain for almost a century and, many of the locals had enough. Mahatma Gandhi, who was the founder of non-violent civil disobedience tactics, together with the National Indian Congress, in his speech “Quit India” demanded complete independence from British rule as they pushed for a completely non-violent movement .

“But it is my conviction that in as much as these struggles were fought with the weapon of violence, they failed to realize the democratic ideal. In the democracy which I have envisaged, a democracy established by non-violence, there will be equal freedom for all.” Gandhi

August 28, 1963; after the concept of black men being slaves ended only a century after 1863, African-Americans were promised full equality. But instead, they were denied of their human rights as human beings by turned away in restaurants, black children were hosed down, people looked at them with contempt, black children were being bused to separate schools. Dr. Martin Luther King, a avid believer of Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent civil disobedience tactics had enough of this and took to the streets and then and there, delivered his address at Washington D.C Civil Rights March, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

“I have a dream that one day down in Alabama, with its vicious racists, with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of interposition and nullification – one day right there in Alabama little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.” Dr. King

What do these three speakers have in common other than the fact they are all males? They are not only known as the greatest persuasive speakers of all time, but they are also activists who stand up for something that they would want their convictions and beliefs to be heard by the audience. Unlike argumentative speeches, persuasive speeches have the goal of convincing the audiences to what they stand for in order to bring about a change the way in their thinking and the way they live.

Purpose of a Good Persuasion Speech

A persuasive speech is meant to influence to change the perception of the audience in terms of their perception, belief, opinions, regarding a certain issue or topic that seems timely. The author of the said speech has the objective to challenge the audience’s way of thinking, conceptions as well as misconceptions, and to draw their attention into conceding with the beliefs of the one delivering the speech.

One purpose of the persuasive speech is to enhance the belief of the listeners in a particular issue. During the 2016 US Elections, Presidential Candidate Donald Trump promised to make America great again in attempt to deliver the following promises during his term: repeal Obamacare, build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, suspend immigration from terror-prone places, cut taxes for everyone, and lower the business tax rate.

Despite the fact that the millennial generation had placed their bets for Democrat Secretary Hillary Clinton’s victory over that of the Republican, Donald Trump eventually won and took his seat in office as the 45th President of the United States of America (POTUS). Listed below is a sample outline of a persuasive speech written by Tom Wingard:

Simple Persuasive Speech Example

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Process of Writing a Good Persuasive Speech

Once you start writing a persuasive speech, you need to be careful as it demands careful planning and fact-based presentation to convince your audience. Without those, it would just be another blabbermouth running his mouth, not knowing what he is trying to do. Like all speeches, it must be backed by research, statistical figures, data, quotes, figures, tables, real-life events, or anything that has happened that might convince the audience to believe you.

It is important that you learn to organize your files and your data cohesively and coherently to provide a smooth transition so that the audience may keep track of the pointers that you have delivered to them over the course of the speech. It is important that you prepare a draft ahead of time as well as an outline that acts as a guide to assist you throughout your speech.

Writing your Persuasive Speech Outline

Shall we begin? Writing speeches have numerous challenges. Writing speeches are one thing, but it is another when you deliver it in front off the crowd. To help you with that, here a few guidelines that can help you when drafting your speech outline for the first time.

  1. Choose your topic. Find a topic that suits best to your many interests and likes. However, if the topic is just going to be assigned to you, you will have to exert extra effort in making the selected topic worthwhile to the listeners.
  2. Implement guidelines. The takeaway for the audience. If you have nothing to give the audience whatsoever, then there is absolutely no point in giving the speech in the first place if the audience learns nothing from it. It would only be a waste of time for both the speaker and crowd.
  3. Grab the listener’s attention. First impressions matter. Start strong and end strong. If you give a very weak impression, where does that leave your audience? Today’s audience have very high expectations among the speakers. If you bore them out the first few minutes of your talk, then they would likely fall asleep all throughout your speech, even if you are getting to the interesting and fun part.
  4. Establish credibility. Do not make a fool out of yourself by saying nonsense. make sure that you manage to research everything beforehand. After your research, learn to verify. In this age of fake news, there is also the tendency of fake information. Get your information from reliable sources.
  5. Make a thesis statement. This thesis statement serves as the summary of the argument you are trying to make in a sentence.
  6. Recap your points. Try to convince the crowd on why the issue is considered critical and important in today’s society. In doing so, tell the crowd of the little things they can do to help become a part of the solution, instead of increasing the problem about the said issue. Point out the cause and effect of a solution done correctly and a solution done incorrectly. At the end of the day, let the audience leave with a takeaway that they can remember..
  7. Summarize your points again. Go back to the main points that you have made in your speech, but keep it short and simple to help refresh the memory of the audience.
  8. Add transitions. After finishing with point A, how would you then proceed to point B and still make sense of point A? You add transitions so that the flow of the speech will become smooth.
  9. Be aware of who you are speaking to. Know your target audience. The more you know them, the more you can adjust the content of your speech for the audience to relate to it better. And in the understanding of who your target audience is, you might be able to insert some jokes. But make it a point that they are not too informal.

After completing your outline, you begin to start plotting out the speech itself. You may refer to persuasive speech examples. There are numerous topics that you can choose from, it all depends on the timeliness and the relevance of that said issue in society. In light of the recent Florida shootings, both students and parents alike have had enough of seeing their dead child or dead classmate because of a monster that was able to get an assault rifle at the age of eighteen.

The students, faculty, and parents of Stoneman Douglas High School took part in a debate that was organized by Cable News Network (CNN) with representatives of the state and the National Rifle Association (NRA) in helping resolve this issue. Their pleas and their cries have reached the ears of Senator Mark Rubio and promised that change would be coming to the nation.

Remember, persuasion is a gift. If you are able to convince someone naturally to support your cause, then consider yourself lucky. If not, then practice, practice, practice!

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