The Ultimate Millennial Life Goals

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

The Ultimate Millennial Life Goals

To all millennials out there who feel lost, tired and depressed; here is an article to get you back on track and help you get up and running to achieve your goals and take over the world.

Who are Millennials?

Before we hop into millennial life goals, let us first identify which generation can be classified as millennial. You may also see learning goals.

You may have heard about the Millennial Generation, or also known as Generation Y. You may also see SMART Goal.


According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the term “millennial” generally refers to the generation of children born between the early 1980s and 1990s, but there is an argument that children born in the early 2000s are also classified as millennials. You may also see internship goals.

The Millennial Generation or Generation Y comes after Generation X (children born between the early 1960s and the 1980s). You may also see teacher goals.

Similar to other generations, millennials have their own perceived positive and negative traits. They are considered as intelligent, witty and well-informed due to easy access of the internet. On the flip side though, they are more unruly, selfish, and are easily distracted due mainly to the accessibility that technology brings. Millennials are also classified as the “Me Generation” since they want everything in a snap of a finger, oftentimes neglecting the interests of their family and society as a whole.

The Ultimate Millenial Life Goals

Life goals of individuals have changed over the years. Gone are the days where life goals would include taking care of cattle and raising 10 children. Time and technology have both aided (both positively and negatively) to the shift of goals that people want to achieve.

Listed below are life goals which millennials are aiming for these days. If you are a millennial yourself, read on!


One of the main reasons why millennials work because they want to save money to travel. Millennials are adventurous as they want to explore the world. Compared to 20-30 years ago, it would be almost impossible for a person to fly to another country without shelling out thousands of dollars.

Addittionally, millennials travel to showcase the locations they visited in social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. You may also see corporate goals.


Accummulate material things (and money)

Due to easy access of the internet, millennials can look at all the current and upcoming products within seconds. This makes them aim for goals which center on purchasing material things. Among the material things that millennials want these days are smartphones, laptops, watches, headphones, shoes, signature clothes, gaming consoles, and jewelry to name a few.

It’s all about owning the most fashionable and most technologically advanced items. But it is not a requirement though as you can always accummulate your hard earned money for something else (i.e. travel, retirement, education, etc.). You may also see academic goals.

Have zero debt

Unfortunately, millennials have acquired the debt of the generations before them. They have no choice but to pay all of it off eventually. But the silver lining in this situation is that millennials are now more aware and careful of accumulating too much debt. Numerous trainings and manuals are found on the internet to help solve debt problems and other personal finance-related issues. And guess who spearhead these trainings— millennials. You may also see mentoring goals.

Retire early

Millennials mostly prefer financial freedom over retirement. But there is also a large number of millennials who work twice as hard so that they can retire early and enjoy the fruits of their labor. The three statements below perfectly relates to how millennials want to live their lives.

  1. When you are a child or a teenager, you have energy, time, but not money.
  2. When you are a adult, you have energy, money, but not time.
  3. When you are old, you have money, time, but not energy.

Millennials want to have time, money, and energy at the same time. They want to prove that they can do whatever they want with an abundant supply of cash while having bounds of energy to accomplish all the things they want to do. The trick to do all of these is to retire early. You may also see SMART Goal.

Have a successful career

While the most recent generations aim to have successful prefessional careers, nothing can compare to millennials who have much stronger drives on becoming the top indivduals of their respective fields. Ask any millennial on the career he/she wants to pursue, and most of them would reply CEO, manager, entrepreneur, lawyer, doctor, engineer, architect, politician, and the like. Some even take up masteral and doctorate programs so that they can get promoted faster and be in line for high level position in the organization. You may also see job goals.


Have multiple hobbies (and earn from them)

While aiming to have a successful career, most millennials also want to have a “side hustle”. This can mean hobbies that they want to earn from aside from their usual 9-5 schedule. Also thanks to the internet, millennials can learn new things with the help of video tutorials found mostly on Youtube. Side hustles may be cooking, playing an instrument, singing, web programming, graphic design, or learning a new language or sport. Just do a search and get ready to learn something new.

Side hustles don’t have to be income generating activities as you can always learn new hobbies for fun and you can showcase it your family and friends. You may also see team goals.

Live a healthy life

With the plethora of junk foods and fast food chains in every corner, millennials have also become eager to follow a healthier route. Similar to creating their own programs for financial literacy, they also create their own programs for health and fitness. Unfortunately, today’s lifestyle has changed for the worst. More and more preservatives are added in food and people are becoming too lazy because of fast and accessible technology. Thankfully though, millennials have rediscovered how to live a healthy and active life. You may also see annual goals.

Find a real purpose in life

Again, the internet contains so much information that it can even tell you what your purpose in real life is; although it is up to you if you believe it or not. The great thing about millennials is that they are goal-driven and they find purpose in the goals they set. Goals can either be career, family, travel, community service, and the like but whatever goals they set, they work on them with passion and intensity. That is how they find their real purpose in life. You may also see educational goals.


Find a life-long “clique”

In Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, one level in the pyramid lists down belongingness. It is evident that millennials want to be in a group, club or clique. But it is not just any clique though, as they want to be in a group where all the members share similar interests, beliefs, and ideas, and they share that bond for an entire lifetime. You may also see personal development goals.

Due to millennials being eager to join a group, they sometimes end up in the wrong ones (for example online social groups). There is nothing wrong with having online friends but when you replace real people (the ones you see and touch) with the ones you never see face-to-face, then it becomes a concerning issue which most of time causes depression and anxiety for millennials.


What do you expect from a generation that came up with the statement above as well as other millennial jargons such as “I can’t even”, “sorry not sorry”, “bae”, “the struggle is real”, and “TBH (to be honest)”? Millennials may be unpredictable, stubborn and selfish but they are also passionate, determined and goal-oriented. Nothing holds them back and they have set their eyes towards the future.

We hope you enjoyed reading our article on the ultimate life goals of millennials and how the generation can become a positive catalyst for the next one. If you are a millennial yourself, make sure you aim for the goals we listed above. You may also see business goals.

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