Personal Development Goals

It is natural for humans to aspire to become a better version of themselves as this is essential to achieve their long-sought dreams. These dreams do not merely refer to the dreams we’ve made from innocence’s uncertainties; these are the type of dreams where your willingness to overcome the challenges you’ll face ahead does not want just by thinking about them. The first step in attaining these dreams is by setting personal development goals.

It comes with an absolute need for you to develop yourself into a better individual by means of setting a personal development plan. Through this, you will be able to identify your faults easily and come up with strategies for overcoming them. The end results of an effective personal development goal increase your chance drastically in achieving your dreams and long-term goals sooner than planned. Before we start discussing the personal growth or development, it would be best to find out first the reaches where these can leave an immense impact not only on yourself but on the people surrounding you as well.

How Bettering Oneself Affects You and the People Around You

Personal development agenda might be perceived as selfish, for your focus only revolves around you. Well, this is not true at all. Personal growth does not only affect your performance, rather it affects the people you are surrounded with. How so?

Our growth feeds on the ways we react to certain circumstances, projects, and both people we admire and despise. In the events of unpleasant circumstances, it is natural for an innate complainer to complain things and discourage himself or herself to find resolutions in a task as profane and obscene languages are uttered in secret or blatantly. What do you expect? That a miracle has to happen or that another person should do it for you just because you can’t tolerate such an instance? The best way to do in such a time would be thinking critically about the procedures for resolving a problem and thinking what possibilities you can create by doing so. Once this is done, observant complainers are suddenly compelled to do the same.

Do you ever just wake up on a weekday and think about how stressful your day would be in your company? Work-induced stress is natural especially when work operations get busy from a new company project proposal. You have to start perceiving this as a chance for you not to show off how good you are when it comes to complaining, rather a perfect chance for you to hone your skills. There are times where you may falter and if you are unfortunate enough to have a short-tempered manager, never let disparaging remarks dishearten you. Ask your manager politely for a coaching or training program session for your work performance to become exemplary. Your manager will definitely feel sorry for the awful words he or she told you upon seeing your commitment to excellence and commitment to work. After the session or training is conducted, show your manager what you have learned. When you are able to ace all the tasks handed to you without errors, a training session will be conducted for people whose performances fall on the line of mediocrity or worse. These improvements do not only affect the workers’ personal and professional career growth for the company’s growth and progress will also come to rise with a cheerful haste.

Some dreams are actually inspired by the people we watch in movies or the people in real life. If you do an extensive research about these people or fictional characters, you will learn about their struggles before they became successful. Their answers to the question “How?” gives you an insight of how personal development is significant throughout their journey. Having this stated, their personal growth inspires you to also grow as doer for dreams rather than just a waiter of miracles for your dreams to become flesh. Your personal development can also affect the people around you as your inspirations have affected you. Additionally, people you despise the most are also factors that greatly affect your personal growth and development. From them, you start drawing your lines of patience and tolerance. Once these lines are crossed and abused for so many times, you will learn when to let go of people whose intentions are weave with ill easily. Setting such goals causes you to have a broader perception of things and, too, allows you to explore your limits; thereby, learning the ways to enhance your skills and extend the reaches of your limits.

Personal Development Goals for a Better Life

Now that you know how important personal development goals are and how these affect the people around you, this part of the article focuses on goals for personal development. The list below guarantees you a result of better life and a better understanding of things essential to various lifestyles.

