12 Hyperbole Examples for Kids


Younger generation these days use more exaggeration than adults do. When it comes to emotions, kids sure know how to get around just to have what they want. They overemphasize things so that they can get the attention of people, not knowing that what they are using are hyperbole examples. Hyperbole is a figure of speech derived from a Greek word which means “excess” and basically, it is the opposite of understatement.

Kids may not have any idea about hyperbole but they are actually making use of it everyday. Most of the time, you can notice them use exaggeration when they need something from their parents or friends such as buying an ice cream for them on a sunny day or cooking a delicious dinner for them. We usually think that the statements or words we use don’t mean anything but they actually do and kids using hyperbole unconsciously is a great example. Below are some of the commonly used hyperbole for kids.

That was the easiest test in the world


When kids take a test, they are usually more scared than confident in answering the questions because they are afraid to fail. However, in the sample hyperbole above, kids surely sound excited about taking an easy test. Saying that the test he took is the easiest in the world is just actually an exaggeration on how simple the test was. In real life, you can never tell if that was the easiest exam in the whole world because you have not taken any other simple exam.

Example statements:

I did not study anything yesterday but luckily, that was the easiest test in the world.

It’s impossible that you’ll fail the exam. It was the easiest test in the world!

I’m going to stay awake all night and catch Santa Claus

children think 2951787

We all have those childhood memories of expecting a gift from Santa Claus every Christmas season. Just like the statement above, kids are surely curious about Santa Claus and wants to prove his existence. To exaggerate his point, a boy might say he is going to wait all night just to catch Santa Claus which of course in real life is impossible. It is just an overstatement of his excitement to see Santa Claus up close, and ask for an early Christmas gift.

Example statements:

It’s Christmas day so I’m going to stay awake all night and catch Santa Claus.    

I was crying really hard when my mother told me I cannot stay awake all night and catch Santa Claus.

Disneyland is the best idea ever

disneyland 919924

It’s always a kid’s dream to visit the ever wonderful Disneyland to see their favorite characters and take a picture with them. That’s why when you tell them that they are going to spend their summer vacation in Disneyland, they will definitely tell you that it’s the best idea ever like being born in this world is not. Sometimes, kids really like exaggerating because they can easily get what they want.

Example statements:

With a lot of beautiful places to visit during holidays, Disneyland is still the best idea ever!

I always tell my Mom that if ever she is planning to give me a gift, a trip to Disneyland is still the best idea ever.

Her smile was a mile wide

her smile was a mile wide

The statement above means that someone is smiling wide that it could reach from ear to ear. Most of the time, kids look so happy while playing, eating or even just watching their favorite cartoon show that is why it is easier for them to notice a wide mile smile.

Example statements:

She is watching Tom and Jerry and I can really see her smile as mile wide when her favorite part appears.

Her smile was a mile wide when I show her my gift for Christmas.

Let us be best friends forever

let us be best friends forever

If you ask a child whom they value in their lives aside from family, they will definitely tell you it is their best friends. One of the ways to show how important their friends are is to tell them that they should already be best friends forever. We know forever does not exist but it is actually an exaggeration on how kids value friendship.

Example statements:

We have been very close since third grade, let us be best friends forever.

Let us be best friends forever like our parents.

He knows everything about math

people 316506


It is a given fact that out of all the subjects in school, kids will most likely hate math. When someone is so good with numbers, they will usually say that he already knows everything about math, but of course that is just an exaggeration because nobody can ever know everything about math. Kids just really love using hyperbole to add emotion on their statements.

Example statements:

He finished the test in less than an hour, it seems that he knows everything about math.

He is known as a math wizard in school because he knows everything about math.

She would never stops talking

two happy girls playing


The hyperbole above means that someone is too chatty that it seems like he or she does not want to stop talking anymore. However, in reality it is impossible that you keep on talking all day non stop. It is just an exaggeration kids use to somehow show that they are not that interested into whatever someone is telling them.

Example statements:

I do not like being seatmate with Natalie because she never stops talking and I cannot focus.

She never stops talking about her new lunch box the whole day.

His stomach is a bottomless pit

illustration of man waiting the food


When someone eats like there is no tomorrow, this is the hyperbole that kids usually use. It means that his or her stomach can accommodate more than what other kids can just like a bottomless pit. Kids like to make fun of their friends most especially when it comes too eating, that is why they exaggerate the fact that someone can really eat a lot without getting full.

Example statements:

I think his stomach is a bottomless pit because we just eat buffet for lunch and now he is eating cookies again.

My mother said his stomach is a bottomless pit because he never stops getting more food from time to time.

My Dad is always working

school kid boy studying in front of the computer


It is a given fact that kids will most likely look for their parents when they got home. Dads are commonly known to be the one working really hard for the family so most of the time, he is not around when his child arrive from school. That is why kids will say that their Dad is always working even though it is not because they can rarely see their Dads at home.

Example statements:

I think my Dad is always working because I can only see my mother most of the time at home.

I only spend few days with Dad during the holidays because he is always working.

Decorated with a million flowers

highland meadow in pyrenees


When kids see something beautiful that is surrounded with flowers, they will usually describe it as decorated with a million flowers. Flowers are one of the things that kids enjoy a lot because of its attractive aura. That is why seeing a bulk or a big collection of flowers will really caught their eye following it everywhere. However, decorated with a million flowers is just an exaggeration of how many and beautiful a bulk of flowers look.

Example statements:

That float is like decorated with a million flowers and it is amazing!

I really love ornaments that is why I pleased my mother to decorate it with a million flowers.

My Birthday will never come

stock photo portrait of a sad pretty little girl in a birthday hat sitting in a pile of present boxes and 744691162

Birthdays are one of the most anticipated celebration of children aside from Christmas. However, when you feel like nothing is too special on your day, you would only wish that your Birthday will never come. This hyperbole is commonly used by kids who felt like their Birthday will be the saddest event of their life to the point that they hope it will skip the date on the calendar. However, this is just an overstatement since we all know that you cannot skip a date on the calendar not unless you are born an a leap year. Kids just really like exaggerating their feelings to emphasize how sad or happy they are.

Example statements:

I do not have any friends in school that is why I wish my birthday will never come.

We cannot afford a grand celebration on my special day so I just hope my birthday will never come.

Best teacher of all time

background of children learning in class with teacher


Just like us, kids also have their bet as the best teacher of all time. However, this is just an exaggeration on how they look up to their teacher that they even consider him the best among the rest. Kids do have their own way of appreciating things that most of the time they have biases when it comes to choices.

Example statements:

Mr. Nice has been in this institution for almost fifteen years that he is already my best teacher of all time.

She is my best teacher of all time because she is really sweet to me and teaches me everything I do not understand.

As kids love to exaggerate things when they are in awe of something, hyperbole statements are really useful to explain their emotions. However, there will be times that we tend to misunderstood them for too much exaggeration just to emphasize what they really wanted to say. Talking to them nicely and asking them what they really mean about their overstatement reaction is still the best option to understand them.

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