Personal Goals

  1. Be patient. Practicing the virtue of patience can be quite hard for short-tempered people, but it can be managed nonetheless. Being patient is a very good help in times of desperation for your mind maintains a calm state which enables you to come up with resolutions and gauge them properly; rather than, be clouded with frustration. Furthermore, an unwaning patience sets you to better opportunities by not rushing into short-term opportunities. Meditation can be a great help if you consider yourself impatient.
  2. Always think critically before coming up with a decision or conclusion. The ability to think critically saves you from revisions, redoing things, or doing regretful actions. From this, you will have a better understanding of how things go or how things are that easily enables you to close all loops of faults. Not only does this save you an ample amount of time, but it also brings you two step closer to your goals.
  3. Listen to what one has to say. The famous saying “Listening is the key to understanding” allows your perception to grow. This does not entirely mean that you have to be persuaded from their opinions which are unquestionably erroneous. From listening to what an individual has to say, you get to know their principles. If it so happens that you meet a person that speaks of significant topics that are inlined with your interests and concerns with humble judgment, it is important you listen even to the minute of details for this enables your ideas of the same topic to change or breed. Whenever someone’s opinion offensively contradicts to yours, give him or her the time to explain before you explain what he or she means with violent gesticulations. Their explanations may have points that need be taken which helps you reevaluate your opinion. After all, you can’t grow personally and professionally if you never listen to what anyone has to say.
  4. Healthy coping with stress. Stress is as natural as daylight but there are ways to cope without jeopardizing your physical and mental health. Finding comfort in smoke, drinking alcohol excessively, relying on drugs, or being a passionate glutton are the common mistakes that are usually done by people when stricken with stress. Your body is your greatest investment so it’s necessary for you to take care of it. There are many ways for stress to be coped with healthily, one example of that is doing yoga, hit the gym, watch movies, or even travel with your friends or lover. Not only will you be keeping your body fit, you will also be creating good memories and increase your social circle.
  5. Challenge your limits. You have to know what your limitations are, but this does not mean you have to just let your limits cage your potential. You need to convince yourself that you are so much better than you were before. Surely, how will your skills be developed if you allow mediocrity to be an impediment you are not willing to conquer. Additionally, your greatest challenge is yourself, not the people around you. By doing so, your mind creates seemingly impossible goals you need to attain that challenges your physical and mental stamina. Therefore, when you are given an impossible task start imagining the opportunities to hone your skills and physical and mental stamina. Don’t tell your manager you are well aware of your limits and that your limitations are your reasons why you refuse to give an outstanding performance.
  6. Your past does not define your future, your choices do. Some of us may carry a dreadful past which we think disables us from attaining our goals. These may come in the form of discouragements, feelings of unworthiness, embarrassing failures (or failures in general) and others. Don’t let your past hinder you from becoming the person you want to become. Don’t bind your present with the past’s thread, choose to dream big and to commit to your dreams. Change can happen anytime and you have all the chances in the world to change. You have to respect yourself so much that you refuse remarks of discouragement to persuade your choices.
  7. Don’t be passive. The curse that passivity carries can make you question the worth of your dreams. These questions are potent enough to make forget about your dreams. Passivity, also allows you to just accept an unacceptable offer that affects you and your fellows’ performances gravely. How could anyone not be discouraged when you simply allow things to happen without even logical arguments? One example of this is a company with poor management. When your management is ineffective in all ways that it starts to affect the business operations by forcefully implementing rules that contradict to the rules you have signed, you need to stand up not for yourself but for everyone. You need to have some say of how the management does not address its employees with respect and that their focus mainly is to implement illogical and ambitious rules. By properly educating the management about this, it can be guaranteed that the company you are staying with is the ideal one for personal and professional development– if the management doesn’t continue to disregard your opinion that is. If your concerns are disregarded, it would be best to look for a company that caters greatly to the thirst for your personal and professional growth.
  8. Rid the habit of procrastination. Procrastination makes you extremely lazy, and laziness is a disease that is hardly cured. When a task is handed to you, see to it that you keep your focus on the task at hand. Discipline yourself from reacting to distractions to not cause any delays; thus, give you some time to review when your output is done to leave no marks of errors. Procrastination keeps you from performing well and settle for just acceptable since your output is more on cramming than effort. One good example of this would be students’ theses. If you keep procrastinating on doing your school thesis, results would be: grammatical errors, shallow analysis, derisive recommendations, and revision of the whole output. Imagine how tedious and waste of time that would be.
  9. Spend time with others and yourself even more so. The hunger for knowledge and wisdom requires you to socialize with others. By spending time with your friends, you will have a glimpse of their lives. A better understanding of the degrees of human interests and dislikes will then be formulated from mere observations. This can also help you widen your perception of certain topics or things. Aside from this, you also need to spend some time with yourself. In the state of solitude learn to appreciate yourself by means of congratulating or treating yourself like dine in a fancy restaurant or travel to different countries alone.
  10. Be confident. Be confident in whatever you do and never allow cynical comments to restrain your greatness. By being confident in your work, you start to believe in your potential the opportunities you will be acquainted with in the near future. Don’t mistake confidence with boasting– other people do that. There is a clear line that stands between confidence and boasting. Confidence is presenting your work not minding if the results would be great or not. If the results are great confidence make you think about certain opportunities which may breed to an unrealized dream. Boasting is presenting your work with obvious pride (which can also come in the form of underestimating other’s works, though sometimes covered with fake humility) and expecting you get great results. If the results don’t turn out as expected, you start bearing grudge due to the pride that is scathed. If it turns out otherwise, you merely think about how you are the only one deserving of opportunities and that there is no room for others to share with.
  11. Learn to face your fears. It is natural for people to fear their fears, but if the fears are hampering your personal development facing them must be done. To eradicate fear, you need to expose yourself to it. The number of trials for this could be numerous since you are treading on thin ice. Be gentle with yourself and don’t rush things out. Once you become familiar with its weirdness or understand its incongruities, your fear will subside gradually and you can work your way out of such impediment with a mind that is no longer troubled with fear from uncertainties.
  12. Be resilient. The challenges in life are meant to be endured and resolved no matter how many attempts you put up with them. These challenges are what makes us wiser and better than we are now. Failures may break the fibers of our spirits but this should never be perceived as the ultimate reason why you should quit. The only failure in life is when you stop trying by allowing discouragements to seep into you. Train yourself to become better from failure after failures; convince yourself that extreme adversities are never enough reasons to keep you from you away from your dreams.

It is important for dreamers to break past their limits for it the pursuit of their goals. With the examples of personal development and growth mentioned above, your dreams and a better life will never just be products of imagination. Rather, they will be products of your personal growth. When first applying these examples, it’s natural for you to falter at times. All you have to do is discipline yourself and resist the temptations that this world has to offer, especially when it comes to developing unhealthy won’t. Keep the faith and know that your goals are never too far from your reach.

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